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7 Best PUBG Emulators for PC

PUBG mobile is one of smartphone games most favorite which was released in 2022. Cool graphics with fun challenges are the reason why many love it games made in South Korea. In addition to being present in the form of an iOS or Android application, PUBG is also present in the form of Xbox and Playstation games.

For those who like games PC online, don’t worry, PUBG Mobile can also be played using a computer screen with the help of an emulator.

What is PUBG Emulator?

how to play pubg on pc
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The emulator is software that allows a program, in this case PUBG mobile, run on another system (PC). Playing with the help of an emulator can certainly provide a more satisfying special experience. How can I not, a computer screen which is of course wider than smartphone make the game more fun.

Moreover, the sensation of playing with a wider screen is not the only reason. Internet crash, specs smartphone not suitable, and lag can also be the reason why many prefer to play PUBG on PC. This phenomenon has made several developers create special PUBG emulators to satisfy the desires of fans games this.

Advantages of Using PUBG Emulator

how to play pubg mobile on pc

In addition to a wider display because it uses a computer screen, there are several other advantages that can be obtained when you play PUBG using an emulator, including:

  1. More Accurate Game Control
    Screen smartphone which is limited often puts control on games be limited too. If using PUBG emulatorthis can be minimized by mouse and keyboard. The existence of these two media makes players more free to do tricks without having to worry about it happening lag because there is too much movement on the screen smartphone.
    Mouse and keyboard It will also make every move more accurate so that the chances of winning the game are even greater. Also, the buttons on the emulator can usually be set to any other button you like. So, you can really master the game while enjoying it.
  2. Longer Connection
    An hour or two is not the ideal time to play PUBG; even if you’re having fun, the whole day is still not enough. If you play in smartphone, this of course cannot be done. There must be a problem with the battery running out or the internet network being slow. It’s different if you play with a PC emulator.
    Playing on a PC makes the game time that you can use longer because the device is directly connected to electricity. In addition, the internet network used on a PC usually tends to be stronger than the one provided provider smartphone. So, the possibility lag you can avoid the fun of playing.
  3. Experience PUBG PC Version Free
    High number of fans PUBG mobile make developer games this released PUBG PC which can be played without emulator. The application is of course for sale. Well, so that you don’t have to spend more money, playing using an emulator can be a solution.

7 Best PUBG Emulators for PC

7 best pubg emulators for pc

Currently, there are lots of emulator options that you can install on your PC so you can play PUBG mobile more freely. Here are some recommendations PUBG emulator best, namely:

  1. Bluestacks
    Bluestacks is listed as one of the emulators games Best Android with quality service. Some even call Bluestacks the official Android emulator for PC. The advantage of this emulator lies in its flexible compatibility. So, don’t be surprised if Bluestacks can also be used for games other than PUBG.
    Apart from that, Bluestacks also has integration features gamepad useful for playing games with difficult controls like PUBG. So, about user interface and gaming experience games Android, Bluestacks are among the leading ones.
  2. Nox Player
    After Bluestacks, Nox Player ranks second as one of the best PUBG emulators. The features on this emulator are similar to Bluestacks with the addition of other features such as screenshots and video recording. So, if juxtaposed, Nox Player and Bluestacks can be called true rivals.
  3. Memu
    Although classified as the most youngest in this world PUBG emulator, Memu is quite popular. This emulator has tons of features that make the experience of playing PUBG on PC much more exciting. In Memu, you can also activate the feature virtualization so that the performance of Android that runs more smoothly and smoothly.
  4. Tencent Gaming Bundy
    The main reason why this emulator is the most widely used is because Tencent is made especially for players who have difficulty with PUBG controls on Android smartphone. This emulator offers optimized controls for playing on PC. In terms of graphics, Tencent is also arguably superior. So, don’t be surprised if someone calls Tencent Gaming Bundy the “official” PUBG emulator.
  5. Apowersoft Android Recorder
    Although not listed as an official emulator, Apowersoft Android Recorder has similar functions to other emulators. This emulator enables android screen sharing feature with PC. Technically, you can operate PUBG on Android via PC.
  6. Geny Motion
    In addition to PUBG, the Geny Motion emulator can also be used to play games Any Android on PC. So, in terms of performance or graphics, this emulator cannot be underestimated. Geny Motion operation is also easy. For those who have never used an emulator, Geny can be the right choice.
  7. AMIDuOS
    One of the advantages of this emulator is its light size. Plus the 3Dacceleration feature, you can be sure the playing experience games you will have more fun.

Even though the game is played on a PC, you still need items like when you play using smartphone Android. In order to experience playing using PUBG emulator more fun, you can buy UC through

So, already know what emulator to use to play PUBG? Hopefully the information above is useful. Have a nice play!

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