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Get to know M1887, a Shotgun Weapon that has Overpower Damage

M1887 or shotgun Playing FF is a testament to Garena’s commitment to developing Free Fire. This weapon also proves that Free Fire’s innovations always provide an advantage for players. Because, shotgun FF swivel has the most superior ability among other weapons.

If used at the end of the game, shotgun play FF ​​can kill opponents quickly with armor penetration tall. Besides that, shotgun play has reload speed faster than other weapons in Free Fire.

About the M1887 Senjata

m1887 ff senjata weapon images

Shotgun FF swivel is often referred to as the M1014 twin because it looks similar in shape. If you want to know the original form, you can do a search on Google with the keyword “M1887 FF gun pictures” or “M1887 FF images“.

Then, in terms of usage, shotgun swivel easier than the M1014. The accuracy is also higher than the M1014.

Question damage, shotgun FF spin is able to reach 100 in a few shots at close range. If you wear helmet level 2, headshot close range can produce knock.

Sadly, shotgun it only has two bullets per magazine. Nevertheless, fire rate This weapon is high. With that, time reload player shorter so it can be used to attack again.

Choice Skins M1887 Free Fire

m1887 free fire

Skins is an important part of the Free Fire game because it gives different effects to weapons. Besides that, skin can also add stats in every part shotgun.

Then, skin what is the best for M1887? Here’s the list.

1. Punch Man

Punch Man is skin rare in Free Fire released in January 2022. Player can buy skin it by paying starting from 20 diamonds. Besides that, player must also have 5 tokens to buy it.

If using skin strongest in Free Fire, weapons can get extra damage. Skins also improve reload speed that accelerates the shot shotgun The second.

2. Tropical Parrot

Tropical Parrot appears with bright colors, namely a combination of black, silver, gold, and blue. This skin also has a circle effect and hexagon resembling a hologram.

By using Tropical Parrot, weapons get additional damage and accuracy. These two attributes make a shot shotgun more and more deadly without being affected range or distance.

You want to buy skin this? Purchase skin can be done by following event skins Tropical Parrot Free Fire. Usually, in events that, you are asked to collect diamonds. later, diamonds exchanged for opportunities spin

Apart from going through events, skin can be obtained by collecting crates skin Tropical Parrot on Free Fire.

3. Underworld Rappers

Rapper Underworld released on September 14, 2022 on web events Moco Store. At that time, web events provide one main and second prizes respectively. These options are presented when player login to the web for the first time. After selecting, player To do spin with a number of diamonds.

From spin the, player can get skin Underworld rappers. This skin provides additional effects fire rate and reload speed. However, weapon accuracy is reduced when using this shotgun.

4. Winterlands

Winterlands is skin on Free Fire which was first launched in December 2022. Skins This Christmas and winter nuance is quite rare because it can only be purchased at certain moments.

Usually, to have skin, player have to do spin for 20 diamonds. In addition, you also have to collect 5 tokens to get a chance spin several times.

After skin installed, weapons get extra movement speed and range. However, the weapon’s accuracy had decreased. In addition, additional range also doesn’t have much effect on usage shotgun play FF.

Tricks Using Shotgun M1887 FF

shotgun m1887 ff

Damage overpower which are owned shotgun this must be followed by ability player in play. For that, you need to follow some tricks using shotgun as follows.

  1. Apply Tricks Headshot

Most of the player often aim at the enemy’s head while running or moving. In fact, this trick is difficult to do—considering the relatively small size of the head.

So, change the trick by pointing the weapon at the enemy’s lower body. When the enemy starts to approach, move the aim up and shoot quickly.

For the trick to work, you must also have aim the good one. Because, aim determine the accuracy of the shot at the enemy.

For those of you who are just using the trick for the first time headshotcan use aim assist. Free Fire provides aim assist to make it easier for players to shoot their enemies.

2. Use the Quick Weapon Switch Option

Despite having many advantages, shotgun play FF ​​unable to reach a certain distance. Likewise, the limited number of bullets often makes player overwhelmed.

Therefore, you need to play the Quick Weapon Switch option in order to be able to change weapons. How to activate this option by setting it in the “Settings” menu. After entering “Settings”, select the “Control” option. Then, select activate “Quick Weapon Switch”.

3. Check Bullet Availability

The next tip, you have to make sure the bullets are always available. Because, a lot player who suddenly did reload when you run out of ammo. This is dangerous because it can subvert player for a few seconds.

Order ammunition shotgun awake, you can use skills Jay’s character. This character has the ability to add reload bullets automatically after player managed to kill the enemy.

4. Set Maximum Sensitivity

The last trick, you have to set the sensitivity to launch headshot. Because, every shotgun have different sensitivities that need to be tested before applying.

5. Take advantage of Gloo Wall

At certain moments, you can run out of bullets without realizing it. To protect yourself from enemy attacks, install gloo wall. During gloo wall active, reload ammo or change your weapon.

That’s a review about weapons M1887 who became one shotgun best in Free Fire. If you need diamonds to buy shotgun check the top up promo only on the UniPin site. Not only that, the UniPin web also provides a variety of information games mobile and interesting characters.

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