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The Chances of Winning Will Be Greater With The Best Support Hero In Mobile Legends Games

Mobile Legends Bang-Bang This MOBA game made by Moonton is one of the most popular competitive games in Southeast Asia. In fact, Mobile Legends has a solid player base thanks to the content and features in the game.

Characters that appear, or commonly called heroes, also have several different roles. Each role has different tasks and functions, but with the same goal, namely to win. One of the important roles in Mobile Legends is Support, because you have a noble task, namely to look after your teammates.

Well, to be a good and true support, here we provide tips and tricks for Hero Support Mobile Legends so that your chances of winning are even greater!

Good gameplay tips

As support, you must use heroes with high defense and control skills to protect allies, especially marksman. Therefore, the support must have a strong protective instinct, especially on different routes and open the map or vision of teammates.

These heroes not only have control skills, but also need support to buy special items that will increase teammates’ stats. There are several items that can increase the stats of teammates, such as the Clock of Destiny, Glowing Ward, Courage Mask, Calamity Reaper, Divine Glaive, and many more.

These items need to be purchased through support who wants to increase the stats of teammates, either from damage when exiting, defending or even entering. So if you want to take better care of your partner, try to buy some of the things above. So, to be a good and true support, here we provide tips and tricks for Hero Support Mobile Legends so that your chances of winning are even greater!

1. Mathilda

Mathilda is a support hero who is said to be able to take care of her teammates’ marksman well. Mathilda is a support hero with various advantages. Mathilda excels in the early game and late game with deadly combos.

Skill 1 named Soul Bloom is able to collect a maximum of six stacks while Mathilda is running, with each stack dealing additional damage when attacking enemies within its range.

2. Faramis

Faramis is also a support hero who can become a marksman properly if the pilot is reliable enough to use it mechanically. Although Faramis is rarely seen in ranked matches, he has damage that is classified as overpower. In fact, some of his combos are also effective for rewarding the opponent’s HP.

Faramis’ strongest damage comes from skill 1 named Ghost Bursters, which attacks the area of ​​effect (AOE) against the enemy. In fact, when Faramis uses support items, he becomes a versatile hero. He can attack with relatively painful damage output and can provide more additional buffs to his teammates

3. Carmilla

Carmilla is the best at holding back damage from enemy attacks. This hero is most immune to attacks because it has skill 1 named Crimson Flower. This skill is able to increase HP and slow effects on enemies.

The skill of Carmilly Bloodbath is also very useful for rotation because it can provide additional greater movement speed. For gameplay tips, don’t be afraid to put your body up to hold enemy skills, because it has an above average regeneration ability.

4. Kaja

Kaja is classified as one of the most dangerous support heroes in MLBB because this hero has the ultimate skill called Divine Judgment. This skill provides a suppression effect for a few seconds, reducing the enemy’s magic damage and inflicting very painful magic damage.

Kaja will become a Hero the longer the match runs, the basic stats of Kaja will increase significantly. So Kája must be feared by the enemy when in the late game

5. Estes

One of the heroes that is now becoming a trend among push-rank lovers is Estes. The hero returned to popularity, especially when the world-class tournament, the M3 World Championship, started. This hero is often used by professional players who want complete abilities.

Estes is a support heroine that has the potential to provide as much healing or healing as possible thanks to the Moonlight Immersion and Blessing of Moon Goddess skills. This is because this skill can provide many advantages for teammates.

6. Angela

Besides being able to provide healing and help teammates, Angela is also one of the heroes with this skill. Angela is a hero who can protect her teammates thanks to her Heartguard skill. This skill allows him to create a large number of shields.

In addition, his Love Waves and Puppet on String skills are also very useful, because they provide an effective crowd control (CC) effect on enemies, no wonder Angela is always contested by player support against players.

Those are game tips and tricks to become a support, as well as recommendations for the best support Hero Mobile Legends that you can use to increase your teammates’ wins.

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