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FF Weapons with High Damage

Currently Free Fire is still one of the battle royale game player favorite. In addition to providing exciting games, players will not be bored with the many characters and weapons available.

Talking about weapons, Free Fire has VSS as a mini Assault Rifle with a high shooting range. Well, if you are confused about choosing the most suitable weapon to play, try to see the complete information about VSS Free Fire the following. Who knows it can help.

Overview of VSS Free Fire Weapons

vss free fire 2020

VSS can be the right one for a sniper. With a simple appearance and a not-so-long barrel size, the advantages of VS Free Fire weapons lies in the distance it shoots and the number of bullets.

This type of rifle is reliable for long-range combat. The payload of the bullets is also quite a lot more than sniper others, which is a maximum of 15 bullets. VSS is also equipped with scope which will help you aim at your opponent accurately. Sadly, scope on VSS is permanent alias can not be modified.

Another drawback is attachments existing ones cannot be added. Besides scopeVSS has one attachments again that is magazine. The last drawback is that it can’t be relied on for close combat.

5 Skins Best Free Fire VSS

gun vss free fire

If you think the VSS performance is less than the maximum, 5 skin below can be purchased so that the quality of the VSS weapon is getting stronger.

1. Pink Love

It may look cute. But who would have thought that skin it is able to provide rate of fire tall one. Even though the use skin This Pink Love reduces performance reload speedbut the impact is not so pronounced.

How to get skin this? You can buy Pink Love skin can be in the Armory Shop for 35 diamonds. The duration of use offered also varies. You have a chance to use skin this for 1 day, 7 days, even can use it permanently.

2. Death’s Eye

The dominance of black color successfully makes an appearance skin VSS Death’s Eye looks fierce. Not much different from Pink Love, skin this also get extra rate of fire as much as 2 points. Unfortunately, the reduction on the side magazine make the ammunition capacity so less.

In terms of price, Death’s Eye offers the same as Pink Love. You can buy it at the Armory Shop with diamonds as many as 35 pieces and get a chance to use them for 1 day, 7 days, or permanently.

3. Vandals Revolt

Look eccentric with a combination of blue and yellow to make skin this looks unique. Basically rate of fire from VSS Free Fire very low.

Existence skin Vandal Revolt will help VSS weapons upgrade rate of firehis. That way the quality can outperform other Machine Shotgun weapons.

Interested in having it? Vandal Revolt sells for 35 diamonds in the Armory Shop with the same duration of use as Death’s Eye skin.

4. Star General

If you want to get extra damage, skin Star General could be an option. But keep in mind, the use of skin this makes the use of ammo more limited due to reduced magazine.

Regarding appearance, Star General looks good with bright blue and black on the barrel. Compared with skin Previously, Star General’s offer was cheaper by 30 diamonds. You can get it at the Armory Shop.

5. Underworld

Choice skin the last one for VSS is Underworld. Skins it can increase capacity damage VSS, but make capacity range reduce. As a result, you have to be close to the target if you want to shoot.

Sadly, skin This purple color is rare and is not sold in the Armory Shop. If you want to use it, you need to do spin at 9 diamonds.

Which FF Characters Are Suitable for Using VSS Weapons?

skin vss free fire

Here are 5 FF characters that are considered suitable for using VSS during a match. Who are they?

  1. Nikita
  2. Laura
  3. Moco
  4. DJ Alok
  5. Jota

Tips to Turn VSS Free Fire into a Deadly Weapon

the advantages of weapons vs free fire

Although often underestimated, it turns out VSS Free Fire can be a deadly weapon if you know how to play it. Follow the 4 strategies below if you want to change to increase VSS capacity.

1. Set Sensitivity

Every games must have its own settings. Likewise with Free Fire. If you want to master shooting control well, the tips are in the settings sensitivity. The result of the game will be satisfying if you lower the numbers sensitivity on VSS weapons. In this way it is easier for players to do tracking.

2. Avoid Close Combat

Unlike other SMG weapons, the VSS is not very suitable for use in short-range combat. Moreover, the bullet capacity is only 15 pieces. Therefore, do not occasionally fight the enemy up close if the weapon in hand is only VSS. In addition to VSS, you can equip yourself with other rifles that are more reliable in eliminating opponents at close range.

3. Raise scope When Shooting

Weapons with capacity range far away usually the bullets will shoot down faster than other rifles. As a result of this condition, try not to directly shoot blindly at the enemy.

Before aiming at your opponent, try to raise your position first scope VSS. The goal is to increase the range of the bullet and make it easier to hit the target.

4. Choose a Strategic Location

During the game, you must be good at choosing a strategic playing location. Occupying a strategic location will make it easier for you to monitor your opponent’s position and direct your aim. On the other hand, the game can turn into a disaster if you don’t occupy the location sniping right.

From the explanation above, now you know what the capacity is, right? VSS Free Fire. Although the shooting quality has not been able to outperform the AK, MP5, or XM8, this weapon is still worth playing. Especially if you practice the tips above.

Well, before competing make sure you have enough diamonds. With diamonds players can buy skin desired VSS. When the amount diamonds limited please do diamond top-up here.

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