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No need to be confused, this is a quick step to top up point blank

Point Blank is a game on line very popular computer-based, especially among lovers games FPS genre (first person shooter). To be able to enjoy this game optimally, players must purchase a certain number of cards items premium. The currency used for the transaction is Point Blank Cash.

How to top up balance or do top up point blank on the account used? You can use one of the providers service top up best currently it is UniPin. As payment gateway special games largest in Indonesia, UniPin offers various conveniences for its users gamer.

How to Top Up Point Blank Cash on UniPin

PB zapetto top up telkomsel

It is very easy to top up your Point Blank Cash balance at UniPin. Come on, check the following steps.

Enter User ID

User ID is the identity that you will get after registering an account at If you are loginID is located at the top right of the Point Blank website.

Choose Denomination

There are several choices of Point Blank Cash denominations that you can choose when going to top up balances, namely 1200, 2400, 6000, 12000, 24000, 36000, and 60000. You can choose based on your needs and budget.

Select Payment Channel

After that, the next step is to choose channel desired payment. The following options are available on UniPin.

  • Vouchers
    You can buy vouchers on UniPin to increase the balance in your Point Blank account. Nominal vouchers varies, starting from IDR 10,000 for 1200 PB Cash to IDR 500,000 for 60000 PB Cash.
    The price for 2400 PB Cash is Rp. 20,000, 6000 PB Cash is Rp. 50,000, 12000 PB Cash is Rp. 100,000, and 36000 PB Cash is Rp. 300,000. Meanwhile, the denomination of 24000 PB Cash is not offered in the form of vouchers.
  • Online Payment
    The next option is to use a payment method on line. Payments available include Ovo, Indodana, ShopeePay, mBayar, NuCash, UniPin Credits, UniPin Points, GoPay, Dana, LinkAja, JeniusPay, Doku Wallet, and True Money.
    Not all PB Cash denomination transactions can be completed by payment on line. True Money service is not available for 2400 PB Cash, 6000 PB Cash, and 6000 PB Cash.
    The denomination price of 1200 PB Cash is Rp. 10,000, 2400 PB Cash is Rp. 20,000, 6000 PB Cash is Rp. 50,000, 12000 PB Cash is Rp. 100,000, 24000 PB Cash is Rp. 200,000, 36000 PB Cash is Rp. 300,000, and 60000 PB Cash is IDR 500,000.
  • Virtual Account Transfer
    Payment methods with automatically verified virtual account transfers are available if you wish top up above 12,000 PB Cash. Banks whose services are available are BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, Permata Bank, CIMB, and Hana Bank. Especially for 6,000 PB Cash, only available at BCA, BNI, BRI, and Permata Bank. The price is the same as the PB Cash price paid by the method on line.
  • Cut Credit
    Top up PB pulse also available on UniPin. You can choose this option if you use XL, Telkomsel, Tri, and IM3. However, the pulse cut method only applies to denominations of 6,000 PB Cash and above. Top up PB Zepetto via credit not available for the denomination of 60,000 PB Cash.
    You also need to check the prices which are quite varied. For PB Cash 6000 for example, the price is between IDR 60,000 to IDR 66,000. The most expensive price is to cut credit at the XL operator for a denomination of 36000 PB Cash, which is Rp. 360,000.
  • Indomaret or Alfamart
    Enjoy the convenience of top up balance at Indomaret or Alfamart. This option is available for transactions of 6000 PB Cash and above. The price of 6000 PB Cash is Rp. 50,000, 12000 PB Cash is Rp. 100,000, 24000 PB Cash is Rp. 200,000, 36000 PB Cash is Rp. 300,000, and 60000 PB Cash is Rp. 500,000.
  • Internet or SMS Banking
    Service providers that provide options for top up via internet or SMS Banking are KlikBCa, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri SMS, OCTO Mobile, OCTO Clicks, Maybank, and Danamon Online.
    Denominations of 6000 PB Cash can be purchased with OCTO Mobile and OCTO Clicks at a price of IDR 50,000. Denomination of 12000 PB Cash can be paid with all options for IDR 100,000. Denominations of 24000 PB Cash for IDR 200,000, 36,000 PB Cash for IDR 300,000, and 60000 PB Cash for IDR 500,000.
  • Credit card
    If you have a credit card, you can use it to top up point blank Cash. Payments with credit cards accepted are those bearing the VISA, Mastercard, and JCB logos.
    The price of 24000 PB Cash if paid using a credit card is Rp. 200,000, the price of 36000 PB Cash is Rp. 300,000, and the price of 60,000 PB Cash is Rp. 500,000.
    Those are some payment service options for top up Point Blank Cash along with their prices. After making your choice, you only need to complete the payment. Next, the balance in your Point Blank account will increase immediately.

Top Up Advantages at UniPin

top up pb pulse

To do top up Point Blank Cash on UniPin is quite easy and practical. In general, there are several other advantages that you can enjoy, namely:

  • Many choices of payment methods

    There are various ways to do top up on UniPin that you can choose based on your needs, from buying vouchers to paying with a credit card. So, there’s no reason not to do it top up.

  • Various denominations are available

    You can adjust the number of top ups according to your budget. In addition, know the pattern of playing so that the balance you have is sufficient to enjoy the Point Blank game.

  • No need for registration or login

    The step that is usually a bit inconvenient is registering or logging in first to the destination website to make transactions top up. However, with UniPin this is not necessary. You just need to enter your User ID into the column provided and your account balance will increase automatically.

So, here are some simple and easy steps to apply for those of you who want to top up Point Blank cash. Good luck!

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