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Combat Guide and Tips for Playing It

The rapid development of technology not only makes the exchange of information faster. The emergence of online-based games for connoisseurs games cell phones are increasingly mushrooming. Just say it Goddess Primal Chaos, Action RPG genre game. Then, what are the concepts and features of this game made by a Chinese company, KoramGame?

In short, in this game you will be a hero who has a mission to save the world. Across space and time, back in time before the existence of Tyran. There are five game modes that you can play with a variety of fun, which of course is different in each mode.

Not only with one main character, you will also be assisted by Elves who are divided into several levels. There are four levels, namely C, B, A, and SS for the highest level. The main challenge in this game is how difficult it is to get legendary characters. However, don’t worry, you can still increase your hero’s abilities by using rank up.

Then, like heroes, all the equipment on the hero has levels, you know, starting from C to SS. This equipment will greatly affect the gear rating and battle power which is a measure of strength.

Guide and Tips for Playing Goddess Primal Chaos

goddess primal chaos tips

Defeating enemies in an effective and efficient way is an important thing in the game Goddess of Primal Chaos. Through time reduction time per kill or TPK, you can get a lot of XP points while collecting important items faster.

However, to be able to do this, you certainly have to improve the ability of the character you are using and become a winner in the game. How, you can follow Goddess Primal Chaos tips the following.

1. Understanding Combat Power

Combat Power or CP will be the figure in charge of showing how strong your character is. The reason is, to be able to access some features, this game requires each player to have a minimum CP number. For example, you won’t be able to finish Dungeon Illusion Forest before reaching 46,000 CP first.

Then, how to see the CP value of the hero? It’s easy, you can see it directly through the “character” menu. So, the next question, how to increase the hero’s CP? Here’s how:

Get Gear better

Got gear better ones will automatically increase CP. Every gear has a certain CP value and more and more gears, character stats will also increase. New equipment for heroes can be obtained from various sources, for example completing dungeon missions four times a day will give you loot boxes.

Apart from that, you can also upgrade your equipment using gold. Gold is very easy to get, but you shouldn’t use this method until you reach level 100. Before you get to that level, the game will give you lots of rewards and new equipment will be very easy to find, so you don’t have to spend gold.

Upgrade Mount

Like almost everything else in the game Goddess Primal Chaos, your vehicle can also be upgraded. Doing this will help increase the value damage but will not affect the main stats of the hero. Even so, increasing damage will reduce the TPK.

Upgrade Hero Abilities

Goddess Primal Chaos tips next is to improve the ability of the hero, but not the main character. The heroes in this game are helper characters who follow you throughout the game and increase the main character’s stats. Not only that, the game also includes mechanics gacha light, because there are many heroes that you can collect with different rarity levels.

Interacting with the Goddess

There are tons of goddesses in this game, and each one will offer different bonuses to your character and increase its main stats. For example, Anna, the Goddess of the Moon, will increase attack and defense points.

Merge Hero

After collecting enough heroes, you can combine them to increase your CP and get a big defense bonus. For example, if line up you contain Endo and Exo heroes, you will get synergy. This will increase attack and defense points. Equally important, it will provide a huge defensive buff. So, your main character will not be defeated until the heroes Exo and Endo die.


Sound foreign? However, in the game Goddess Primal Chaos, if you want buff damage constant at 35%, you must get married. Not without reason, partner on line will have a chance to get 35% damage buff effective in all dungeons and Wilds missions. You don’t need to play together, just with on line at the same time to be able to get buff this.

2. Multiple Game Modes

You need to know that this game has more than 5 game modes each with different gameplay. Some of them are great for leveling up, and some can be used to acquire arguably the rarest equipment. But, of course, you should try all the modes, namely:

  • Dungeons. There are two types, namely Star and Nightmare. Mode Nightmare requires a special token to enter, and you can start collecting it after passing level 95. Meanwhile Star available for free. You can open dungeons different every 10 levels.
  • This mode offers a large selection of games. You can complete various challenges every day and get rewards with loot and XP points.
  • After reaching level 50, you can fight against bosses. However, you can’t play alone in this mode.
  • Is an open zone of the game. You will be teleported to an open map and complete missions with other players.
  • Another collection of fun games with varying levels of difficulty.

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