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List of Skin Selection Grand Collection June 2022 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released a lot of great updates that you shouldn't miss. Even for the June 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Grand Collection skin option, we have Esmeralda Light Envoy which is very good. Of course, as a user of the Hero, you will definitely feel interested in getting this later.

Then there are also many good events that give lots of prizes, as long as you complete all the missions. Don't let you miss some of these new events, because there are still some opportunities for free skins for you to get later.

Soon, by seeing the release of the new hero Julian, which will be released, therefore you must know how to get the Raven Emblem in Mobile Legends, it feels very interesting for you to know. Because with some of these existing events, they will give you a good Ultimate prize and you should try it yourself right now.

Then there is also the June 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Grand Collection skin option, Esmeralda Light Envoy! will definitely look very beautiful with the new Skin. Because Light Envoy has a very good appeal for you to use to compete.

Choice of skin Grand Collection June 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

Soon, Skin Collector, Esmeralda Light Envoy will be released on June 7, 2022. Esmeralda got her first Collector skin themed like a Solar System from the Solar System

Skin Collector June 2022 Esmeralda Light Envoy is like the appearance of a Queen, even wearing clean and elegant white clothes. Then wears a Gold Color Crown, as well as a white Hair which is now part of it.

Even this type of weapon looks very interesting because Esmeralda uses 2 weapons that are quite deadly. The extremely powerful Sun Gold and Moon Blue colors, both of which would become more compatible with every combination of attacks Esmeralda made.

At the event, there will also be a choice of skins for the Grand Collection in June, the skins are:

Lesley Collector – Falcon Mistress

This Collector Lesley skin was released in November 2021. Lesley's skin is indeed not in line with other skins. This is because Lesley's hero is arguably not included in Meta, so not many people glance at this skin even though Lesley's players also buy it because of the different effects from other skins.

Ruby Epic – Lady Zombie

This Epic Ruby skin was released in May 2019, to get this skin, you must go through the Lucky Treasure event. This Lady Zombie skin is ruby's first Epic skin, which can be said that Ruby doesn't have many skins at her disposal.

Those are some of the main skin choices in the Grand Collection event in June. If you want to choose a skin other than Esmeralda, you can choose that skin if you haven't gotten it in the previous event. With the release of the Esmeralda Collector skin, you can find out how to use Esmeralda in Mobile Legends so that you can understand and be better at playing the Esmeralda hero.

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