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What is the reason Oura Wants to Ban 5 Hero Mobile Legends in Ranked? Games

One of Oura’s former professional players wants Mobile Legends to immediately ban 5 heroes from the game leaderboard, what’s the reason?

As one of the most popular Mobile Legends players in the eyes of MLBB fans, he clearly knows all the best aspects of the game.

He also admits that the recent Mobile Legends players have a lot of creativity, so there are lots of unique heroes with combos that are definitely very interesting.

Oura Wants Moonton to Apply Ban on 5 Hero Mobile Legends

Currently, the 5 banned heroes can only be done in the official Moonton tournament and cannot be tried by the public in the ranked match mode.

Maybe because they are not ready to give it to the public

banned 3 Hero is still valid in the game and not having any gameplay issues. Oura said he would love to see these 5 heroes banned in public as soon as possible.

He said this in his latest reaction video, where someone showed a video of a unique combo between the good ones between Luo Yi and Khufra. Then Oura recognizes the creativity of the current public

With the Ban 5 hero function, the selection of heroes becomes less and the public can issue some unique heroes that will be very useful later.

I can’t wait, Mobile Legends is banned for 5, so strange heroes like Zilong, Layla, must be used up in the end. Combos now are creative becausesaid Oura.

In fact, not many public have ever felt banned, because repeatedly, there must be a room tourname which certainly cannot be obtained just like that.

What do you think? Do you want to try banned 5 heroes in Mobile Legends or just want 3 heroes?

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