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from Overview to Tips for Use

Popularity PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is not inferior compared to the title games other names, such as Free Fire (FF)Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB), and Arena of Valor. Because of its popularity, PUBG was even asked to be one of the branch candidates esports at the 2022 SEA Games (source: Kontan).

Already know what PUBG is?

Basically, PUBG is a shooting game with its own uniqueness, namely carrying various types of weapons real complete with specifications into games. One of which is PUBG AKM.

PUBG AKM Overview

pubg akm

PUBG AKM not a weapon that is difficult to obtain is also classified as very deadly because it has a large enough power. This weapon belongs to the class assault rifles which is aligned with the M416, M16, SCAR-L, Groza, and AUG.

The shooting range is quite far, so it is very suitable to be your combat ammunition in short at a time long range. If weapons assault rifles others use 5.56 mm bullets, this weapon uses 7.62 mm bullets that are able to give effect damage by 48 Hits, tearing armor, and destroy helmet enemy. In addition, the bullet capacity is quite large as much as 30 standard bullets.

Players are also given options attachments best to equip the weapon, that is muzzles, magazines, and sights. By using additional attachments, the enemy will not be able to stop you easily.

As additional information, there are some interesting facts circulating in circles gamer about PUBG AKM weaponsamong others:

  1. Have a real name Avtomat Kalashnikova.
  2. Invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1940.
  3. Does not have a patent.
  4. Entered the world of war with Soviet troops for the first time in 1959.
  5. PUBG AKM wallpapers much hunted player. Want to know how? Click here!

In detail, the statistics of an AKM can be seen from the following table.

Power 45%
Effective Range60%
Stability 35%
Firing Rate65%
Ext. Magazine Size 40
Magazine Size30
Attachment Points3

In essence, it can be said that this weapon describes a situation real from Mikhail Kalashnikov’s gun.

Advantages and disadvantages

pubg gun

Just like weapons in other PUBG games, AKM also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are:

  1. The best melee combat weapon.
  2. Damage deadliest in its class.
  3. Works optimally even when used without attachments.

However, with all the advantages that have been mentioned, players are required to be proficient in using it because recoil PUBG AKM quite high. In addition, the bullet speed is also low. Then, this weapon does not work optimally for long-range combat or when the enemy is busy gathering.

The best potential for the use of AKM is actually in range 50 – 100 meters. More than that distance, this weapon is not optimal even though it still gives damage to the enemy.

Tips for Using AKM

pubg akm settings

Not all players like this weapon even though it has the most painful effect compared to weapons assault rifles other. This is due to player find it difficult to control. For that, here are some smart tips so that you can: booyah in the arena using AKM.

1. Select Attachments right

Items complements like compensators, magazines, and scope can be used to overcome recoil AKM. Remember, fake PUBG AKM the right one affects your performance in playing!

Compensator is mandatory for AKM. Because, attachments This is able to reduce the pounding of the weapon so that it is easier to control. If you don’t find compensator, you can use flash hider As a replacement.

Furthermore, by using Red-Dot Sight (RDS) or Holographic Sight (hello), the aiming process becomes more precise. Especially if it is used for battle medium distance, two items This can make AKM even more frightening.

You can equip this Soviet troop war weapon with a 2x or 3x Scope, but it’s not really recommended because the AKM’s visibility becomes more limited when paired scope (binoculars). In other words, you must have skills high to use scope.

Even though magazine is optional, you are strongly recommended to use Extended Quickdraw Magazine. That way, AKM can reload faster. Not only that, you can also shoot more bullets.

2. Better to use AKM for short distances

The condition is no scope making AKM more appropriate for medium to short distances. Besides that, recoil or the high level of shock also makes the AKM difficult to control if targeting the enemy at a distance of more than 100 m.

If you force it, you will probably miss the target first. Why? The weapon will bounce up and it will take a while until recoil back to the middle.

Another problem related to the firing range is the velocity of the bullet (bullet velocity). When using AKM on PUBG PC, you will feel that the bullet takes longer to reach the target. However, this condition is not so pronounced when you play PUBG mobile.

3. Don’t Forget Fake PUBG

If you’ve been practicing a lot, but you’re still having trouble as a result recoil, you may have done something wrong with the element settings PUBG. Adjust the sensitivity of the game to certain details so you can play perfectly even though no recoil.

Here’s a range of values ​​that you can use for settings no recoil on each device. Please note that Android, PC, iOS have different sensitivities. For that, you need to find out which value is right for your device.

Camera Sensitivity (Free Look)3rd person camera: 110% – 120%

1st person camera: 84% – 100%

Camera: 110% – 120%

Camera3rd person no scope: 120%

1st person no scope: 115% – 120%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 50% – 65%

2x scope: 30% – 36%

3x scope: 20% – 29%

4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 14% – 18%

6x scope: 10% – 12%

8x scope: 10% – 12%

Gyroscope 3rd person no scope: 220% – 300%

1st person no scope: 220% – 300%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 300%

2x scope: 300%

3x scope: 165% – 300%

4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 125% – 235%

6x scope: 60% – 105%

8x scope: 45% – 90%

These figures are only estimates. So, you should still try it yourself and find out which one is suitable for your gaming device.

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