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Lokapala for Beginners: Reviews and Tips for Playing

Apparently, a game with genre Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena or so-called MOBA is the type of game that is in demand, huh? Evidently, in Indonesia itself, genre This game is arguably the most downloaded and played. Call it Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Popularity games Made by foreign countries, it turns out that the creators of the country are intrigued to make a similar game, namely Lokapala.

This game was created by Anantarupa Studios and is agenre The first MOBA that was successfully made by the nation’s children. Even so, the name Anantarupa itself is already familiar in the world of games on line. The reason is, Anantarupa himself has succeeded in creating several games for Android. Reportedly, games This is very closely related to Indonesian culture, you know!

Lokapala itself has a mainstay feature, namely 5 vs 5 battle. The main objective of this game mode is to destroy tower which exists in base enemy. However, to be able to go to the area, you certainly have to fight the knights from the enemy team with no less powerful abilities.

Not only that, this game also has unique features. Each team is entitled to participate in various eSport tournaments. This tournament is certainly the best opportunity for the players to form a real team solid and hone the abilities of all the characters they have in order to win the tournament.

Lokapala Review, What’s Interesting?

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Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms was officially released in 2022. Bringing Indonesian culture that is so thick, what are the interesting things about this domestically made game?

1. Typical Archipelago Feel

The main attraction of Lokapala you can feel the presence of the characters who are very thick with Indonesian figures, both those from legends and myths. There are six heroes that you can play in this game, such as Tank, Support, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, and Marksman. When it was first released, there were already around 15 heroes that could be used.

2. Innovations That Are Characteristics

No different from the MOBA concept game which has three line map, Anantarupa also made the same thing for the game he made. However, there is a different part of folder Lokapala, which is a shortcut that you can find in the section bottom and top line. Then, if in the Mobile Legends game there are Lords and Turtles as monsters buff in the center area, Lokapala brought both of them to side lane.

3. Limited Features

As a game manufacturer Lokapala, Anantarupa has a lot of work to do to make this game worthy of competing with games of the same genre. One of them is the aspect of its features. There are only three game modes that you can try, namely classic, ranked, and custom. Then, it seems that it is necessary to add a tutorial for beginner MOBA players who want to try out the excitement of playing this game. So, players will more easily understand the rules or new things that are embedded in the game games the.

Maybe, you find that it takes a long time to be able to win a match in a MOBA genre game. However, on the game Lokapala, there is a system that can make you win the battle faster. These can be unique abilities, using items specials such as vehicles or emblem. Even so, everything also depends on how carefully you choose and determine the game strategy.

Tips for Playing Lokapala Games

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Interested in playing a game created by this nation’s children? If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. You can still win playing this MOBA game by following these tips:

1. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

When it comes to online games, a stable internet connection is the key to the game running smoothly and increasing your chances of winning. The reason is, if your internet connection is not smooth or up and down, you can experience lag while playing. Of course this will interfere with your fun while playing, right? Not to mention, you will find it difficult to win if the internet connection is messed up.

2. Focus on Tower

The second tip you need to know so you can win easily when playing MOBA games Lokapala is focused on tower. You can really kill your opponents while playing because you really have to do it to get to the top tower base enemy. However, make sure you don’t focus too much on it, okay? Just focus on tower to win easy.

3. Use Items that Match the Knight’s Condition

Another thing that affects your victory in the match is items that you use. Pay attention, don’t make the wrong combination items and the ksatriya you use, huh! For example, you are using a marksman type hero or knight, but items what you’re using is supposed to be for a mage ksatriya. Instead of winning, you are even easier to beat.

4. Determine Your Mainstay Knight

Of course, you have to use your mainstay ksatriya to be able to win in the match. Don’t forget that Lokapala is a team game, if you choose the wrong character, your team might be easily defeated. One of the ksatriya recommendations that you can use is Binara, a type of knight assassin with abilities that can be said to be very capable. Using this character will bring you and your team to win the match easily.

Binara itself has a passive ability in the form of Sahasya Binara. You can continue to improve his abilities up to level 1 (Lampha Vikasta), level 2 (Nyanya Claws), and level 3 (Ghatokbahini). Well, so that you can buy these and other ksatriya characters who have super great abilities, you need to exchange the Citrine you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough Citrine, you can easily do it top up via UniPin.

There are many nominal choices top up according to your needs. Not only that, UniPin also makes it easier for you to pay top up by providing a variety of payment methods. Definitely, play games anything will be more exciting and fun because it’s already top up vouchers on UniPin.

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