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Find Out More PUBG VSS Specifications and Tricks to Use It in the Battlefield

To provide the best playing sensation, PUBG always tries to launch weapons with the best specifications. Each weapon has its own characteristics and strengths that can be adapted to the needs and playing style of the player. One of the weapons that is quite popular is PUBG VSS.

PUBG VSS Weapons is a sniper rifle or suppressed sniper rifle with a 4x scope that is permanently installed complete with ammunition space for 9 mm bullets. This weapon includes loot spawn which is rare in PUBG.

Get to know PUBG VSS and the facts

gun vs pubg

Each player has various considerations when choosing a weapon. If you are interested in using PUBG VSSget to know more about this versatile sniper through the following facts!

1. Performance

VSS or Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya using barrel and scope pre-press which makes it powerful to use in combat at any distance even allows you to attack in stealth mode. The subsonic round of the 9 mm bullet embedded in the sniper this can kill most non-helmeted enemies in one shot.

Unfortunately the movement of bullets from VSS tends to be slow and this is a bit challenging. You may find it difficult to shoot at moving targets. Try to finish off an immobile enemy in one shot. Recoil VSS also tends to be low so you can more easily control continuous semi-automatic fire.

2. Details scope

Scope 4x is automatically integrated into this weapon. What sets the scope apart is the integrated rangefinder that allows you to estimate how far away the enemy you want to target is. If the shooting range is not good, you can switch to sniper mode with a faster bullet speed.

3. Included in the DMR and Sniper Class at the same time

Apart from being the only weapon with attachments permanently, VSS can also be included in the DMR and sniper categories. PUBG VSS attachments you can pair it with both categories of weapons. Even though its performance as sniper it still has a lot of flaws, but you can use it as a DMR with a different technique.

4. Level Recoil Low

As previously mentioned, the VSS is a weapon with a low recoil rate. On ranged weapons, it’s lower recoilThe more stable the weapon is used to finish off enemies from a distance. With a high level of accuracy, you will find it easier to target enemies and shoot.

5. Can be used to fight in various shooting ranges

Another interesting thing about VSS is its ability to master a wide range of battles. You can use it to attack from long or medium range. PUBG VSS mobile damage is also quite terrible. DPS rate/damage per secondit’s even more deadly than SMG in PUBG. It is for this reason that VSS is often referred to as sniper multipurpose.

Tips and Tricks for Using PUBG VSS for Combat

vss pubg attachments

Even with all the advantages it has, many players often underestimate VSS. Even though if you know the tricks to control it, you can easily master the game. Check out some of the easy ways below!

1. No Need to Use Too Much Attachments

VSS is equipped with pre-equipped suppressor and scope 4x. Therefore, you do not need to reveal your position when shooting. With rate of fire which is quite high (0.091 seconds per round) and damage per second (DPS) which is also no less scary (390.63), it will not be difficult for you to paralyze the enemy.

Besides that, recoil The low one also allows players to shoot more accurately. That means you don’t have to pair too many attachments on VSS to make it work optimally.

2. Do This to Master Long Range Combat

In long-range combat, you must use hip-fire and make sure you enable full auto fire mode. VSS can cause damage per second which is higher than most SMGs in PUBG mobile even of some types assault rifle like the M416 or SCAR-L. By using VSS, you can shoot as many bullets as possible and then immobilize them in less than a second.

3. Pay Attention to VSS Weaknesses

Each weapon of course has a weakness. One of the drawbacks of VSS is its bullet drops which tend to be high. This makes it weak for long-range shots. To be more effective, you can choose this weapon to attack at medium range.

4. Shoots the Enemy within a Radius of 150 Meters

If you see an enemy within a radius of less than 150 meters, you can kill them. But if it’s more than that, make sure you change the mode to burst fire. Fire 5 to 10 bullets and give it a few moments to pause before firing the next 10 bullets. This method can help you improve attack accuracy.

5. Extend Magazine

Size default magazine VSS is very small, which only fits 10 bullets per game load. In order for the battle to be maximized, you need to install attachments in the form of magazine the longer one. Besides being able to increase the size magazineit can reduce the duration reload so you can attack again as soon as possible.

6. Facing Moving Enemies

If in mid-range combat you encounter a moving enemy, use crosshair red in front of the target then shoot.

7. Use it for Solo Battle

VSS is considered more deadly and effective if you use it to play solo. If you use it to play in a team, getting too close to other members will get you caught. This will render the silencer useless.

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