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How to Get Ingredients and Make Food

For about a year confined at home due to the pandemic, some people may have become players pro for various types of games on line, including life after.

Now, how about you? Do you know what a game is Life after? Have you ever heard the term Life after Food or Life after Recipe? If not, here’s the full discussion.

Lifeafter Games

life after recipe list

In fact, playing games made by NetEase indirectly reminds you of the current world condition. In line with the current conditions, namely epidemics, games It also tells about the struggle of healthy humans (survivors) from attack zombies or mutant (humans already infected by the plague).

During the game, you are not only asked to eradicate mutants, but also think of ways to survive with all the limitations. That’s why life after also called survival games. You will do a lot of survival activities alone, such as building safe houses, hunting wild animals for food, growing food, and making combat equipment.

Based on reviews, many say that life after is a game survival most okay. Not only rich in features, this game is also sophisticated in terms of graphics. Besides that, life after also hone the creativity of players in various details about survival, such as choosing food stocks, collecting food ingredients, making Lifeafter recipe list, and others.

Where and How to Collect Foodstuffs?

life after food recipe

Play life after feels very realistic because the characters in it act like normal humans. Various examples are characters feeling tired after running from a chase zombies, feeling cold at night, needing food for stamina, and so on.

Speaking of food, do you know how the characters get the ingredients? Then, is there a recipe for a cooking guide? To answer all these questions, here is a little summary of the ingredients needed.

Food materialHow to get
Ice Block
  1. Buy from NPC Camps.
  2. Collect yourself from Snow Highland/Mount Snow.
  1. Buy from NPC Camps.
  2. Collect from Fall Forest or bear cave in Snow Highlands.
  1. Collect from Fall Forest during the rainy season.
  1. Hunting animals in each folder.
  1. Buy from NPC camps.
  2. Keeping cows.
  1. Collect from Redwood Town and Farstar City.
  1. Buy from NPC Camps.
  2. Planting wheat.
  1. Fishing in Farstar City, Autumn Forest, and Charles Town.
  1. Take in Santopany
  1. Raising chicken.

In fact, there are still a lot of food ingredients available in life after, but not all written in the table above.

Life after Recipes: How to Make Food

life after game

Once you have all the ingredients you need, all you have to do is read the reviews about Life after food recipe. There, all the methods, dosages, and purposes of cooking have been explained in detail. Download Lifeafter here.

So, what kind of food do you need? Is food to relieve hunger, restore stamina, maintain body temperature, increase speed, increase damageUpgrade Crit Chance, or other? All have been contained in a special recipe.

Food Recipes in life after to Increase Speed

The following collection of recipes will give effect increase speed your character.

  1. Strawberry Yogurt Ice

Ingredients: 1 Honey, 1 Milk, 1 ice Cube1 Strawberry

Effect: + movement speed

  1. Strawberry Jelly

Ingredients: 1 Milk, 1 Ice Cube, 2 Strawberries

Effect: + movement speed and Crit Chance

  1. Fruit Cake

Ingredients: Honey, Flour, Milk, Fruit

Effect: + movement speed

  1. Blueberry Biscuit

Ingredients: 2 Flour, 2 Blueberries

Effect : + logging speed

  1. Toffee

Ingredients: Honey, Milk

Effect: + movement speed

  1. Fried Fish Finger

Ingredients: Fish, Flour

Effect : + digging speed

  1. Grilled Catfish

Ingredients: Catfish, Vegetables/Meat

Effect : + digging speed

  1. Milky Corn Pudding

Ingredients: Milk, Corn

Effect: + movement speed

  1. Fruit Cake

Ingredients: Honey, Flour, Milk, Fruit

Effect: + movement speed

  1. Grilled Ribbonfish

Ingredients: Ribbonfish, Vegetable/Meat

Effect : + logging speed

Food Recipes in life after to maintain body temperature

body temperature important to be guarded during the game. For that, your character will definitely need this collection of recipes.

  1. Fruit Smoothies

Ingredients: 2 Pieces, Ice Cube, Honey

Effect: + lowers body temperature

  1. Fruity Popsicle

Ingredients: fruit, ice Cube

Effect: + lowers body temperature

  1. Cream Soup

Ingredients: Vegetables, Milk, Meat

Effect: + increase body temperature

  1. Bee Porridge

Ingredients: Vegetables, Honey

Effect: + increases body temperature and cures coughs and colds

  1. Bee Syrup

Ingredients: Honey, ice Cube

Effect: + increases body temperature and cures coughs and colds

Food Recipes in life after to increase Damage

Damage which was launched on mutant can be improved with the following recipes.

  1. Fruit Pie

Ingredients: Fruit, Flour, Honey

Effect : + damage

  1. Special Pizza

Ingredients: Meat, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Flour

Effect : + damage related to building

  1. Carrot Meat Pie

Ingredients: Meat, Carrot

Effect : + damage relating to wild animals

  1. Vegetable Quiche

Ingredients: Vegetables, Eggs

Effect : + damage for mutant

  1. Egg Baked with Mushrooms

Ingredients: Mushroom, Egg

Effect : + damage for mutant

  1. Milk Stew

Ingredients: Milk, Meat

Effect : + damage for mutant

  1. Meatballs

Ingredients: Meat, Vegetables

Effect : + damage for infected creatures

  1. Sandwich

Ingredients: Meat, Fruit, Flour

Effect : + damage for infected creatures

Food Recipes in life after to Overcome Hunger

Hunger must be eliminated by players by utilizing the following recipes.

  1. Bread with Jam

Ingredients: Flour, Fruit

Effect: eliminate hunger

  1. Fried Pumpkin Stick

Ingredients: 1 Flour, 2 Pumpkin, 1 Milk

Effect: eliminate hunger

  1. Toast

Ingredients: Flour

Effect: eliminate hunger

  1. Steam Crab

Ingredients: Crab, Honey, Vegetables

Effect: eliminate hunger

  1. Coconut Cream Bread

Ingredients: Flour, Coconut

Effect: eliminate hunger

Food Recipes in life after to Restore HP

To note, characters can also get sick. So, you have to be smart in choosing food so that you can restore your health immediately.

  1. Honey Grilled Meat

Ingredients: Honey, Meat

Effect: + HP regeneration

  1. Barbecued Meats

Ingredients: Meat

Effect: + HP regeneration

  1. Strawberry Muffins

Ingredients: Flour, Strawberry

Effect: + HP regeneration

That was the group Life after Recipe which you can apply in order to survive until the end of the game. To make it more exciting, there’s nothing wrong top up game via UniPin.

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