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Getting to know PUBG UMP45, The King of Close Shooting

If you like FPS games aka first-person shooter, you are certainly familiar with the UMP45 weapon. This weapon is almost in all FPS games including Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile. Also known as the Submachine Gun or SMG, this weapon has several advantages and disadvantages that can be adapted to the wearer’s playing style, including PUBG UMP45 which is in BATTLEGROUND.

UMP itself stands for Universal Machine Pistol which is a type of light rifle designed by Heckler & Koch. The UMP itself was created as a successor to the MP5 although both are still widely used today. Many police and government agencies use this weapon. In PUBG, the UMP45 weapon is known as a powerful weapon used for melee attacks because of its high stability.

Getting to Know PUBG UMP45

pubg ump45 gun

The first thing that many players might ask is the meaning of the number 45 which is behind the UMP name. This figure turns out to indicate the type of bullet used by this gun. In PUBG, this weapon uses a 9×19 mm Parableeum (UMP9) which was later changed to .45 ACP. This is what makes it named UMP45 PUBG.

If you are interested in using PUBG UMP45 weapons, there are various important things that you should know. Anything?

General Specification

ump45 pubg skin

Weapon specifications are an important factor that must be considered before choosing a weapon. Reporting from the official PUBG website, the UMP45 has the following specifications:

  • Hit damage: 41
  • Initial bullet speed: 360 m/s
  • Body impact strength: 7,000
  • Zero range: 100-300
  • Duration between shots: 0.09 seconds
  • Shoot mode: single, burst and auto
  • Burst shots: 2
  • Burst delay: 0.09 seconds
  • Ammo loading method: magazine
  • Full duration: 2.9 seconds
  • Tactical duration: 2 seconds

in terms of damageUMP45 is the owner damage second tallest of all SMG weapons, just behind the Tommy Gun. This makes PUBG UMP45 very worthy to be carried to the battlefield, especially if it is equipped with various attachments. Recoil which is already low can be reduced again by using foregrip and compensator. If you like playing with stealth mode, change it compensator with suppressor.

Attachments Best for UMP45

In general, this weapon has several types attachments that is angle foregrip, half griplaser sight, thumb grip, vertical foregrip and light grip. With qualified abilities, then what? best attachments for UMP45 PUBG mobile which you can use to support the game?

For muzzleplayers can choose suppressor or flash hider. Quick draw mag Extended ones can also improve weapon performance. As well as holosight for scope because most SMGs are weapons designed for close range. Best grip for PUBG UMP45 the most recommended is the angled foregrip because this weapon does not have recoil.

PUBG UMP45 Skins

Like other weapons in PUBG, UMP45 can also be beautified by using skin. There are several options skin What you can get include Arctic Digital, BATTLESTAT Convergence, Glory to MadDog. Each skin has its own appearance and characteristics that can be adjusted to your taste.

PUBG UMP45 Best Settings

After making several updates, the UMP45 appears to be one of the favorite weapons for players player because of his sick ability. There are several setting points that you can use to improve performance, namely:

Use Lower Rail: Half Grip

To increase shooting accuracy and deal with bullets that target in any direction, you can use half grip.

take advantage Muzzle: Suppressor

Even though you can wear compensatoractually this has little effect on UMP45. Suppressor more recommended because recoil UMP45 itself is quite low.

Maximize Holosight or Red Dot Sight

Since it’s very reliable for melee attacks, you don’t need to use scope 2x. Just take advantage holosight or red dot sight so that the accuracy of your shot goes fast.

Complete with Extended Quick Draw Mag

If you are the type of player who likes to move quickly, you can equip your weapon with this item. Extended quick draw mag able to accommodate 10 more decays with duration reload the shorter one. Items This will make you stronger and more alert on the battlefield.

Tips and Tricks Using PUBG UMP45

best attachments for ump45 pubg mobile

As a powerful melee weapon, you also need a few tips to maximize the performance of the UMP45. Check out some of the points below!

1. Use Full Auto

With recoil small one, tapping will not make UMP45 present damage the biggest. This weapon has been designed for full auto so you just use it. Firing rateHis low level won’t be difficult either player when controlling it.

2. Select Attachments right

Among the many attachments available, many players are confused in choosing. The best way you can do it is to use attachments according to the combat situation you face.

If you want to play with stealth mode, take advantage of it suppressor because it can help drown out the noise from the UMP45. So that recoil more stable, pin too vertical foregrip. Guaranteed straight away chicken dinner!

3. Use UMP45 for Close and Mid-Range Combat

The nickname ‘The King of Close-range Shooting’ was given to UMP45 not without reason. His ability to destroy enemies at close range has indeed been proven to be accurate. The same goes for mid-range attacks. To make it even more deadly, add scope on your gun.

Those are some reviews and information about UM45 PUBG. For a more exciting playing experience, don’t forget to buy skin and variety items more with top up diamond Your PUBG is only on UniPin.

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