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Legacy of Discord: Popular Game Must Download

Player Role-Playing Game (RPG) must know! One more game from the Bamboo Curtain Country that you must download, namely Legacy of Discord. Games with graphics and gameplay This topnotch game is in fact a popular game in the world, including countries in America and Europe. Don’t believe? the proof, games This GTarcade issue had topped the list Top Grossing ARPGs in Overseas Market in January 2022.

Now, If you’re curious about this cool game, here’s the full summary.

Know Legacy of Discord

legacy of discord gameplay

Even though it hasn’t been released yet, This game application is able to attract a lot of attention gamers homeland. In fact, more than 10 million users Android have downloaded this action category game and provided satisfactory feedback. For that, let’s thoroughly peel the game from the manufacturer Era of Celestials and League of Angels this.

Character Class

There are three character classes that you can choose from in this game. Each one has skill set different ones.

  • Sorceress, master of the ice element capable of freezing enemies and then destroying them.
  • Bladedancer, the master of the electric element who is able to fight with lightning speed so that all opponents lose unconscious.
  • berserker, the master of the fire element who is able to destroy all opponents with the extraordinary power of fire.

Choose one of the classes above, but be sure to adapt it to the style of play you’re good at. That way, you can become a star in the battle arena.


Not much different from games another fight. The storyline still revolves around duel between the “good” and the “evil”. In Legacy of Discord gameplay alone, the whole story is about effort guardian—designation for protective character Crystals—to defeat the attack of the demon lord, named Auglu. In the end, the protectors had to be able to hone their fighting skills so that they could defeat the demon lord.

This series of stories is then built into five very indulgent game modes player. The five modes can be seen in the features games.


Launch the official page games GTarcade, there are five fun features that you can enjoy while playing, including:

PvP Game Modes

If one-on-one combat is your soul calling, PvP mode is the best choice. With five types of battles offered, you can choose freely.

  1. Icefire Field, a game with a 5 on 5 system. That means strategy and teamwork are the keys to victory in this battle mode. The winning team will get points that can be redeemed Pet Shards or other gifts.
  2. Treasure Dungeons, Fight together against monsters for hidden treasures.
  3. Guild Wars, big fight between Guild (group) strongest. You and your group mates must be able to defend the victory and honor of your group together.
  4. the Arenas, prove your skills and abilities by duel one on one. Be guardian in the top position and win exciting bonuses!
  5. deathmatch, large-scale PvP battles. Everyone who joins is an enemy and must be defeated. The last person standing is the winner.

Guild System

The next mode is a group that fights together to defeat the Devil Auglu. You can build your own group or join guild which have existed. The higher the level guilds, more prizes await.

Pet System

You don’t fight alone because there are loyal pets to accompany you. Function pet itself is to assist in battle, add character attributes, and improve battle ratings.

Wrathwing System

This system was created to awaken a person’s hidden power guardians. However, before that, every player must meet special conditions to awaken wrathwing system this.

PvE Trial

Available in five game modes, you can practice your fighting skills and gain rewards here. The five modes are Tower of Eternity, City Defense, Hero’s Trial, EXP Dungeon, and Mysterious Relics.


Cool thing from games this is the graphic design. Special 3D effect presentation, character detail display/environment, and cool animation design managed to create a real environment for players. So, you will feel as if you are in the middle of a battle.


Summing up from several sources on line, there are at least five advantages that players can get from games this, namely:

  • There is a special membership (known as Legacy of Discord VIP) which offers special benefits. If you are interested in becoming one of the VIP account owners, just type the keyword “Legacy of Discord VIP guide” on various internet search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Safari.
  • Visuals can spoil the eyes of players. Characters, pets, attack effects, surroundings and more are visualized in a smooth, cool and harmonious way. Moreover, coupled with top-notch audio support, the game becomes more lively.
  • Organized PvE system that makes it easier for players to train skills fight them. If you reread the PvE points above, you will definitely agree that the GTarcade team really put extra effort into building the PvE system.
  • customization Endless is another advantage of this game. Tame Mythical Beasts, premium items, and hundreds of equipment provided developer allows players to do character customization.
  • Gameplay with a cool story and battle mode (PvP).

How to play

Source: Game News

Like other RPG games, a general guide to playing games This can be summarized in several important points, namely:

  • Play regularly in all game modes.
  • Do login every day.
  • Join guild
  • Upgrade
  • Be VIP

Talking about the last tip, you should buy often diamonds so that you can immediately change your status to become a VIP player.

Top Up Diamond

legacy of discord vip guide

Want to top up use credit, digital wallet, or bank transfer? Following Legacy of Discord guide for top up via UniPin.

  1. Visit UniPin.
  2. Enter User ID and Servers.
  3. Select the desired denomination, from 100 to 10000 Diamonds.
  4. Select a payment channel.
  5. Make payment. After that the transaction is complete. Wait until diamonds purchased enter the account game-your!

That was the discussion about Legacy of Discord. Hopefully it will enrich your knowledge mobile games-your.

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