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MPL ID Season 4 and M1 Champion, Donkey Explains the secret of the key to success for EVOS World to be strong Games

Donkey, a former roaster from EVOS World, holds the key to the team’s strength so that they can win MPL ID Season 4 and M1.

EVOS World was one of the strongest teams at that time, because it was the first team to win the world title in Mobile Legends.

Previously, they were also able to win the league in Indonesia, MPL ID Season 4. This certainly made this team look very strong in the eyes of the public.

Why is this team so strong that they beat ONIC Kage’s win streak record from MPL ID Season 3?

EVOS World’s Main Strengths According to Donkey

Through an interview with Donkey on the Nimo TV MPL Quickie Show, the host asked about Donkey’s experience with a team with a very strong roster.

According to him, the EVOS team always achieves excellent results, because Oura and Rekt are in it. In Donkey’s eyes, these two players are already extraordinary.

He also admitted that since MPL Season 1 started, Donkey was very interested in the two of them being able to join one team, so they were optimistic that they could become champions.

It was finally proven that in the fourth season, they can now be with the same team and immediately win the world title.

“Because Rekt and Oura joined forces and finally won. I’ve already said that from season 1, if there was a team formed from the beginning where Gustian (Rekt) and Eko (Oura) joined, they would have won, and that’s been proven, right,” said Donkey.

Since they managed to become world champions, the legends slowly began to retire and continue their own lives. Donkey and Oura are now the founders of a successful sports team.

Three EVOS World roster are still on their team and still having problems in Season 9 of MPL ID this season. Do you think they can form a strong team again next season?

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