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Before Playing, Find Out First Who is the Best Point Blank Character

Played games on line like Point Blank is fun. Apart from being challenging, games This requires the players to be smart in strategizing in order to become champions. In order to succeed in the strategy that has been set, players need to choose the right weapons and characters.

Well, talking about characters, Point Blank offers a number of options. Some of them are the players’ favorite characters because they are considered to have their own advantages, both in terms of appearance and expertise.

Here’s 5 Point Blank character the best that succeed in attracting attention player. In addition to characters from Free Rebels, you will also find CT-Force characters who are also a mainstay. Anything?

1. Viper Red

pb character

PB characters The first best is Viper Red. Viper Red is described as a 26 year old woman who is 178 cm tall. From a physical point of view, Viper Red has white skin and is beautiful with a strong impression. Her clothing style also looks tomboy through her dressing tank top model crop top gray and jeans complete with a number of hanging weapons.

Judging from the background, Viper Red from childhood has been trained skills fought by the father who worked as a bodyguard in France. That’s why this character has a good defense mode. Not only that, Viper Red is also known as a great killer as well as a reliable spy.

His expertise in spying on enemies comes from his mother who turns out to be a member of the Free Rebels—the name of the terrorist organization in Point Blank. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Viper Red then joins the Free Rebels to take revenge on the government (CT-Force).

If you want a character who is good at composing tactics and is able to move swiftly, relying on Viper Red is the right choice.

2. Tarantulas

PB character pictures

Tarantulas are PB character name other best besides Viper Red. Has a cool appearance, making it often played by fans player. The tarantula is depicted wearing a pair of short jeans equipped with a buckle containing spare bullets. For the top, Tarantula wears a jacket crop top dark color and fashion hat beanie plus ski goggles as accessories on the head.

Tarantula was born to an immigrant family and was an orphan because both of his parents had died in an accident when he was a child. The tarantula grew up with his adoptive family. But unfortunately, he received racism and rude treatment from his adoptive father.

Unable to stand his father’s attitude, one day he found a revolver in the cupboard and shot his adoptive father in the chest. Because of the incident, the Tarantula had to go to jail. After getting out of prison, he joined the Free Rebels until now.

3. Lopez Rica

PB character name

Besides Viper Red, there is one more Point Blank character who is described as having a beautiful face, namely Lopez Rica. The story is, he has an undercover job as a political reporter for a local newspaper company. He is also known to be an expert in analyzing and finding information.

However, behind that Lopez Rica is a member of the Free Rebels who served as an infiltrator in the Free Rebels Lab. Prior to joining this terrorist organization, Lopez Rica was part of the CT-Force. However, one day he is accused of doing something he wasn’t really the culprit.

Because of this accusation, he finally got angry and turned his back to join the Free Rebels, known as the enemy of CT-Force. In terms of appearance, Lopez Rica looks tough but also elegant with the aftermath.

Having a short brown hair cut, he wears a red turban-like top that is combined with short pants. Accessories such as bracelets also decorate Lopez Rica’s beautiful hands. It looked so contrasting with the weapon he was holding to fight. A buckle containing spare bullets is also seen around his waist.

Lopez Rica is known to be able to move lightly and agilely, so many player love it as a reliable character when playing Point Blank.

4. Natasha

point blank character drawing

Another best member of Free Rebels is Natasha. Natasha herself is a character who becomes an experiment in the CT-Force Institute’s Human Arms Development Project program. He is known as a free-spirited character and has extraordinary brain speed. On the other hand, Natasha is also known to be cunning.

The laboratory was a boring place to him, to the point of causing him frustration and headaches. One day he decided to run away and had time to invite the only friend in the laboratory, namely Queen.

Unfortunately, the invitation was rejected by Queen with one blow. Feeling hurt by the incident, he joined the Free Rebels and became Queen’s sworn enemy.

Regarding appearance, Natasha looks more feminine than other female characters. Dressed in a black leather jacket and short skirt in a matching color, Natasha managed to amaze the audience player. Not to forget, perforated stockings and high boots also complete the look.

5. Queen

PB's newest character

Queen is the only CT-Force member in summary Point Blank character best this time. Like Natasha, Queen was a pilot character for the Human Arms Development Project at CT-Force.

For the size of a military soldier, Queen has physical abilities and boxing extraordinary. Even so, this character is described as always losing when he fights with his rival, Natasha. After rejecting Natasha’s invitation to run away from the laboratory, Queen then becomes the number 1 Special Agent in the CT-Force.

In terms of appearance, Queen is the opposite of Natasha. With after jacket crop tops, sport pants shaped skinnyand the sneakers make it look so sporty. Especially with her blonde hair half tied back. Queen and Natasha are two new Point Blank characters released this year.

That’s 5 Point Blank character which you can choose to attack your opponent. Of the five choices above, which character do you like the most? In addition to the options above, Point Blank also has other characters such as Keen Eyes, Judy Chou, and Red Bulls. Please determine which character is suitable to play. to get the character above you have to fill in point blank cash, one way is to buy it on the site UniPinHave a good time!

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