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Know the Guide to Playing Hanabi Mobile Legend

Hanabi Mobile Legend is a Marksman hero who is considered deadly. This hero is in the form of a beautiful female ninja. He mastered various ninja techniques and moves and has skills that are useful in late game. Hanabi is perfect for those of you who want to play in team fight because of his very effective skill to trouble the enemy.

Emblem Hanabi Mobile Legend

Hanabi Emblem

The emblem that is suitable for Hanabi’s hero is as a Marksman. In the Mobile Legends game, Marksman is a hero who can create damage big, especially in late game. By using the Marksman emblem, Hanabi’s hero will get additional Critical Damage and Physical Attack.

There are two talents that will be very useful for this Marksman hero in action. First, Electro Flash is useful for increasing Movement Speed ​​on heroes. Second, the Weakness Finder item is a talent that is useful for giving a slow effect on enemy hero targets. If the two are combined, Hanabi Mobile Legend will become stronger.

Emblem is a unique feature in the Mobile Legends game that serves to increase hero status. This can be adjusted to the character and skills of the hero. Well, with the skills he has, Hanabi’s hero is considered suitable to be an attacker in the game.

Spell Hanabi Mobile Legends

Hanabi's best spells

Spell is an item in the Mobile Legends game that is useful for increasing the skills of selected heroes. If you use the right spell, the chance to win will be greater.

The best Hanabi spells are Flicker and Purify. The function of the Flicker spell is so that the hero can teleport in the specified direction. This action is useful when the hero faces certain obstacles. In addition to being able to escape from opponents, this item can also increase physical defense and magic defense.

Purify is a spell item that can be used for Hanabi. This spell is very useful, especially when Hanabi faces opponents with crowd control skills. With Purify, Hanabi will be able to escape from the effects of stun or slow so that she can still act in the game.

Counter Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Hanabi

If you use Hanabi Mobile Legend, there are a number of enemy heroes to watch out for. The counter hero can make it difficult for you in the game. So, who is included as a counter hero for Hanabi Mobile Legends?


Hayabusa is a hero assassin who has good abilities. This hero is known to be agile when moving. One of his skills is Ninjutsu Quad Shadow, which releases shadows in all four directions so that it confuses the opponent. With his ultimate skill, Hayabusa can kill Hanabi easily.


If the enemy uses the hero Martis, you also need to be careful. Martis’ skill is that he can destroy Hanabi’s shield. As is known, Hanabi relies on shields to protect herself. With a combo skill attack from Martis, Hanabi can experience difficulties in the game.


Another counter hero to tackle Hanabi Mobile Legend is Helcurt. This hero can defeat Hanabi easily, especially because he has the ability to attack from the dark. The combination of skills possessed by Helcurt must also be watched out for by marksman heroes like Hanabi.


Kaja Mobile Legends can be the opponent’s choice to attackcounter Hanabi hero. Kaja’s ability is to attract and bind his enemy and then kill him. If Hanabi is not agile to dodge, Kaja’s hero can easily paralyze her.

Combo Skill Hanabi Mobile Legends

Hanabi Skill Combo

Hero Hanabi Mobile Legend has four skills like all other heroes. His passive skill is Ninjutsu: Equinox. This is the ability to be immune from crowd control effects when the shield is active. This ability is very useful because it can still fight the enemy even if it takes damage.

Hanabi’s 1st skill is Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage. With this skill, Hanabi can fire a Petal Blade at heroes around the target. This damage reflection can produce 50% physical damage. So, Hanabi’s attack will be more practical because it spreads in various directions.

Skill 2 is Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll. Using this skill, Hanabi can fire an Energy Scroll and cause a slow effect for 2 seconds. This skill is very important because it can add to Hanabi’s regen every time she hits the opponent.

Hanabi’s ultimate skill is Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana. This skill allows the hero to Immobilize the enemy for 2 seconds. Interestingly, this effect can also be felt by other enemies around the target. In team battles, this skill is very useful.

To be able to use all of Hanabi’s skills well, pay attention to the skill combo pattern. The first thing that needs to be done is to initiate an attack using the ultimate skill. Then, let another team member finish it. In addition, don’t forget to issue skill 1 and skill 2.

You can also use the ultimate skill in one-on-one battles. However, make sure the attack can hit the target within 2 seconds. For those of you who want to optimize Hanabi, team battles are usually recommended.

Tips for Playing Hanabi Mobile Legends

Hero Hanabi Mobile Legend

To play Hanabi Mobile Legend optimally, there are a number of tips that you need to pay attention to, namely:

  • Take advantage of situational items like Immortality to delay death. This item is very important when Hanabi is hit by enemy attacks, especially in the late game.
  • Keep your distance from the opponent’s hero and don’t get too close. In addition, don’t join the gang with the Tank hero so you don’t get damaged when the enemy attacks.
  • Focus on farming in the early game to get skills quickly. Next, after getting skill 1 and several other build items, start doing aggressive attacks on the opponent.
  • Wisely use ultimate skills. Do not just attack if you are not sure of the accuracy of the attack.

Well, those are some things you need to know about Hanabi Mobile Legend. Before playing, make sure you top up first to get diamonds. The method is very easy, namely through UniPin. This platform allows you to make payments in a variety of practical ways. Have a nice play!

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