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Get to know the M82B, the Mainstay of Many Players' Gahar Weapons

Who’s do not know games Free Fire, game battle royale for Android and iOS developed by Garena? Almost no.

This game, which is usually called FF, has become an idol for users mobile games. Proven in 2022, a report from Sea Limited mention that daily active users Free Fire reach more than 100 million users per day (source: Kompas).

Given the large number of users, it is not surprising that each player is competing to find a way to become the most powerful performer. That’s why internet search engines are never empty of keywords about weapons, heroes, tips and tricks to play.

Weapon M82B which was just officially released on updates June 3, 2022 then became one of the most sought after weapons. Need complete information? Let’s see the complete information below!


m82b free fire weapon
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You can say options sniper rifle this is the prima donna of players in advanced server Free Fire. This weapon can be found in almost all areas folder, but unfortunately with a limited number.

If you look at the specifications, this weapon can be classified as an option sniper rifle Best FF at the moment. His ability to give damage sick in the vehicle and gloo wall (200%) is a testament to how terrifying this rifle is.

In addition, the ability M82B Free Fire weapon redeem gloo wall also cannot be overlooked. You can attack the enemy hiding behind gloowall. Then, the enemy will receive damage up to 80%. Doesn’t it hurt? Not only that, sniper it also shows an accuracy that is at 90 out of 100 points.

M82B and Weapons Sniper Other FFs

m82b ff senjata weapon

The offer of weapons in FF is very diverse, ranging from close-range weapons to long-range weapons. From the past until now, the type of sniper is still the first choice. The reason?

  • Damage turn off
  • High accuracy
  • Long shooting distance
  • Bullets don’t take up much space

For now, Free Fire presents three choices of weapon types sniper mainstay, namely AWM (damage large), KAR98K (biometric scope), and M82B (destroyer gloo wall). So, how do the three compare? Let’s see detailed statistics M82B FF gun, KAR98K, and the following AWM.

Movement Speed656555
Rate of Fire272727
Reload Speed345541
Armor Penetration 0067

Source: gamedaim

Based on the table above, it can be seen that all three have an impact damage, level of accuracy, and rate of fire the same big. However, on the specifications armor penetration M82B is superior to AWM and KAR98K. In essence, you can judge for yourself what choice of weapons suits your needs using the statistics above.

Tips for Playing

m82b skin

As a new weapon in advanced servers Free Fire, players who are used to using AWM or KAR98K during battle will usually still have minor difficulties in controlling weapons M82B. For that, here are some tips for playing it.

1. Pay attention to the shooting distance

Classified as sniper rifle, that means this new weapon was created specifically to kill enemies from a distance. If you insist on using it at close or medium range, the new gun free fire this will not work optimally. In fact, the enemy could easily overcome it.

Don’t be afraid to miss because its high accuracy rate, which is 90 out of 100 points, ensures you can hit the target correctly in one shot.

2. Determine the Hiding Position

A sniper not only good at eliminating opponents from a distance with one shot, but also must be able to read the situation around the hideout. Making sure your hiding position is the safest place from the enemy is the next game tips if you use this type of weapon sniper rifle this.

That way you can freely launch attack after attack on the opposing team, without worrying about a backlash.

3. Choose Your Second Weapon Wisely

When choosing a weapon type sniper rifle being primary ammo, that means you should have a backup plan to deal with medium or close range enemies. For that, you must provide a second weapon (secondary weapon) that meet these requirements, such as UMP and MP5.

The availability of this second weapon is to compensate for your fight with the opponent when sniper rifle no longer effectively used because of the distance factor.

4. Always Walk Behind

The role of a sniper is as support in the team. Therefore, you must always position yourself behind other team members. Also, look for a position that allows you to freely monitor your surroundings, such as plains or tall buildings.

5. Destroy Gloo Wall Enemy

The main ability of this weapon is being able to give damage big to the opponent hiding behind gloowall. Not only that, even hiding enemies get damage by 80% if hit by a gun. This of course puts your opponent in a very insecure situation.

6. Take advantage of Skills Mocco

Combine your lethal weapon with one of these moco skills, that is Hacker’s Eye. Function of skills this is marking and knowing the whereabouts of the enemy who is hiding.

7. Wear Skins

Although it doesn’t increase strength significantly, using skin still the right tips to try. The reason is, the use of skin can increase your confidence while playing so that you can show optimal performance during the game.

So, consider using Time Traveler or Dragon Mob as M82B skins.

That was a brief description of the weapon type sniper rifle latest in free fire, M82B. You can use it as a guide while playing. Then, don’t forget to top up diamond FF so that your game runs smoothly without interruption. You can do top-up in unipin.

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