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The advantages of Kaja Mobile Legend that you need to know

Kaja is one of the support heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero is very effective when helping other heroes on the same team. Kaja Mobile Legend has an ability that cannot be ignored. His unique skill is to bind the opponent so they don’t move for a few seconds.

Kaja is also an easy hero to master. Therefore, many novice players choose this hero. With standard finger speed, you can play Kaja and give damage on the enemy. However, it takes a strong instinct in order to perform the action properly.

Mobile Legend Kaja Emblem

Kaja Emblem

Emblem is an important item to be attached to a Mobile Legends hero. By choosing the right emblem, you can play the hero to the fullest. Not only does it give optimal damage to the enemy, but you can also survive longer.

To maximize its function as a support hero, the most appropriate Kaja emblem according to the hero character is the Mage emblem. There are some talent included in this emblem. One that is recommended is Mastery. Talent this can reduce the cooldown so Kaja can use skills faster.

Talent Another thing that can be used on the Mage emblem is Agility. Agility can increase Movement Speed. You can also use Rupture, which is talent to add hybrid penetration.

Spell Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja's best spell

You need to know the best spells Kaja can use in battle. Spell is an item that serves to add to the selected hero’s skill. Well, for the spell that matches the characteristics of the Kaja Mobile Legend hero, Flicker.

Flicker is the ability to move places or teleport. This spell is perfect for Kaja as a war initiator in the game. With the extra abilities of Flicker, you can drag enemies to safety and kill them. With a combination of other skills, Kaja can be very deadly.

Flicker can also be used to escape from enemy pursuit. In fact, you can make heroes penetrate walls by using Flicker. However, don’t use this spell too often because the cooldown time is quite long.

Counter Hero Kaja Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Kaja

Every hero in Mobile Legends must have a counter hero with commensurate skills. Counter hero is the mainstay of the enemy to fight the hero used at that time. In order to survive in battle, you need to know Kaja’s counter hero and recognize his skills.

The counter hero who is considered quite troublesome for Kaja Mobile Legend is Kagura. Kagura’s advantage is that she can easily untie the bonds that Kaja made. In addition, with his ultimate skill, Kagura can put Kaja in a dangerous position.

Nana’s ultimate skill can also make Kaja’s hero not move. Nana can metamorphose into a cat. The speed that you have when you are in the form of a cat is faster so you can avoid Kaja’s attacks. Franco can also be free from Kaja, can even kill this hero, through the ultimate skill.

In addition, there are also heroes Harley who can issue a ring of fire and Lylia who can disappear quickly. If you are dealing with some of these counter heroes, stay alert.

Combo Skill Kaja Mobile Legends

Combo Skill Kaja

What skills does Kaja Mobile Legend have? You need to know this before determining the best strategy for the Kaja skill combo. Kaja’s passive skill is Wrath Sanction. Hero can reach this position every 6 seconds. Kaja can produce basic attacks in the form of lightning to the opponent and produce magic damage.

Kaja’s 1st skill is Ring of Order. Kaja can issue a Ringed Electric Blade and can inflict magic damage and reduce movement speed on the target. Kaja’s 2nd skill is Lightning Bomb. Kaja can leave bombs along his path. When the opponent hits this bomb, they will feel damage.

Kaja’s ultimate skill is Divine Judgment, which is to bind opponents and inflict magic damage. Well, the recommended skill combo according to the skill you have is skill 1, followed by ultimate skill, skill 2, Flicker, and back to skill 1. In addition, you can use skill 2, skill 1, basic attack, ultimate skill, and Flicker patterns. .

Tips for playing Kaja Mobile Legends

Hero Kaja Mobile Legend

Playing Kaja Mobile Legend will be fun as long as you know how to best use it. There are also important tips that you need to know, including:

Use Basic Attack

Basic attacks are related to Kaja’s passive abilities. You have to take advantage of it during the game. The best time is every time you finish using skill 1, skill 2, or ultimate skill. Kaja’s basic attack can be optimized to inflict damage on the enemy.

Ultimate Skill to Attract Opponents

Ultimate skills are very useful for attracting and binding opponents. You can use it during the game. With this ability, enemy heroes that are within your reach can be stopped for a few seconds. This kidnapping ability will make it difficult for the opposing team.

Focus on Early Game and Late Game

As a support hero, the most important task is in the early game and late game. In the early game, Kaja can provide protection to core heroes, do open maps or open wars, and help trapped teams. In the late game, Kaja can help the team to finish the war. So, the presence of this hero is very important for the team to win.

There are still many tips that need to be done when using the Kaja Mobile Legend hero, including using the necessary situational items. So, in order to play this hero more smoothly, don’t forget to top up on UniPin first. You can buy the items needed so that Kaja’s skills are more optimal. Ready to show off your skills in Mobile Legends?

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