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Hassle Free, This is How to Play Free Fire on PC without Emulator

At first, the game survival battle Garena Free Fire is targeted at smartphone users. However, many players are looking for how to play Free Fire on PC to be able to feel the sensation of playing more satisfyingly with a larger screen display.

How to play it is quite diverse, either by relying on the help of an emulator or not. Well, this time, you can try to play Free Fire on a PC without the need to install an emulator first. Check out a more complete explanation below!

Advantages of Playing Free Fire on PC without Emulator

how to play free fire on pc

Part player FF might ask: Why do we have to know how to play Free Fire on PC without emulators? Isn’t playing as usual in smartphone is it satisfactory enough?

This assumption is true. However, did you know? As it turns out, playing FF on a computer offers a number of additional benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. Move Faster
    Movement and sensitivity Playing free fire is one of the main advantages that you can get when playing Free Fire on a computer without using an emulator. Customization mouse and keyboard will make you move faster and more freely than moving your finger on the smartphone. Your character’s movements in the game will certainly be more agile than usual.
  2. Easier Loot and Change Weapon
    Loot is an important activity that should not be missed when playing FF. With loot, you can find additional equipment needed during battle. Well, if you’ve found how to play Free Fire on PC most appropriate, loot as well as changing weapons can be done smoothly and victorious.
  3. Shots Can Be More Accurate
    How to play FF ​​on PC also much sought after by players pro to make the accuracy of the shot more precise. As a result, you will be able to knock out enemies quickly and of course have a greater chance of winning the game. Profitable, right?

How to Play Free Fire on PC without an Emulator, How do you do it?

Without the need to install an emulator, there are several how to play FF ​​on computer available and you can try it yourself. To play Free Fire on your personal computer, you can use the help of Remix OS, Phoenix OS, or install the ARC Welder extension on Google Chrome. Come on, see the full tutorial!

Remix OS is one of the how to play games Free Fire on PC without the most used emulator by gamer game fan survival battle this. If you want to try it, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use flash disk USB 3.0 with a minimum capacity of 8 GB.
  2. download software Remix OS for PC that best fits your PC specifications.
  3. Install the device in flash disk.
  4. Insert flash disk containing software into the port USB on your computer.
  5. Extract files Remix OS from flash disk to the computer.
  6. Find files named RemixOS USB Tool.exe, then run it.
  7. When the ISO option appears, you just need to extract and operate files labeled RemixOS.iso.
  8. Choose an option direct USB 3.0 on the USB disk, then click OK.
  9. Wait for the process to run until all files extracted successfully.
  10. When finished, a language setting option will appear.
  11. Choose the language according to your preference.
  12. So software Remix OS is successfully installed on your computer, you just need to download games Free Fire on Play Store Remix OS.
  13. After games downloaded and installed, you can play right away without having to install the emulator again.

Apart from using Remix OS, how to play Free Fire on PC can also be done by installing Phoenix OS. This device is a computer operating system based on Android-x86 Project. Because it is specially designed for gamingPhoenix OS is the most suitable device for playing FF and games another android on your computer layer.

Here are the steps to install Phoenix OS:

  1. Install software Phoenix OS on Windows operating system. This installation can also be done simultaneously with the installation of Windows itself (dual boot).
  2. If Phoenix OS is successfully installed on your computer, go to the Play Store and download it games Free Fire.
  3. Once the download is complete, don’t open it right away. You must first add Free Fire to Octopus, which is an application whose function is to add settings gaming and keymapping for control adjustment games on PC.
  4. To do this, click the Start menu on Phoenix OS, then select Octopus.
  5. Add Free Fire to the list in Octopus.
  6. Login into the games using your Free Fire account.
  7. After successfully logging in, adjust the graphics by selecting the highest setting to have the best experience while playing.
  8. Experiment with the keyboard and mouse. Despite the rules keymapping previously adjusted, you can re-check whether the settings are comfortable or not.
  9. If keymapping it’s still not quite right, set it by selecting the option keymapping at the top, then adjust the button according to the position you want with the method drag and drop.
  10. After all the settings are complete, you can immediately play free computer FF lag and without emulators.

One more way to play Free Fire on a computer is by installing the ARC Welder extension on Google Chrome. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Google Chrome app on your computer.
  2. Go to the Chrome Store, then find ARC Welder Extension.
  3. Download and click on the given ARC Welder option highlights.
  4. Click the option “Add to Chrome extension” to start the download.
  5. If the extension has been successfully installed, you can use ARC Welder instead of the emulator. However, you need refresh or restart Google Chrome first before using the extension.
  6. Log back into Google Chrome and add ARC Welder to the list of extensions.
  7. Select a D Drive location to save application data.
  8. Download and install Garena Free Fire via the extension.
  9. Click “Test” to start playing Free Fire on your computer without an emulator.

That’s some how to play Free Fire on PC without an emulator that you can apply. Use these methods to enjoy the gaming experience survival battle on a wider screen with risk lag the lower one. Good luck and happy playing!

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