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List of Best Lolita Hero Battle Spell in Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released lots of cool updates that you should try until now. Even the game with the 5 Best Lolita Hero Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), will give strength to the Hero. If you do all that properly and correctly, the battle itself will become even easier.

Given that Hero, Lolita is a Tanker in the Mobile Legends game, strong and mighty to face his opponent. Even with every explanation of its strength, of course, it will have a big influence on the players in competing later.

So you also have to understand How to Play Using Lolita Mobile Legends Heroes, in order to be able to win very easily. Considering this Hero has a very thick defensive ability, that's the best point we can use on him too.

Especially by using the 5 Best Lolita Hero Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely make Lolita stronger than usual. The ability to defend or attack will definitely be the One to crush the enemies very quickly.

Best Lolita Hero Battle Spell in Mobile Legends (ML)


The first spell that my Esports recommends is Flicker because we see from Combo and the position for Lolita Hero itself. In addition to being used in the Ultimate Skill Combo, the Spell is indeed good to replace Skill 1's Position which is on Cooldown as well.

We can enter and exit safely if we use Flicker, especially Lolita who is able to trap opponents using this Spell. So the game will change because the team's combo won't be easily broken by the enemy if they don't focus.


This spell will make you get a large amount of HP Shield, even Lolita herself is quite good at using it. So that later you will last much longer, it won't even be difficult to become thicker in the match.

Even though Lolita's own passive has provided a Shield, it's not a problem for that. Because Aegis will make it even more, friends will last longer especially when you are competing.


Is a Spell that is able to paralyze any Enemy at close range like turning them into stone. Of course it will make it easier for Lolita to catch him, and teammates who are nearby can attack him more easily later.

Even this is good for him if you can kidnap or block the movement of opponents who approach a Friend.

The Best Lolita Hero Battle Spell in Mobile Legends is Revitalize

Of course with its defensive capabilities, Revitalize is a Spell that is also suitable for Lolita Heroes to use in battle. Because it is able to provide Healing in large numbers and provide longer defense when doing War.

The use of a Spell Revitalize Mobile Legends depends on the situation, if it supports it, it's good. But you have to be on time too, so you won't find it difficult when you use the Spell in battle.


To be fast in running to catch up or run away, Sprint becomes a Spell that is suitable for Lolita to use. Even with his ability to block a lot of attacks, we can run to friends and directly Skill 2 to open the Shield.

Of course, this defense will dispel the damage so that it can be restrained in large numbers. Then with something like this, it will definitely make Friends and will not be eliminated by the enemy if that is the case.

It is certain that the 5 Best Lolita Hero Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML) will help, but it all comes back to how you play. Because with this Hero's ability it looks quite clear, it will definitely make Lolita even better.

Then understand Combo Hero Lolita Mobile Legends, to strengthen your attacks in the match later. It can help you not to be too difficult in the match because this Combo will bring the team to get an easy victory.

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