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“Marskman and Assassin” Hero that is often banned Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 23 ends on March 25, 2022 and all actively participating players will be rewarded with the seasonal prize, Masha “Spirited Gauntlet”. Lots of adjustments, buffs, nerf heroes, and meta shifts that make this season full of surprises. Here we inform you of the heroes who are often banned in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 23. And why Season 23 is the season for these players.

There is always a Hero in every season, a nightmare for every player. Regardless of their skills, their mere presence frightened all the players. Therefore, they will become heroes who are always banned in every game. But last season was a very good season for Marksman and Assassin players because they got a lot of big advantages. most of these banned heroes proved to be a huge obstacle to iAssasin and Marksman.

MLBB Season 23 Banned Hero

Account Official Twitter Mobile Legends Bang Bang: some new faces have been top banned last season. They are Valentine, Edith, Yinand Aamon , because they have proved it In the Land of Dawn. Valentina is the most banned hero by percentage tires by 61.31%. Magic damage big and His ultimate skill in copying enemies has become a real problem for the players

Fanny’s awakening due to revamping made her one of the most banned heroes with 30.69% along with his fellow Assassin, Lancelot, Karina , and Selina. In addition, some players usually use three fighters as the core hero and are also included in the banned hero. They are Paquito , Aulus , and Yin; because of its great physical damage, good defense makes them hard to beat in 1v1 encounters. Estes, Selenaand Cecilion who proved to be a mortal enemy, also became the most banned hero due to ability Roamers or Midlaner they are very big.

MLBB Season 23: Good Season For Marksman And Assassin

You don’t have to worry about assassins who can kill from the blind spot because we know that Fanny and Lancelot have agile maneuverability which makes it easier to break through war and attack marksman in a short time. Specifically, Marksman who has a current META tank as a core, Marksman will be a strong hero who is able to penetrate high tank defenses and act as a late game determinant.

In the absence of a strong and durable hero like Aulus, Paquito and Edith will make Assassin players easier in battle. This makes it easier for them to get rid of mid lane enemies.

his absence Selena and Estes advantageous for Marksman and Assassin users because both are strong and reliable roamer heroes who will make it difficult for them. While Estes had regenerative skills great that ensures victory in battle, Abyssal Trap Selena can detect hidden enemies. Arrow his can paralyze the enemy and make it easy to defeat.

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