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Take a peek at the Complete Discussion About Class, Leveling, and Equipment

Officially released October 2022, Black Desert Mobile immediately stole the attention gamer, including Black Desert Online fans. Pearl Abyss continues to carry the MMORPG genre at the same time you can play it on smartphones. Suitable for those of you who are reluctant to linger in front of a PC or laptop.

However, slightly different from other MMORPG games, Black Desert Mobile has many features that make it look complicated. So, listen Black Desert Mobile guide so the best answer so you can enjoy the excitement of this game.

Black Desert Mobile Guide for Beginners

black desert mobile class guide

Let’s open Black Desert Mobile guide with some basic things you should know early in the game.

Login first to create a character

After downloading the game, you must first login in order to start the game. Then, select class you want, just enter the personalization section of the character of your choice. You can change and set what the appearance of the character to be played. Don’t want to bother custom this is it? Don’t worry, there are characters that you can immediately choose and use.

Interface display

There are several sections of the menu that you need to pay attention to here.

  • Folder, located on the upper left side of the screen, appears in two modes, folder or
  • pets, the presence of pets can help you when loot and they can issue skills at random.
  • Bonus effects and resonance, is at the top health bars, click to see effect buff and what bonuses are currently active.

Family name

Serving as your last name in Black Desert Mobile, the family name will continue to be listed throughout your adventures in the game. The last name represents you and your character so there is no duplication. There is only one name that belongs to you in the game server, so make it carefully and creatively so you don’t have to change it at a later time.

Class Guide

black desert mobile leveling guide

Black Desert Mobile guide The next one will discuss about class which is available. Black Desert Mobile class guide will discuss five class base that you can choose at the start of the game to create your hero character.


Those who enjoy fighting enter in class this. Statistically the character’s ability Warrior fairly even. The majority of them had the ability to block attacks to a certain level. The shield is a secondary weapon, while the sword is the main weapon. Warrior Expert in close combat because it is supported by combo skills and swiftly dodge the opponent’s attack. Plus, you can learn them easily by remembering the warrior it excels in private PvP and can serve as a damage dealer or tank during PvE.


Warrior female version, their movements are a little slower but they are strong while defending. Even, valkyrie able to create damage extraordinary. Swords and shields are the mainstay to block damage. You could say PvP and PvE groups are one of the most striking advantages of them.


Known as class beginner friendly, they are quite superior in PvE groups and can receive a lot damage caused by the enemy. Deadly axes and decorative knots are the mainstay weapons. Brute strength, mobility giant fairly low. Plus, they tend to have a hard time getting out of fights.


Comes as a ranged physical attacker with support damage output accurate single target. They mastered bows and daggers for mainstay weapons. It can be a bit difficult to master the Rangers, but they are class the right start for those of you who intend farming silver Black Desert Mobile with the main character.


With sticks and daggers, witch ready to create magic damage turn off. Black Desert Mobile guide mention the majority Witch skills leading to AoE thus positioning them as a great asset in PvE and PvP. You can rely on the current brand farming. They are a bit weak on defense. However, you can learn how to position yourself on the battlefield and how to set spells.

How to Level Up Fast

black desert mobile equipment guide

Black Desert Mobile guide The next section will reveal how to quickly level up. In general, what you need to do is the same as other MMORPG games. Black Desert Mobile leveling guide divided into two branches, namely missions and sub-missions. The main mission will make you follow the storyline in the game. This method is effective for opening or unlock various in-game features.

Sub-missions are additional tasks that you will take in order to get more EXP points. So you can level up easily. The rule is simple, complete the new sub-missions continue the main mission. In addition, there is also another way to level up, namely Black Spirit Mode. The figure of the Black Spirit is actually full of enigmas. They can connect with you as a friend, but beware of the hidden agenda behind it. You can increase Spirit level through feeding dark energy which you can get after completing missions.

Then, Black Desert Mobile guide showing some other ways that you can make a daily routine, such as:

  • grinding, you can grind monsters by spending XP Boost and without consuming too much HP.
  • Do repeated missions to gain XP points.
  • Collect material through life skills to give you bonus XP at lower levels.
  • Boss Rush, use boss stamp to enter dungeon bosses, and beat a boss for unlock dungeons If you manage to beat a high-ranking boss, it means you can pocket a high XP as well.

System Equipment Black Desert Mobile

black desert mobile game

How about Black Desert Mobile equipment guide? At the end Black Desert Mobile guide you will notice that the system equipment in this game is different from other MMORPG games.

When you just start playing, all slots equipment in status unlock. All caused by a unique mechanism that allows characters to share gear and items, regardless of level equipment which are owned.

In other words, when you create new characters, they can use gear from the high level of your other characters. For information, you can get equipment high level by lottery or make it in Gold Coin. Top up on Unipin.

Now you’ve read Black Desert Mobile guide complete with information about classes, leveling, and equipment. Dare to start exciting battles with opponents in Black Desert Mobile now? Have a nice play!

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