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Everything You Need To Know About Toram Online Guide

For fans of anime and games, Toram Online guide The following can take you in awe. This game combines two of your favorite things in one fun game activity. Including the MMORPG genre, a game whose full name is Toram Online – Departure from Iruna – has been available for Android and iOS users since 2022.

Developer Asobimo launched Toram Online with anime story packaging. You can put on various costumes, accessories, and equipment for your hero character. Plus, a series of interesting features that will keep you immersed in the game for hours. Curious to explore further? Come on, let’s see together.

Toram Online Gameplay and Graphics

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An anime-style three-dimensional style with a camera that can rotate up to 360 degrees is the mainstay of Toram Online’s graphic display. This is different from other Android RPG games which tend to take the camera’s point of view from above. No wonder you will like Toram because the graphics presented are pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately, you can only read written dialogue when interacting with NPCs. The absence of character conversations and NPC voices might reduce the fun of playing for some people. However, some other players see it as an advantage because you can focus on the game.

Toram Online guide mentions that this game carries the concept of class, among others Staff, Knuckle, Katana, Sword, and Halberd. However, you will not find the system class because of the merging of the two concepts class. Example, Staff as the main weapon, while Knuckle Act as sub-weapons. From there, you can arrange skill combos by merging skills the two weapons.

One more thing, the most fun part about the graphics of this game is that you can adjust the appearance of the character as you wish. You are free to want to show them what they look like by adjusting their hair color and style, skin color, face shape, and height. In fact, there are several choices of facial characters and eyeballs so that your character looks unique.

Toram Online Guide

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How about Toram Online guide what do you need to know? Here’s a full explanation.

Beginner’s Guide

As is known, Toram Online carries the RPG genre with a PvE or specialization playing against monsters. However, you can still interact with other players, build guild and a team to do a mission or game together. The story of a great disaster that split the earth became the starting point for the game to begin.

The first thing you need to know is what’s on the main screen.

  • The menu, in the upper left corner of the screen, contains the main game sections (skills, inventory, character, etc.).
  • Chat, in the upper right corner of the screen, you can chat with other players here.
  • Action, is on the right side of the screen, you can activate physical attacks here.
  • List, help you find skills needed when fighting and changing skills quickly.
  • Channel, the number of the server you are on.
  • Emblem or mini-tasks, shows how far you’ve come.

On the left and right side of the screen are the controls joystick belongs to the character used. That way you are free to move your character smoothly without any obstacles. Meanwhile, the button in the middle of the right side acts as a quick button that opens some of the most important parts of the menu. You can make your own settings as needed.


Toram Online guide The next section shows the different types of characters you’ll need at the start of the game. For the record, who you play with is determined by election skills and weapons. So, you can create a character that will evolve into one of the types below.

  • Mage, the main weapon is a stick, have magic attack improved, giving damage at a certain distance in an area.
  • Archer, the bow holder who has high attack speed.
  • Swordsman, the figure of a fighter who usually fights with bare hands or gloves.
  • Samurai, has a katana sword that he is good at, skilled at dodging and has fast mobility.
  • Halberdier, the owner of the royal spear.

Once you determine the weapon, you will have one skill tree for free. The choice of the branch will depend on the weapon of choice. The difficulty level of the game for each character is deliberately set against their respective weapons. According to Toram Online guide, once you determine class the hero is taken, the game will bring up a recommendation skills which one to prioritize.

Then, how Toram Online leveling guide happen? Remember that the main task of each player is to increase the level of the character or hero used. At one time, you can push your hero to level 250. Your task is to fight and destroy monsters and complete daily missions to earn EXP.

To make your movement more efficient, it’s best to go to a location where a monster with a level above you is now. That way, the hero can survive longer. You can also maintain character stamina because of it.

Skills Tips

Skills is an important factor in the development of the hero figure in this game. As soon as you reach a new level, you will earn some skill points. This point is important to increase the ability level. The higher the level skills, the stronger the effect.

In general, character abilities are divided into several types, namely:

  • combat skills, consist of weapons, baff, and each skills has a function to help characters fight in certain situations. Skills it also has its own hierarchy which is further subdivided into classes or other abilities.
  • Combinations or combos, you can get after mastering more than ten skills You can create several different combinations, but skills that you put in combo previously could not be used twice in combo other.
  • magic skills, some kind of spell alias skills para mage, usually used in conjunction with a magic wand. You can use it in various situations, but it takes a bit of preparation to do skills
  • shooting skills, can only be used if your character has a bow because this weapon has a high chance of causing various effects skills and can only be equipped by arrows.
  • melee skills, can be used by characters of any class as it tends to be done empty-handed.
  • greatsword skills, rely on the use of the sword with various techniques.
  • blade skills, can only be used by characters from class swordnot included battle cry and Berserker.
  • halberd skills, row skills that the holder of the scepter can do.
  • glove skills, same as magic skills, you can use skills this is whatever weapon is being used.

Thus Toram Online guide which displays complete information about the game from A to Z. Are you ready for an adventure into the fantasy world of Toram?

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