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Eva Magic Chess, The Mysterious Deer with Super Abilities

Since it was first released globally in 2022, games Mobile Legends immediately got a special place by teenagers and the younger generation. Games by genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or this MOBA is the choice of gadget games that are so loved. Not only is it fun and easy to play, but also updates periodically from Moonton. One of them is the emergence of fashion magic chess complete with commanderher, including Eva magic chess.

Indeed, there have been many innovations made by Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer. The newest one is fashion magic chess which you can find in mode Arcade. Then, what’s so interesting about this game mode?

In fact, magic chess has been tested since January 2022. However, Moonton only officially released this mode two months later, namely March. Using a 6×7 chessboard, magic chess is a complex strategy based game mode for 8 players.

The main objective of the game is to buy and upgrade little commander and the hero you have, customize line up to create more and stronger synergies. The game is said to be over and you will be declared the winner if you are able to defend the hero and commander yours to the end.

Characteristic Magic Chess: Character Emergence Little Commander

commander eva magic chess

The appearance of a character with the name little commander or you can also call it commander This is the hallmark of the game magic chess in Mobile Legends. This character comes with a cute and funny shape, of course also complete with skin unique and capable abilities.

If you are a novice player who is just trying your luck in fashion magic chess, you will be accompanied by commander Harper. Yes, Harper is the only one commander which you can get for free at magic chess. The rest you can buy using gold.

Actually, what is the function of commander from the game magic chess this? Main role of commander is to strategize the game. Besides that, commander also become a player who shows lives in the form of HP bars. That is, if this HP bar runs out, then you will lose and can’t play anymore.

Character commander controlled by the computer while the game is in progress. Every commander equipped with three special abilities. Of course, each skills This greatly affects the course of the match. Even so, you can’t use all three at once because you have to raise experience from commander first. New skills next will be unlock and you can use it.

Until last March, Moonton has released 15 characters Little Commander in fashion magic chess. One of which is Eva magic chess. Then, what kind of character is Eva? Anything skills does it have?

Eva Magic ChessThe Mysterious Deer

eva magic chess best synergy

Yes, commander Eva was indeed drawn as a cute deer with a green robe attached to her back. This one character can be said to be mystical with the ability to add damage generated for both physical and magical attacks. you need to know, commander Eva is commander first girl in magic chessyou know!

However, it should be noted that the Mobile Legends mode magic chess This relies heavily on the synergy of each hero. That is, what has commander You can only feel Eva if the right synergy has been achieved. Go ahead, yes, these are the three abilities it has commander Eva magic chess:

  1. Level 1: Coordination. Ability of Eva magic chess the first of these can be regarded as passive abilities. Even so, this ability can provide additional physical attacks for all heroes up to 75 and magical attacks up to 130. The condition is that you must activate more than 4 synergies.
  2. Level 2: Toughness. When you enter level 2, you can use skills from commander This Eva. When the synergy used is at the maximum level, the effect of physical and magical attacks at a higher level for all heroes will increase by 36.
  3. Level 3: Supplication. Ability of commander Eva who is at level 3 will be very useful if there is a synergy that has reached the maximum level. later, commander Eva will add attack speed on all heroes up to 30%.

Always remember that the ability of Eva magic chess will be very powerful if you use the right synergy. Like what? For example, skills level 1 belongs commander Eva, that is coordination, will appear very weak and only produce damage which is very small if you activate combo Marksman, Assassin, or Mage synergy.

It’s a different story if you use skin this 1st level and activate combo the synergy of Guardian, Western, Monastery of Light and Abyss. Combo it will be one of Eva magic chest best synergy which gives damage lethal to the enemy.

Skins for Commander Eva

how to use eva magic chess

There are several and skin which you can use to beautify your appearance commander Eva. Besides skin The Mysterious Ruda, skin Eva di magic chess there’s also Jingle Deer, Violet Eva, and Frost Princess. You can get skin Jingle Deer and Violet Eva used magic chess pass.

Commander You can have Eva by buying it at shop use gold or diamonds. If you’re lucky, you have a chance to get commander Eva in events certain events organized by Moonton. Usually, there will be attractive prizes offered, starting with characters commander new or skin to beautify the appearance of the hero and commanderyour.

If you can’t get Eva magic chess on events, no need to be sad. How can you still have this Mysterious Deer by using diamonds. If the amount you need is not sufficient, go ahead top up diamonds only via UniPin.

Through UniPin, you are free to choose the amount yourself diamonds want to buy. Then, complete the transaction with a wide selection of available payment methods. Diamonds will soon be added to your account and you can try out the excitement of the Mobile Legends game magic chess use commander Eva. Good luck!

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