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Combo Johnson X Beatrix Mobile Legends 2022

Usually, in playing with friends in  Mobile Legends, you use heroes who can help each other in attacking the enemy. Many very strong Mobile Legends (ML) hero duets are used simultaneously with your friends. One of them is Combo Johnson X Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML)

Heroes in Mobile Legends have strong skills in attacking enemies and also helping each other's team. With a good strategy, you can attack enemies more easily simultaneously with your team members.

Soon, by seeing the release of the new hero Julian, which will be released, therefore you must know how to get the Raven Emblem in Mobile Legends, it feels very interesting for you to know. Because with some of these existing events, they will give you a good Ultimate prize and you should try it yourself right now.

There are many heroes that you can use to play with your friends, and become a strong duet in attacking enemies. By using the skills of this hero, it becomes easier for you to attack enemies simultaneously.

Here we will provide a recommendation for the Johnson X Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML) Combo. Use these 2 heroes together with your friends while playing. You can also use Combo Hero in Mobile Legends which you can use. Of course, with the right strategy when you attack enemies.

Combo Johnson X Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML)

The newest and strongest Johnson Mobile Legends combo at the moment, it's not the same as Odette now, it's a combo. Johnson is one of the strongest tank heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has abilities that are very suitable for combos with anyone. However, generally, Johnson is often combined with Odette, which is now no longer reliable.

At the time of MPL ID Season 9, Johnson and Kadita's haram combo was in the spotlight at that time. The duet combo was performed by the Bigetron Alpha team, namely Renbo & Kyy, who managed to bring victory to their team.

For now, the most deadly combo over Johnson with Odette is Johnson & Beatrix. This combo is the most terrible combo at the moment. Able to kill anyone in front of him in just one hit.

Then how to use this latest combo?

The method is very easy, namely, Johnson has to use his ultimate as usual, then Beatrix goes up to Johnson's 3 skills and prepares her weapon in shotgun mode. Then when Johnson hit an opponent, Beatrix had to immediately take out her ultimate shotgun and watch the opponent die instantly. Beatrix's ultimate shotgun is a damaged area that can kill multiple opponents at once in one attack.

That's an explanation of the latest hero combo in Mobile Legends, namely the Johnson and Beatrix combo. This combo is indeed quite popular for the time being used among the upper ranks. Combos that are quite effective are used to win the match. You can also learn about how to use Hero Johnson in Mobile Legends to be even better.

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