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AE Udil Shares Tips to Play Yve Games

Performing Well in MPL: AE Udil Shares Tips to Play Yve

Alter Ego finally managed to open the first day of the last week of MPL ID season 9 with a 2-0 win over AURA Fire.

This victory certainly made Alter Ego managed to secure a place in the MPL ID season 9 playoffs and reduced RBL Zion’s chances of advancing to the next round.

Interestingly, in this game, Udil managed to attract attention with his game using Yve who has always been the key to teamfight from the Alter Ego team.

Udil Shares Tips to Play Yve

It is undeniable that Udil in the match against AURA Fire this season was a frightening specter for Godiva cs.

Since Udil himself is very hard to touch in the back row, it was recorded that during the second game he wasn’t killed at all

In the end, Udil himself shared the best tips on how to use Yve in the Land of Dawn to make it difficult for the enemy to kill.

“You have to be desperate to lose in order to be good at it so that your potential comes out, you have to carry 4 team burdens,” said Udil.

In addition, it will also provide two important items that you must buy if you want to use the hero.

“At most books (Enchanted Talisman) and Ice Queen Wand are mandatory, the rest can be situational,” he added.

Those are the best tips and items that you must buy to play Yve AE Udil version

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