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How to Play and Top Up Easily

Want to be nostalgic for the 2000s era games that used to be played on PCs? MU Origin could be your choice. This game, which was formerly known as PC and console games, follows in the footsteps of similar games that were first transformed into games mobile, such as Ragnarok Online and MapleStory.

Then, Webzen as the game developer released MU Origin 2 in 2022. The MMORPG genre game attracted attention gamer who recently switched to game applications mobile in smartphones. If you’re curious about what this game looks like and how fun it is, check it out first MU Origin 2 guide next, come on!

What is MU Origin 2?

how to play mu origin 2 on pc

A little flashback to 2001 when MU Online was first released, when the MMORPG was in its heyday. As a PC online game, all gamer liked the visual appearance, interface, and gameplay MU Origin. Lapse of 18 years later, MU Origin 2 version mobile comes through the development of TianMa and released Ourpalm which has obtained Webzen permission.

For those of you who are familiar with MU Online, play the version mobile this is like reminiscing with the PC version. Although it looks similar, the graphic display has been adapted in such a way to make it look smooth on the screen smartphones. At least, you should appreciate the courage of the developer to produce this game considering that the MMORPG genre is not as popular as it was a decade ago.

The most striking difference is of course in terms of visuals. Compared to MU Online, this latest version has smoother visuals while keeping the original light design style, complete with glowing shields and weapons. Still pleasing to the eye even though it only occupies a screen the size of the palm of your hand.

Well, because it’s an application mobile games, MU Origin 2 guide mentions the difference in the appearance of the interface with the original version. However, the interface actually looks messy because too many buttons and elements are presented in a limited space. There are ways to hide some parts of the menu, but the screen still seems full so it’s a bit distracting from the visual appearance of the game.

MU Origin 2 Guide

how to play mu origin 2

Then, anything MU Origin 2 guide what do you need to know? Here’s the complete list.

Get to know the important buttons

On the lower left side of the screen there is a visual joystickwhile the lower right side is filled with the button skills and normal attacks. You can find character and button settings skills, as well as some of the features at the top. Most of them are features events which allows you to earn some rewards in-game. Then, there’s also minimap which helps you to know the current position.

Meanwhile, you can find character features on the upper left side of the screen. There, you can increase your status, upgrade weapons, and add skills. Don’t forget there is also the Wings feature, the most anticipated feature of this game.

Choose one of three class

Similar to MU Origin, you will choose one of three class, that is Archer, mages, and Swordsman. Each class has its own advantages. Archer suitable if you want to attack from a distance, Mage will give burst damage quite big, and Swordsman ideal for close combat.

Variety of game modes

You can find various game modes. Just say it events, dungeon battles, and arenas; each arena has a special place so you can get to that place easily. MU Origin 2 guide also mentions the existence of features Stand by which allows you to get auto fighting. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing too much power.

Auto battle system

Other interesting things MU Origin 2 adopts a combat system and travel automatic. With just the touch of a finger, the character of your choice can travel to various places, completing quests, and fight against monsters. However, this feature runs the risk of making players bored quickly because everything looks easy and not challenging.

How to Play MU Origin 2

your top up origin 2

As already mentioned in MU Origin 2 guide above, you will start the game by choosing one of the three classic characters. For the latest version there will be the addition of two classes, namely: Duel Master and Diviner. Then, you can personalize the character of your choice with hundreds of items, wings, gears, and fashion.

Well, for game control, you can use virtual joystick so that the movement of the character more smoothly. Click the virtual button on the right side of the screen to select skills character. There is one button that always appears as skills main, the rest is outside the buttons and displays four skills simultaneously. Plus, you can group skills it fits your playing style so that your game is more efficient.

Also mentioned in the previous section, there is an automatic mode that allows the character to go on his own adventure. When this mode is active, you will focus more on managing the resources you have, including when and how to invest them upgrade skills, equipment, and other character elements.

One interesting thing, MU Origin 2 guide shows how players can be incentivized to continue playing in the form of bonuses and bonuses rewards. Even if you don’t make certain transactions, there are still many ways to get rewards. For example, daily login to get bonuses or complete certain missions.

How to Top Up MU Origin 2

To complete MU Origin 2 guide, you should also know how how to top up MU Origin 2. This is important to avoid the possibility of Diamond running out when the game is at its best. UniPin is your main goal to top up Diamonds easily and quickly. Just do the following four steps.

  1. Open the website UniPin on the MU 2 Origin page.
  2. Write down the ID and select the nominal required, ranging from 28 diamonds to 6,130 diamonds.
  3. Choose your favorite payment method, including credit card, e-wallet, bank transfers, and payments at convenience stores.
  4. Payment is complete, the diamond will enter your account automatically.

That’s MU Origin 2 guide which displays complete information about the game, how to play, and a practical way to top up with UniPin. Ready to reminisce like MU Origin 2 now?

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