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Here are Tips for Lesley to Become an Overpowered Hero in Mobile Legends Games

Here are tips and tricks for playing Lesley Mobile Legends that you need to know and understand so that Lesley can become the most powerful marskman hero.

One of the strongest shooter heroes in the late game, Lesley, is one of the favorite heroes of Mobile Legends players. Although this hero is no longer as famous as he used to be, because he was in the nerf a few years ago.

But Lesley still has damage that still needs to be considered, her damage is still relatively high and she can kill enemies with just one attack.

That’s why we have tricks and tips for playing Lesley, this trick is made to make Lesley fast, what are the tricks and tips?

Objective Focus in Early Game

The first thing you need to do is focus on the objectives during the early game. take all the minions in your lane, hermit crabs and destroy the enemy’s shield turret little by little.

All of this is done so that your gold is really fully collected so that items can be made quickly

Don’t Get Killed in the Early Game

The second trick and tip is not to get killed in the early game, Lesley can certainly follow these tips well, because he has skill 3 with a relatively large skill area.

So you can be aware of the situation around you and immediately return when attacked by your opponent.

Make Good Use of Skill 2

If possible, you should use Lesley 2’s skills correctly and appropriately, the important thing is not to use Skill 2 for things that are not important, such as helping to clean minions.

Because skill 2 is as important as Lesley’s defense.

Those are the right tips and tricks for playing Lesley Mobile Legends, follow these tips so that Lesley becomes an overpowered marksman hero.

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