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Ling in Mobile Legend, a powerful wall-climbing hero, paralyzes the enemy

There are so many hero which you can choose in Mobile Legend. Each has unique abilities. One of hero that is Ling Mobile Legend, the Assassin who has skills climbing walls while fighting on the battlefield. Skills this makes Ling able mobile faster and attack deadly.

Story of Ling Mobile Legend

Ling mobile legends story

Every one hero released, always accompanied by an interesting story behind it to be explored. This story that Moonton created is the reason hero Ling to fight in Land of Dawn.

Once upon a time, there was a Dragon Tribe who inhabited the Land of the Dragon, which was at the top of a mountain covered in clouds. The Dragon Tribe is protected by the Great Dragon. After the end of his reign, the Great Dragon will choose a successor. There are two candidates, namely Ling and Zilong.

However, the Great Dragon’s heart was heavier on Zilong. This made Ling angry and wanted revenge. He also trained to become the best Assassin nicknamed Cyan Finch. Although now feared by many, Ling always wanted to complete the urge to kill the Great Dragon.

Together with his ally, Black Dragon, Ling returns to the Great Dragon’s palace to attack his enemy. Here, Ling will meet his older brother, namely Zilong who transformed into Dragon Spear.

Ling Mobile Legend’s Mainstay Skill

ling mobile legends build

With the motivation for revenge, Ling is getting more and more fiery in sharpening skills. After practicing for so long, finally hero It has several capabilities, which are as follows:

Cloud Walker (Passive Skill)

One of the main advantages of this hero is that he can walk on walls. However, Ling needed Lightness Points to take advantage of this ability. Lightness Points can be obtained when Ling is on the wall or when the enemy experiences damage as a result of his attack.

Finch Poise (Skill 1)

You need to know that Finch Poise skill it’s always related to skills passive. That means, you can take advantage of skills 1 if in mode skills passive. So, the most effective way to stay afloat is to get Lightness Point maximally.

With Lightness Pointyou can make hero jump between the walls. Then, when using basic attacks, Ling will come down from the wall to attack the enemy in a flash.

Finch Poise Skill was very important to Ling. With skills With this, he can carry out mobility and is increasingly difficult to be targeted by opponents during the game. Even, hero who rely on Basic Attack just to attack Ling while climbing the wall could lose performance.

On the other hand, this skill is also useful when escaping. If unlocked by CC effect (crowd controll), Ling is free to jump at any time to the wall. Only CC effects can make hero it’s down.

Defiant Sword (Skill 2)

Use Defiant Sword skills, Ling can stab enemies in front of him and inflict 70 damage. Basic Attack This can be a critical attack with a 25% chance. Enemies that take critical hits will experience the effect slow for one second.

Defiant Sword Skills that Ling possessed could be considered extremely dangerous. Especially because hero it has a high level of agility. Not only that, skills this can also still be combined with Ling Mobile Legend support build items others, like Berserker Fury and Endless Battle. The result must be amazing.

Tempest of Blades (Ultimate Skill)

Ability ultimate from hero this is called Tempest of Blades. With skills With this, he can jump while attacking nearby enemies. Enemies will bounce for one second. In addition, when carrying out an attack, it also has an immune effect. If Ling drew one of the swords around the area, skills will experience reset and he gets Lightness Point.

If you use hero it’s in the game, the key is in ultimate skills. The enemy usually will not be easy to escape after being pushed. Especially if you combine Tempest of Blades with Defiant Swords, the result is great.

Tips for Playing Ling to Easily Reach GG

ling mobile legends skills

Own skills qualified does not always mean successful in winning the match. The most important step is to make sure skills is used well. So, here are some tips that you can try.

Take advantage of Skill 1 for Mobility

Finch Poise is skills which is the main advantage of Ling Mobile Legend. To take advantage of skills this is well, collect Lightness Point as much as possible from the results of the attack on the enemy.

Need to know that Finch Poise not experience delay. So, you can make Ling keep jumping to maximize his mobility. By relying on skills With this, Ling can also escape from dangerous enemies.

Play Wisely in Early Game

Careless players, especially in the early game, usually don’t finish the game well. Can cause damage Large ones are usually the main cause. Likewise when using Ling, there is a possibility player play reckless.

Well, if you are wise, don’t be in a hurry to make an attack. Do farming first and collect gold and levels. Ling will be more effectively used to attack when you have skills 2. Well, at level up, using all skills owned will be more possible and maximal.

ambush Quickly

With Ling, you can ambush enemies quickly when they’re off guard. These tips you can do especially when you are playing with a team. Use skills 1 and skills 2 simultaneously. With skills 2, you can also start the attack. Continue with ultimate skills so that damage getting bigger.

Well, here are the fun things that you can enjoy when playing with Ling Mobile Legend. Before starting the game, make a transaction at UniPin first to get diamonds. Then, start assembling the mainstay team with the formation hero ideal for winning matches. Good luck!

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