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Want Fast Pro? These are 9 Ways to Play Free Fire for Beginners!

Merging genres Battle Royale and Third-Person Shooter (TPS), Free Fire has succeeded in becoming one of the games most played today. Assault mission and survival what each player has to do makes Free Fire both challenging and fun to play.

However, for players who have not pro, survival while attacking opposing players on the battlefield is not an easy thing to do. Without the right strategy, you can be paralyzed by the enemy at the beginning of the game. Therefore, take a look first how to play Free Fire for beginners the following so you can hone skills Becomes pro players.

1. Play on any convenient device

play free fire mobile

One of how to play FF What you should pay attention to first is to choose the device that is most comfortable and suits your playing style. Free Fire is videos games that can be played on a computer or smartphone. So, make sure both devices have adequate specifications so that you can play without significant obstacles.

Playing FF on mobile Both PCs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Free Fire version mobile offers easier navigation. However, you will also benefit from a wider screen and wider visual range if you play on PC.

2. Choose a strong character and understand the role

how to play ff

If you are looking for how to play Free Fire effective, the key is in character selection. Free Fire has a line of characters with skills and varying strengths. Two of them, Adam and Eve, are given away free of charge to novice players. However, the two characters are considered not strong enough to survive, let alone win the battle.

The solution, you have to try to get the strongest character in Free Fire. Some recommendations that you can consider are Nikita who can reload submachine in less time, Ford who is not easy to experience damageor Kelly whose movements are super fast, and can even continue to increase.

not only skills character, you also need to understand role they have. There are four role different in FF: Sniper, Breacher, Marksmanand Support. Every role has different functions and weapon selection so that it will determine your character’s performance when fighting.

3. Ignore Cosmetics

play free fire

After selecting the desired character, you will be given the option to “dress” the character using a shirt, pants, or hat and accessories—all known as Cosmetics. Have a character equipped Cosmetics complete will indeed make you look cool, cosmetic can be obtained by buying diamonds in the free fire game.

However, remember, Free Fire is not a game whose characters depend on skin or accessories. Feature Cosmetics in games this will not give any benefit or extra skills when you’re fighting, so it’s better to just ignore it. After all, your opponents in the battle arena will not really admire what accessories your character is wearing, they will only focus on finding ways to kill you.

4. Determine a strategic landing location

learn to play free fire

Determining the landing location is how to learn to play Free Fire for beginners not to be missed. If you feel you haven’t pro, you should land in an area that is not too crowded. That way, you can more freely collect weapons and other supplies without worrying about being attacked early in the game.

Landing in deserted locations also gives you enough time to strategize. Besides, you will get used to the exposure of the battle arena and the settings gameplay which can increase confidence while playing.

5. Loot as much as possible at the beginning of the game

Loot free fire mobile

Landing at strategic points will benefit the next stage of play, namely loot. Activity loot is looking for additional tools or equipment that can be used while playing, such as weapons, grenades, med kitor armor.

player who loot as much as possible at the beginning of the game will certainly get more equipment before the battle begins. This is how to play Free Fire which provides an opportunity for novice players to defend and attack with quite a lot of equipment capital.

6. Choose the right weapon

how to learn to play free fire
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The accuracy of choosing a weapon is one of the how to be pro player FF who can master the battle in the arena. There are several things you should consider to choose the most effective weapon.

First, pay attention to the amount of ammo and level damage that can be generated. The more ammo and the stronger the level damageIn addition, your weapon will be more profitable when used in battle. In addition, you also need to know the function and how to use the selected weapon, be it shotgun as well as AWM.

7. Pay attention to visual clues

how to learn to play ff

When you start seeing or dealing with opposing players, you must always pay attention to the visual clues that are displayed. One of the most important clues is that the screen turns red as a sign of an enemy in front of you. As soon as you see the red mark, make sure you can act swiftly and responsively to pull the trigger.

This does not guarantee that the enemy will collapse instantly, especially if you do not have time to aim in the right direction. However, quickly pulling the trigger once the screen turns red will give damage which is enough to weaken the opposing player.

8. Apply strategy survival

how to become a pro ff player

In Free Fire, you do have a mission to kill and finish off other players. However, you also must not forget to survive from all the opponent’s attacks.

Strategy survival is how to play Free Fire which should be applied by beginners. You don’t have to stay in a position of attack—it will put your very existence at risk! If you are not confident enough to attack more players promake sure you stay in the safe zone and avoid other players’ battlegrounds.

9. Keep practicing skills your play!

how to play ff
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In addition to a number of technical tips above, how to learn to play FF What is effective for beginners is continuous exposure. By playing often, you will get to know folder battle areas, how to arrange weapons, strategize, or choose the best characters that can help you win the game.

You can also learn to train skills and strategize the war of the players pro. The strategies and playing tips they share are usually enough to help novice players to become successful pro player in Free Fire.

That’s some how to play Free Fire which can be applied if you are a novice player. In order to become a player pro in game Battle Royale Because of this popularity, a number of the tips above can be used as the main guide. Happy fighting in Free Fire!

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