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New Released, Here's What AUG FF Weapons Look Like

In July 2022, the Free Fire game has done updates become Free Fire: 3volution by bringing refreshments in several features, one of which is weapons. This time Free Fire presents AUG, an Assault Rifle type weapon that is rumored to be capable of producing damage high for the opponent.

It doesn’t stop there, AUG FF also managed to get the title as the fastest Assault Rifle in the Free Fire game. Thanks to these advantages, it’s no secret that this weapon is one of the player’s favorites.

Want to know complete information about AUG on Free Fire? Read until the end of the review below, come on!

AUG: The King of Assault Rifle Free Fire

how to get aug on ff

Long before the release date, the issue of the presence of AUG as a new Free Fire weapon had become a hot topic of discussion among players.

At that time AUG was rumored to be present in full with Thermal scope. However, after AUG was officially released, instead of using Thermal scopeAUG is actually equipped with 2x scope.

In appearance, there is nothing special about this weapon. But in terms of quality, AUG can be a mainstay to win. How not, the shooting ability it produces is fairly good and deadly.

Apart from being able to provide damage high, the firing speed is also quite capable. So it’s not without reason why AUG is called the king of the Assault Rifle. To test its quality, the AUG weapon was even compared to the XM8 which incidentally is known as the high-speed Assault Rifle.

As a result, the performance of the AUG managed to beat the shooting ability of the XM8 weapon.

Another fact about AUG is that this weapon is the first Assault Rifle that is not equipped with the ability to use magazine. Though, the specifications rate of fire owned by AUG FF is quite high, so attachments magazine very needed.

For players who want to compete using AUG, also make sure you choose the right FF character. This weapon will be maximized if used by several characters such as Paloma, Luqueta, Clu, and Wolfrahh.

AUG Free Fire stats

aug gun pictures on ff

Before playing it, you need to know what the AUG stats in Free Fire are like. AUG equipped damage ratio by 31 points with magazine 35 points. About rate of firethis weapon gains 147 points and also uses 2x scope. Interestingly, scope existing ones can be changed to Thermal scope nor 4x scope.

Get to know Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter as AUG Free Fire Skin

skin aug free fire

After releasing the AUG as the newest weapon, soon the developers released skin AUG Free Fire Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter themed. From skin This AUG weapon looks more attractive.

The combination of purple and black with effects glowing also succeeded in making the appearance of the players look cooler in the match area. For statistics skin-its, AUG weapons get extra rate of fire as much as 2, accuracy 1, and subtract 1 digit for range.

Oh yeah, besides Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter, recently AUG weapons also got skin Mr. themed addition. Nutcracker and Booyah Day.

Overview of AUG Mr. Nutcracker, skin This allows players to provide attacks from a distance. Meanwhile, AUG Booyah Day is said to be able to produce more deadly attacks.

3 Types of Weapons Compatible with AUG Free Fire

new weapon ff aug

A trick to winning the game is to combine one weapon with another. If you play using AUG FFtry to combine the Assault Rifle type weapon with the following 3 weapons.

1. M1887

If the AUG is known as the sickest Assult Rifle weapon, the M1887 is one of the saddest Shotgun weapons in Free Fire. What happens when these two types of rifles are combined? Surely it can produce a power that overpower during the match.

Although the M1887 has experienced nerf for several times, this weapon still excels in eliminating opponents with just two shots. When fighting, you can use the M1887 for close-range combat and use AUG for long-range combat. The two feel complementary, don’t they?

2. XM8

Before AUG was released, the XM8 had become the fastest Assault Rifle weapon. Even though it is no longer the king of Assault Rifle, XM8 can be a superior partner for AUG.

XM8 advantages are in the capacity of a large number of bullets. Players don’t even need reload many times while using it.

Both AUG and XM8, both can provide damage hurtful. That’s why these two weapons can be the right combination to finish off opponents both from close range and distance.

3. MP40

MP40 is an SMG type weapon that is included in the player’s favorite category. Own rate of fire fast, MP40 is very effective against enemies at close range. On the other hand, the AUG is the perfect weapon for long-range combat. Damage produced is quite large.

If these two weapons are combined, the hope of becoming a champion is in sight. Therefore, don’t miss playing with the AUG X MP40, okay?

How to get AUG FF

top up ff

After choosing which character you will play, then you can choose AUG as a weapon to fight. Then, how do you get players to have skin AUG Free Fire as described above? You can get it after doing spin using a number of diamonds in events certain.

That was it review short about AUG FF as a mainstay weapon to win the match. Apart from AUG, Free Fire still has other weapons that are no less deadly. Some examples are AK47, SKS, MGL 140, AWM, and Spas12.

Due to the large selection of weapons, sometimes players feel confused in deciding which rifle to use.

A simple way to overcome this is that you must first know how the character of each FF weapon is. In addition, the character can also be considered in determining the weapon to be played.

Well, if stock diamond-you are thinning please do diamond top-up Free Fire first before playing, huh!

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