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Become an MVP in MPL ID S9, this is the Xavier Item Build A la RRQ Clay Games

Suitable for those of you who are pushing rank, here are the Xavier items that hurt Mobile Legends.

RRQ Clay became the MVP in the Grand Final of MPL Season 9 after performing well with the hero Xavier. Here we provide a recommendation for Xavier’s build item in Mobile Legends, the RRQ Clay version.

Midlaner mainstay RRQ Hoshi chose the hero Xavier three times in the Grand Final. He appeared in the first, fourth and fifth games with the latest Mobile Legends hero.

Very nice, Clay has proven himself to be able to get assists and a high amount of KP (Kill Participation) when using this hero.

Clay’s KDA record with Hero Xavier in the first game was 4/1/11. In the fifth game, he even got 2/0/9 KDA. Clay is very adept at combining Xavier’s skills one and two.

Not only that, Xavier’s Ultimate Dawning Light deals great damage when RRQ and ONIC are involved in a war in the Grand Final of MPL Season 9. Here are Xavier’s most painful build items in RRQ Clay’s Mobile Legends:

1. Magic Shoes

This item increases Movement Speed ​​by 40 points and 10% CD Reduction. Magic Shoes provide less passive effect than other shoe items. However, Magic Shoes allows Xavier’s hero to release his ultimate faster in the early to mid game.

2. Clock of Destiny

The Clock of Destiny item offers an additional 60 magic power, 615 HP, and 600 mana. When Stack Time Reincarnate reaches its maximum, the hero receives 5 percent of magic attack and an additional 300 mana. Unique Passive Time also allows Xavier to have more HP and additional Magic Attack.

3. Winter Truncheon

Marksman and mage are heroes who are often the first targets of melee heroes. Winter Truncheon freezes the hero, but becomes immune to all damage and debuffs.

Freeze lasts two seconds with a cool down of about 100 seconds. Winter Truncheon offers an additional 60 magic power, 25 Physical Defense, and 400 HP. Items are effective enough to prevent “collapsed heroes” such as Baxia, Hilda and Masha in the RRQ stronghold.

4. Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon provides an additional 75 Magic Power, 300 Mana, and 10 percent CD Reduction. This item can increase the Magic Damage of the hero. Xavier benefits because the ultimate can be more painful with the main item combination.

Every 6 seconds, the next passive will bounce and deal 10-1,000 Magic Damage (scales with the hero’s Max Mana).

5. Enchanted Talisman

Enchanted Talisman makes Xavier’s hero users the most spam. The combination of Enchanted Talisman, Lightning Paluche and Magic Shoes results in a CD reduction of up to 40 percent.

Of course Xavier can issue Dawning Light more often with fatal damage. Enchanted Talisman offers an additional 50 Magic Power, 250 HP and 20% CD Reduction.

6. Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive is very helpful in providing PEN to destroy hero tanks with high HP and defense.

Each Magic Defense possessed by the opponent will increase Magical PEN by 0.1 percent if it deals damage (limited to 20 percent).

And that was Xavier’s build item that damaged RRQ Clay’s Mobile Legends, is he interested in using it to increase his push rank?

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