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New Seasons! Here's the Tier list of Hero Mobile Legends April 2022 Games

Mobile Legends has just finished season 23 and is currently changing to season 24.

Season changes often make players choose the best heroes to increase the rankings.

Looking at the list of mobile legends heroes for season 24 from April 2022 will help players understand the current meta and give you an added advantage when using the best heroes.

In the game in Mobile Legends itself, there are six different types of heroes, namely Assassin, Fighters, Mage, Marksman, Support and Tank.

Each hero role has unique skills and heroes from each class.

Here’s the tier list Mobile Legends heroes by class to help players in Season 24:

1. Overpowered Rating (S+)

  • Hero Tanks: Khufra and Lolita.
  • Hero Fighters: Roger, Aulus, and Esmeralda.
  • Hero Assassins: Lancelot, Ling, and Karina.
  • Hero Mage: Cecilion, Valentina, Lylia, and Xavier.
  • Hero Marksmen: Clint, Yi Sun-Shin, Melissa, and Wan Wan.
  • Hero Support: Mathilda.

2. Strong Rank (S)

  • Hero Tanks: Hylos, Edith, Atlas, Gloo, Akai, Uranus, Tigreal, and Grock.
  • Hero Fighters: Paquito, Chou, Lapu Lapu, Aldous, Yu Zhong, Jawhead, Ruby, Sun, X.Borg, Phoveus, Argus, Freya, Dyrroth, and Yin.
  • Hero Assassins: Hayabusa, Fanny, Saber, Aamon, Benedetta, and Gusion.
  • Hero Mage: Selena, Yve, Pharsa, Lunox, Vale, Luo Yi, Kagura, Chang’e, Kadita, Alice, and Aurora.
  • Hero Marksmen: Beatrix, Brody, Bruno, Natan, Popol and Kupa, Moskov, Kimmy, Karrie, and Granger.
  • Hero Support: Rafaela and Estes.

3. Rating Good (A)

  • Hero Tanks: Belerick, Baxia, Gatotkaca, Hilda, and Johnson.
  • Hero Fighters: Balmond, Silvanna, Martis, Kaja, Masha, Guinevere, Alpha, Zilong, and Bane.
  • Hero Assassins: Alucard, Helcurt, and Hanzo.
  • Hero Mage: Eudora, Cyclops, Valir, Nana, Harith, and Harley.
  • Hero Marksmen: Irithiel, Lesley, Miya, and Claude.
  • Hero Support: Floryn, Angela, and Diggie.

4. Fair Rating (B)

  • Hero Tank: Franco.
  • Hero Fighters: Minsitthar, Badang, Khaleed, Terizla, and Thamuz.
  • Hero Assassin: Natalia.
  • Hero Mage: Zhask, Gord, and Odette.
  • Hero Marksmen: Layla and Hanabi.
  • Hero Support: Carmilla.

5. Weak Rating (C)

  • Hero Mage: Vexana
  • Hero Support: Faramis

With the ranking list above, players can choose a hero in Mobile Legends according to their class before entering the match in Season 24.

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