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Win the Battle with AWM FF

Played Free Fire is still a favorite for some people. Are you one of them? If so, you must read reviews about one of the mainstay weapons in an effort to win the battle in Indonesia games full of the strategy. Come on, learn tips for using AWM FF the following.

AWM FF at a glance

awm free fire gun pictures

AWM or also abbreviated Aectic Warfare Magnum is one of the best and deadliest weapon choices in the arena Free Fire. This weapon is quite special because players can only get it through Airdrops.

AWM Free Fire Weapons This is capable of making the target fall with just one shot on the enemy’s head. In addition, AWM is also useful for penetrating the opponent’s defense. Because, with a few shots, Armor even high levels can be destroyed. You can imagine how powerful this weapon is, right?

In detail, AWM deals minimum damage to targets of 110 to 115 points. Not only that, the accuracy of this weapon is also very high (90 points) so it is very suitable to be used to attack long-distance enemies. Yesthe shooting range is still at the highest level compared to other weapons in free fire arena, which is 91 points.

If you see AWM Free Fire weapon images, You will find that this weapon is designed for snipers who are chasing One Shot One Kill. However, guns and marksmanship alone are not enough to win the battle. You also have to determine AWM weapon locations in Free Fire appropriately.

Tips for Winning with AWM for Beginners

awm free fire weapon

Player new Free Fire usually have difficulty controlling AWM. The reason is, special training and tricks are needed so that you can kill your opponent with AWM weapons in Free Fire. For that, follow the following ways to be able to play like a Pro-player.

1. Pay Attention to Distance

When using a weapon type sniper rifle, ranged combat is the most important key. For this reason, maintaining a safe distance is the first tip so that you can take full advantage of AWM.

In addition, always being within a safe distance when playing also makes you undetected by enemies easily.

2. Combination of Weapons

Still related to the previous tips, AWM is a weapon equipped with X8 scope so it is not suitable for use for short distances. So, even if your shot hits your opponent at close range, the enemy doesn’t necessarily get knocked out. Therefore, you must combine AWM with other appropriate weapons (not the type). sniper). Some examples are AK47, AUG, MP40, Thompson, and MP5.

3. Switch Places

A player with weapons sniper must always change places. This is one way so that your position is not easily detected by the opposing team. The harder you are found by the enemy, the easier it is for you to finish off the enemy.

4. Aim for other limbs from the target (Not a must Headshot)

AWM is known for its deadly shots in the head. However, that does not make you have to aim for the head continuously. You can also target other parts of the body from the enemy.

Don’t worry! Although not dead, AWM delivers damage which is big enough for the opponent. When the enemy runs aimlessly because he is injured, that’s when you finish him off with a second weapon.

Take advantage Skins

Besides being useful for beautifying visuals hero, skin also give effect damage deadly. Therefore, one of the tips to win free fire with AWM weapons is to take advantage of skin which exists.

Summarizing several sources, here are some skin sick AWM.

  1. Valentines

Who says a warrior can’t show his romantic side? Valentine’s Skins be a beautiful and charming choice when you want push rank. The two heart marks in the center of the weapon give it a fierce, but sweet look.

If you use skin AWM Valentines, rates of fire and reload speed your weapon increases by one point.

2. Swallowtail

When you want Rate of Fire increased by 2 levels and Magazine 1 level, you must choose swallowtail skin. Its appearance that looks like a pink butterfly makes the visuals of your AWM weapon even cuter.

3. Vandals Revolt

Furthermore, Vandals Revolt marked with the addition of damage and magazine 1 level each. Skins This is characterized by the mixing of two colors, namely yellow and blue.

4. Playboy

Image of a man playboy you can find it in the middle of your AWM weapon when you use skin this. Then, performance Rate of Fire Your weapon will increase by 2 points.

5. Justice Fighter

Characteristics of skin this is his visual that is dark green like a soldier. Name skin illustrates that the player who uses it is a warrior character.

You can increase the effect damage your weapon is one level more painful than usual. In addition, you can also reload bullets one level faster than AWM without skins.

Change Weapon when Target is Hit

When hit by AWM shots in other limbs (other than the head), the enemy has not been completely incapacitated. You only managed to make them die. Therefore, in order to finish off the enemy, you need to change to another weapon.

Peek Player Pro AWM Free Fire World

The last tip to play like a pro is to study with a pro players, it means you have to watch the videos of AWM professional players often free fire world. Watch from how they find where the AWM weapon is in free fire to the way they do headshot accurately.

Some of the names of world-famous professional players, including Lorem, B2K, Vincenzo, Shooting, and Complex. The five names are able to optimize weapons sniper during the fighting.

That was a brief review about AWM FF. Hope you can become a professional player like your dream! If you need diamonds more, you are enough top-up via UniPin. They offer various nominal top-up affordable.

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