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One of the Players' Favorite FPS Game

Existence games as a true entertainment media has existed since the 1950s. Tennis For Two is a video games first designed by William Higinbotham to entertain the public. As technology develops, now quality games circulating in the market is increasingly varied, there are games there are those that are played on PC too games
mobile which can be enjoyed using smartphone.

Talk about games PC, apart from being a means of having fun, games This type is also often a place of competition between players. One of games The most popular PC that has hit attention gamers homeland is Point Blank Indonesia.

Under the auspices of Zepetto, games
line This FPS-themed is successful in the market, it even has its own servers in a number of countries, such as the United States, Russia, to Indonesia. For lovers games online, it doesn’t feel right if you haven’t tried this one game.

What’s that Games FPS?


Before discussing further about Point Blank Indonesialet’s get to know each other first, let’s go games FPS. First Person Shooter (FPS) is a game that displays 3D animation from the point of view of the character being played. That way, it’s as if players can feel what the characters are feeling and experiencing games the.

No doubt, FPS genre games are usually able to create their own excitement and tension for you player. In Indonesia, games FPS is one of the most popular genres. Curious to play it? You can start from Point Blank Indonesia.

Point Blank Indonesia at a Glance


Point Blank was first present in Indonesia in 2009 under the auspices of Gemscool. At that time Point Blank managed to steal the attention of lovers games who don’t want to waste their money playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. So in demand that many internet cafes offer this game.

In 2022, Point Blank was adopted by Garena Indonesia and is still one of the games Best selling PC. Three years later, Point Blank was returned to its developer, namely Zepetto. Now, Point Blank operates under the auspices of Zepetto Indonesia.

You can access the site to get the latest information about installation, rank individual/clanweapons, and characters. If you want to play it, the first thing you need to do is download the Point Blank installation.

Please select the Game menu, then Download Full Client or Partial Client. Once the Full Client version has been downloaded, extract and run PointBlankInstal.exe, wait until the installation process is complete.

Getting to Know the Unique Characters of Point Blank


There are two characters that you can play in Point Blank. Characters from CT-Force or Free Rebels. CT-Force is told as an organization formed by the government whose job is to find information and the whereabouts of terrorists named Free Rebels.

Meanwhile, the Free Rebels are a group of immigrants who survive by committing crimes, such as robbery and drug trafficking. Free Rebels has a mission to control the entire drug trade while creating fear in the community.

For those of you who choose CT-Force, here is a list of the best playable characters. Anything?

  • Keen Eyes

    Keen Eyes is a member of the CT-Force who is descended from immigrants and natives. Having a sharp eye, Keen Eyes is known to be able to determine the enemy’s position easily.

  • Acid Pool

    Acid Pool is said to be similar to Keen Eyes. As a top graduate from the University of Elite Police, Acid Pool is an expert in devising strategies. To his friends, Acid Pool is known to have a funny style of speech.

  • Leopard

    Leopard is a member of the CT-Force who is formidable in fighting terrorists. It is said that Leopard is of Asian descent who moved to the United States and managed to become a member of the Green Berets.

On the other hand, for players who joined the Free Rebels herd, here are the best characters for you.

  • Viper Red

    Among the players, Viper Red is considered to have a perfect character. not only beautiful, skills His defense and fighting skills are considered superior, considering that since childhood he had been trained in martial skills by his father who worked as a bodyguard.

  • tarantula

    Tarantula is one of the most used characters player because it has a cool appearance. Judging from his background, Tarantula was once a prisoner for killing his adoptive father due to abusive behavior and racism.

  • Natasha

    This is the newest character made by Point Blank. Before joining the Free Rebels, Natasha was a probationary member of Human Arms Development Project in CT-Force. Feeling the laboratory is a place that frustrates him, he decides to run away and joins the Free Rebels.

Types of Weapons Provided Point Blank


Without a weapon, you will definitely not win against the enemy in every Point Blank match. Among the many available weapons, here are a number of weapons Point Blank Indonesia 2022 which can be used as an alternative.

  • Kriss SV Obsidian

    Kriss SV Obsidian is one of the favorite weapons of the player because it is considered strong and has high accuracy though damage produced is small. The simple shape also makes it easier for players to move during the game games take place.

  • OA-93 Desert Hound/Rustron

    The OA-93 Desert Hound/Rustron is a short-barreled Point Blank weapon. The advantage of this weapon is that it has fire speed high enough to be able to fire bullets intensively at the opponent. The OA-93 Desert Hound/Rustron is best suited for short range combat.

  • Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon

    The final recommendation is the Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon. This one weapon is unique, because even though recoilit’s harsher, however damage the resulting output is extremely large, even approaching status 97. The drawback of the Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon is its low accuracy.

That’s a short review related to the trip Point Blank Indonesia, the unique character of PB, as well as the types of weapons that are powerful enough to defeat the enemy. Are you ready to play? Make sure you’ve downloaded the point blank game and created an account, OK?

It’s easy, open then click Registration. After that, please register using your Facebook account or by filling in your personal data. Good luck!

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