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Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of Plasma FF and the following tricks to play it

In order to attract more players, Free Fire always does updates. Both on characters and available weapons. One of the many weapons that exist, Plasma Gun FF somewhat has a uniqueness that makes it different from other weapons.

The uniqueness of Plasma Gun FF senjata lies on firing rate-his. If you shoot continuously, the gun will overheat. Like a machine, when overheatingyou won’t be able to use it to shoot at all.

Learn more about Plasma FF Weapons

plasma gun ff

As the name suggests, this weapon has plasma bullets that can be fired infinitely. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can shoot as much as you want because there is energy that must be used to do so. That is, if the energy runs out you still will not be able to shoot.

Also known by another name Heatgun, this weapon which was just released in 2022 is apparently less popular among Survivors. Installed as a model sniper rifle latest, when you do scopethe enemy will receive damage per second. after chargethen burst damageit can be removed.

According to information from the official website, Plasma FF has a stat of 53 points of damage, rate of fire as many as 58, range 73 dan magazine 30. Accuracy is recorded as having 54 points with reload speed 0 (does not have a system reload speed).

Disadvantages of Plasma Gun FF

plasma gun ff

Although at the beginning it had made many players want to try it, in fact this weapon turned out to be less attractive. There are several reasons why Survivors choose to use other weapons instead of Plasma FF. Anything?

1. System Overheat Considered Inefficient

As previously mentioned, Plasma FF has an unlimited number of bullets. But it turns out that most players consider the time used to wait for the drop overheating considered too long. They think it’s better to do reload like a normal weapon.

2. Less Efficient for Late Game

late game is a very important phase and determines the end of the battle. If you were facing an intense battle at the end like this using the Plasma that was already overheatingyou won’t be able to do anything but wait for the percentage to drop.

It’s different if you use other weapons. When the ammo runs out, you can still reload. This is what makes Plasma less suitable for use in late-stage battles.

3. Less Qualified for Long Range Combat

With moderate statistics, Plasma is actually considered less capable, especially compared to its competitors such as SKS, M14 and SVD. Range and damage Plasma is still under all three.

4. Quantity Attachments A little

The effectiveness of a weapon is largely determined by the number attachments or paired attachments. More and more attachments installed, the better the performance of the weapon you use. Unfortunately, unlike other weapons that can be fitted with up to 4-5 attachments, you can only equip Plasma with foregrip and scope just. This certainly makes many people reconsider using it.

Advantages of Plasma Gun Free Fire

plasma gun free fire

On the other hand, Plasma also has advantages that other ARs don’t have, namely they don’t need bullets. This allows you to use it without having to pay attention to capacity magazine. As long as you can wait until the weapon is no longer hot, you can still win the battle.

Tips and Tricks to Use Plasma FF for Fights

To make your game more exciting, there are some tips and trips when using a Plasma Gun that you can apply during the game. Anything?

1. Avoid Continuous Shooting

Because Plasma’s weakness lies in overheating what happens, it’s a good idea to avoid shooting continuously. If it’s too hot, you won’t be able to do anything to attack. Shoot wisely so that the Plasma you use lasts a long time.

2. Find Attachments appropriate

To reduce the effect overheating this, Garena turned out to have prepared attachments which can make this heat effect lessen. Find attachments and use it to prevent the Plasma from overheating too quickly.

3. Don’t rush

In the right hands, Plasma can be a very lethal weapon. But for players who often attack in a hurry, this weapon is not quite right. When shooting, make sure you are not too

4. Suitable for Shot Medium Range

If you decide to use this weapon, keep in mind that you are close and don’t shoot blindly to avoid overheating.that Plasma is suitable for doing battle medium range. If used properly, the accuracy of this weapon is very good and almost no bullet will be wasted.

Since the abilities of each weapon are different, you may need to get used to using Plasma a bit. Don’t forget to do exercises on the training ground so that your shooting skills get better.

Equip the Plasma Gun with Skins Plasma FF for Better Performance

plasma skins ff

To maximize weapon performance, don’t forget to equip Plasma with skins. Recommendation skin The best you can use is Champion Boxer. Champion Boxer is skin first released for Plasma.

Skins which displays this gold color can increase Plasma accuracy by 2 points and this really gives a good effect on weapons. Unfortunately, when using skin this, movement speed you will decrease by 1 point.

Although somewhat less popular, Plasma FF still very worthy for you to use in battle. Especially if you equip it with skin and attachments appropriate. To get various complementary items, don’t forget top up diamonds first before playing.

UniPin as a service provider top up vouchers The game already provides a variety of nominal options and payment methods that you can choose for yourself. At an affordable price, use diamonds-mu to finish off the enemy on the battlefield.

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