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Abe Magic Chess, The Right Choice for Aggressive Games

You may know and try out various games on smart phones which are increasing in number. However, if you have tried playing Mobile Legends, you will definitely find it difficult to turn away from the game games titled this one MOBA.

Not without reason. Last March 2022, Moonton released the latest Mobile Legends game mode, namely the mode magic chess which you can find at Arcade. Then, what are the advantages? Of course a lot; one of them is definitely the presence of a new character called little commander. There are many of these characters, you name it Abe magic chess as one.

Simply, magic chess is a new game mode concept idle games in the Mobile Legends game. You will be treated to a chessboard measuring 6×7 as a game arena. Later, you will play with eight players complete with little commander as a strategist.

Game mode magic chess has the main goal of buying and improving the capabilities possessed by commander and your hero. You also have to be able to manage line up so that it can create various synergies with super powers. The main thing is, magic chess This puts forward a strategy in order to win the match.

Not much different from fashion ranked, in fashion magic chess, you can still raise rank. The order starts from Warrior, Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epick, Legends, and Mythical Glory. Not only that, in fashion magic chess you will also find various hero synergies, such as Abyss, Marksman, Eruditio, Weapon Master, Northern Vale, Mage, The King, Elementalist, Blood Demon, Targeman, Celestial, Wrestler, The Western Expanse, Guardian, Monastery Of Light, Shape Shifter, Elf, Assassin, Dragon Altar, and Cyborg.

Each type of synergy is fronted by heroes who have certain strengths. If you can arrange them correctly, you will beat the opposing team easily. So, understanding each hero character in games this is also necessary.

Little Commander: Cute Characters with Unique Abilities

abe magic chess skills

Already familiar with the term little commander? In fact, commander will be your companion while playing in the mode magic chess. Apart from being a game strategist, commander also becomes a character that shows the life of each player in the form of an HP bar. What does it mean if your HP bar runs out? Surely you will lose, can not continue to play again.

Until last March, there have been 15 characters Little Commander issued by Moonton in mode magic chess. For starters, commander Harper will be a playmate that you can get for free. Besides Harper, you have to buy at shop use gold or diamonds if you want to have commander new.

While the game is in progress, commander will be controlled by computer. Each character has three skills definite special new commander greatly affect the match. However, don’t expect you to be able to use all of them skills at once in one games, yes. You have to fight to raise experience commander first so that you can try out your abilities at the next level.

Abe Magic Chess: The Panda to Play Aggressive

abe cascade magic chess

Have you ever seen the Panda character in the Kung Fu Panda movie? Now, commander with the name Abe has a visual appearance similar to Si Panda, only the size is smaller so it looks more funny and cute. If you have often played Mobile Legends, Abe’s character will remind you of Akai.

Commander Abe magic chess comes wearing clothes that make him look like a college student, complete with weapons in the form of green bamboo sticks. Well, if you plan to play with it commander this one, try using an aggressive gameplay. Why?

It turns out, skills owned by Abe magic chess This is very useful in giving the effect of adding damage when you attack commander enemy team. However, there is still a condition, namely that you must win continuously in the game. The reason is, every time you win, the effect will continue to grow.

Commander Abe might not help the heroes much when inside decks. However, if you are good at seeing gaps in placing heroes and using the right synergy, victory is not a difficult thing to get. This is because Abe the Panda is so good at defeating opponents.

Then, anything Abe’s magic chess skill so you can make damage big enough on the opposing team and make it easier for you to win in the match?

  1. Level 1: Anger. After you manage to win one round, little commander the opposing team will get damage an additional four damage.
  2. Level 2: Attack & Defend. Abe magic chess will get as much as 20 shield each time he gives a total of 50 damage. You can also do stack on Abe’s ability at this level.
  3. Level 3: Panda Punch. If you have arrived at skills commander Abe is at level 3, you can attack with damage even stronger. After successfully giving damage to team commander fight up to 4 times, attack commander The next Abe will be stronger with additions damage 22 times.

So, make sure you have mastered the game and have the best hero so you can create combo strongest synergy, huh! Imagine how big damage which can be issued by Abe magic chess if you manage to win continuously so the ability commander This panda continues to increase.

Surely the game will be more exciting if you have commander Abe, huh? Don’t worry, commander the four present at magic chess you can get this by buying using battle points or diamonds. If the amount diamonds what you have is not enough, top up diamonds now it’s very easy, really!

You can top up on UniPin. There are many choices of quantities diamonds and transaction methods that you can choose according to your needs. Buy diamonds UniPin is definitely free of fraud and trusted. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, OK! First, check the credibility of the provider’s account that offers the promo so that you are not deceived. Happy winning games together commander Abe the Kung Fu Panda!

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