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7 Best Pro Mobile Legends Players in Week 7 MPL Season 9 Games

This time we will discuss about the part of the professional Mobile Legends players who will appear in week 7 of MPL Season 9. Of the dozens of professional players who appear every week, only they attract attention. Looks like you will also agree with the list below

They, it seems, surprisingly manage to provide interesting entertainment for us viewers. Not only high skill but also shows that as professional players they have more capacity than usual. Seems like it took a long time to practice before being able to have a playing pattern like them.

What are you waiting for, just take a look at the following article.

Pro player Mobile Legends best in MPL season 9 Week 7:

1. CW – ONIC Esports

The player whose full name is Calvin Winata yesterday was in the spotlight on week 7 of MPL Season 9. Because CW has successfully performed stunning actions, especially when competing against EVOS Legends. The situation was very dangerous and CW managed to clutch it and made ONIC Esports win the round.

As a result, his slick playing made CW named MVP of the Week by MPL Seaosn 9. Considering that currently ONIC Esports is one of the most consistent teams in the regular season, CW plays an important role as the Golden Laner. Team damage can be well maintained even when they are under pressure

2. Alberttt – RRQ Hoshi

Very different from Alberttt, this talented young player managed to shake the stage in MPL season 9. From Alberttt’s two appearances last week, we can see how he controls assassin heroes with high mechanics. For example like Lancelot.

This hero can be deadly if used by Alberttt, especially in the match against Alter Ego. In that match, Alberttt made amends in the first game and was able to restore the situation in the second round. As a result, the score became 2-1 for RRQ Hoshi’s win streak

3. Drian – ONIC Esports

The “Kage” who was recently promoted to MPL is also no less fierce than other young players. The placer of this mid lane position can strengthen ONIC Esports. The presence of Drian returned Sanz’s position to the jungler. For whatever reason, this composition is best performed by the yellow hedgehog team.

Drian’s existence proves to be a terrible scourge for the enemy. Just in the first round of the match, his Kagura also managed to destroy Bigetron Alpha’s defense. In the first match, Drian immediately won the MVP title.

4. Jamet – Aura Fire

Aura Fire’s debut managed to make a surprise. Jamet, who played on Week 7, was able to beat the Geek Fam retainer with a brilliant performance from his Ling. This Underrated player had a great chance of staying on the Aura Fire team.

With the presence of Jamet, it means that Aura Fire can be more varied in terms of gameplay. There is a possibility that Jamet will inherit a barbarian jungler like Kabuki or High later.

5. R7 – RRQ Hoshi

Grock gets a buff in the latest patch, but few use his potential in matches. Plus, it’s located on EXP Lane like the R7 does. How does it feel when you play it? Try asking AE Nino, who was using Wanwan at the time.

Not only that, Grock from R7 managed to steal Lord, and the audience seems to remember this moment the most. The conditions are simple, Rebellion Sion is busy with the lord, but there is R7. Surprisingly, JIsaa was late in using retribution and was finally stolen by R7 with a Flicker combo and Wild Charge skill.

6. Kyy – Bigetron Alpha

In the ‘STM duel’ with the Alter Ego team, he managed to lead his team to victory. Since the beginning of the game, Kyy who is the brain of the team is able to make his team compact by following his command,

Plus, Kyy is an outspoken young player. It’s no wonder that in the end his direction has become a bright spot for the team. In the match against Alter Ego, the Atlas he used also proved to be a frightening specter and beat Bigetron Alpha 2-1.

7. Clayyy – RRQ Hoshi

We now believe that Clayyy can be called a dangerous mid laner in the professional scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia. Choosing a smart position is the main key for Clayy to beat his opponent. For example, last week using Cecilion.

We know how difficult it is to use this hero because there is a distance that needs to be adjusted. However, Clayyy knew very well how to handle it and turn it into an advantage. The Rebellion Zion that had lasted for more than 40 minutes, finally fell, flattened out by Clayy.

Which of the seven names of professional Mobile Legends players are your favourites?

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