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Kadita Mobile Legend, Inspired by Local Indonesian Stories

Kadita is one of hero which you can try in the Mobile Legend game. Appearance hero This one is very elegant with typical Javanese clothes which are dominated by green. Can you guess the character behind hero this? Yes, Kadita Mobile Legend is inspired by Nyi Roro Kidul, a legend typical of the southern coast of Java.

The Origin of Hero Kadita

kadita mobile legends skin

Kadita is hero second native to Indonesia after Gatotkaca. He have double rolei.e. to be Mage Assassins. Kadita released with several skills which can help the team in the game, one of them Burst Damage. Skills this passive can make it give damage completely and directly.

When released, Kadita is told as the princess of an island kingdom. She is smart, beautiful and kind. Everyone admired the princess who became the heir to the throne. However, it cannot be felt by a royal relative. With the help of a shaman, Kadita was poisoned until she became ugly.

People began to hate him. He left the palace and threw himself in the sea. Kadita was saved by a spirit and transformed into the Queen of the South Seas. He also uses his powers to avenge relatives and shamans who changed him.

Kadita Mobile Legend Skills

kadita mobile legends

Anything skills embedded in Kadita Mobile Legend? Developer games This turned out to really take into account Kadita’s local elements. Skills pinned even based on its origin. Check out the full review below.

Thalassophobia (Passive Skills)

Term Thalassophobia taken from the name of one of the phobias experienced by humans, namely the fear of the sea or water in a very wide place. Therefore, people who suffer from this phobia are usually afraid of traveling by water transportation.

In Mobile Legends, Thalassophobia skills possessed by Kadita will make the opponent affected by it experience Attack Speed up to 60%. Effect Thalassophobia can hit hero against the waves created by Kadita.

Therefore, you can take advantage of skills Kadita to do counter against a relying opponent Attack Speed, e.g. Layla, Claude, Karrie. Even though it has a combination skills good one, the three of them will have a hard time dealing with the effects skills Kadita especially on late game.

Ocean Oddity (Skill 1)

Skills The first thing you can use from Kadita Mobile Legend is Ocean Oddity. Skills it can change hero be a mermaid. Then, the mermaid will summon waves to eradicate the enemy. Damage The magic that hits the enemy is 220. Skills this can also cause effects slow on the enemy.

On the other hand, Ocean Oddity makes Kadita get immune so that damage from enemies is reduced, especially when in the middle of the waves. After Kadita came out of the waves, she was still able to use skills others or even run away from enemy attacks. Because of that, the effect Ocean Oddity for the enemy can be considered dangerous and troublesome.

Breath of the Ocean (Skill 2)

Skills The second thing that Kadita has is Breath of The Ocean. Skills this still has something to do with the waves created in skills 1. After a certain amount of time being summoned, the wave will explode and throw the enemy vertically for 1.5 seconds. Enemies also experience damage magic number 350.

If you combine with skills 1, the impact will be maximized. The trick, do an attack with skills 1 first, then use skills 2 immediately.

However, you need to make sure that the target shot is the right one. This is very important, especially when you want to take advantage of the control effect that is knock up. Tips, look for enemies in groups and do direct attacks.

Rough Waves (Ultimate Skill)

As the ruler of the ocean, Kadita can create a tsunami to destroy enemy troops. The waves can spread to 7 directions with each damage magic of 300.

Not only that, after removing ultimate skills this, Kadita will be immune to damage from the enemy. Even though this opportunity is only for a few moments, you can use it to attack the enemy again or just run away. The condition after the tsunami is actually the main key to Kadita’s greatness as a leader hero.

Tips for Playing Hero Kadita for GG

kadita mobile legends skills

Well, with a number of skills owned by Kadita, you can play exciting games. To make GG easier in the game, there are some of the following tips that you can try.

Use the Right Item Build

Reach GG or Good Game in the game is the hope of all Mobile Legend players. To support that goal, you can use build items right. First, you must have Demon Shoes. Then, buy too Lightning Truncheon, Fleeting Time, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, and Immortality.

Each Kadita Mobile Legend build items this is useful for maximizing hero skills or protect it from enemy attacks. So you will create the effect damage big and safe.

Different Strategy in Early Game and Late Game

On some herothe strategy applied to early game and late game can be different, as well as in Kadita. At the beginning of the game, you should focus on farming and destroying turrets. This needs to be done in order to quickly get Lightening Truncheon and Fleeting Time. Second items this can make damage Kadita is getting bigger and cooldown from ultimate skills shorter.

On the other hand, in late gameKadita must step up and help the team in war. Ability hero This in sweeping away the enemy is very important for the team’s victory. In fact, if it gets hit ultimate skills from Kadita, the opponent can be killed immediately.

Hiding in the Bushes

One of the success strategies hero Kadita is patiently waiting in the bushes before finishing off any approaching opponent. So, don’t be in a hurry to show up right away.

If an opponent comes, you can immediately use skills 1, 2, and 3 at once to kill the opponent’s move. Use skill combos when attacking is important because Kadita’s accumulated ability will be very large.

After knowing these tips, are you more optimistic about playing with hero Kadita? Come on, make transactions via UniPin for buy diamonds mobile legends and choose Kadita Mobile Legend as your mainstay in the game.

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