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The Aggressive Rabbit, This is Remy Magic Chess Ability in Mobile Legends

Played games Gadgets are now still one of the favorite activities of teenagers and young people to fill their spare time. When asked about the game, Mobile Legends is the most played choice. Especially with the new mode magic chess with commander cute, like for example Remy magic chess.

Magic ChessFashion Arcade New Mobile Legends Game

remy magic chess skills

magic chess actually is fashion arcade new to the Mobile Legends game. This mode was added in January 2022 and officially released in March of the same year. so that you no confused to play later, try to see first a brief review about magic chess this.

Simply put, magic chess is a turn based strategy mode game. Every single game there will be eight players facing each other, and whoever is still standing until the end of the game will be the winner. Each round, a little commander can recruit heroes by using gold and placed spread over preparation phase. After that, the hero will attack the enemy automatically for battle phase.

So, what if you want to spread more heroes? You need to level up commander first. Level commander you can monitor during the game. Every commander level up, you have the opportunity to deploy one more hero.

Then, what is it Commander?

commander ragnar magic chess

This one character seems quite important in magic chess Mobile Legends. Commanderor it can also be called little commander role in developing game strategies. This character is controlled by a computer in Mobile Legends.

Each commander has three unique abilities. One ability can be used for one battle. Skills can be unlocked by obtaining experience. Until this March, there are about 15 commander which you can use, with commander Saki as commander latest.

Remy Magic ChessThe Aggressive Rabbit


As a player magic chess beginners, you will be accompanied by commander Harper. After that, you can buy characters commander others, one of which was Remy. The character who is described as a rabbit with one eye closed like a pirate captain can be not only aggressive, but also flexible.

Not without reason, Remy is perfect if you use it as a commander in games of a tug-of-war or aggressive nature. This was due to Remy’s ability that was indeed focused on gold and not on effect buffs. That is, when you play it, you only need to be a “merchant”.

Remy the Rabbit Pirate Ability

remy magic chess skin

Well, so that you no I’m curious again, let’s immediately find out what the hell skills owned by Remy magic chess?

1. Level 1: Money Grubber

Skills Remy magic chess first is MoneyGrubber. Commander Remy will earn between 1 to 4 gold at random. The ability at this level has cooldown for about 5 rounds. When it’s active again, you can immediately use it to get gold addition.

You can directly use this ability from creeps round. However, gold additional that Remy can get with skills This level is fairly minimal, plus the cooldownits very old. So, if you want to level up, use skills this no problem.

2. Level 2: Finance Genius

Remy magic chess will get gold one extra per round if you have 10 gold. Later, you can get a maximum of 5 gold at every end round.

Well, ability commander Remy at level 2 is pretty good if you want to collect gold or save so you can buy a hero. Compared with skills level 3, the ability at level 2 that Remy has you can fully feel up to late games. In fact, HP’s life commander you also will not be drained if you want to activate this ability.

3. Level 3: Gold=Life

What does it mean? It turns out, commander Remy will sacrifice at least 7 HP just to get gold 3 to 7 at random. The ability at this level has cooldown max 3 roundbut you can’t use it if Remy’s HP is still less than 10.

In fact, skills Remy at level 2 is still said to be more effective if you only focus on getting gold when compared to skills level 3. Because, by using level 2 abilities, you can get flowers up to 17 gold after finished rounds. Plus with gold which can be obtained if you do win streak. Even so, the plus point of skills You will feel Remy at level 3 at the fate box.

The key, make sure the amount gold you have at the beginning of the game totaling 6. In order to achieve it, you inevitably have to sell heroes. If you’re lucky, you can get 10 gold even though it’s still on creep round first.

If you choose to use the abilities of Remy magic chess from the start of the game, the possibility to get crystals or items the one in the fate box will be very large. This is because both crystals and items in fate box will give full support to combo synergies that you will use later. For example, you want to use combo Wrestler, you can immediately take the crystal in the fate box.

This ability makes skills level 3 of Remy magic chess very flexible. In fact, you can play fast up to level 7 or 8 while still getting items or a slot on the fate box. Sadly, skills This level 3 only gives gold which is so small upon entering late games.

So, strategize and play your best to win the game. Well, to be able to get commander Remy, you can follow events which Moonton held at a certain time. However, you can, too, buy it commander Remy magic chess use diamonds. Not only commanderyou can buy too skin commander or interesting heroes here.

The method is very easy, you just need top up diamonds as needed at Unipin. You can get nominal diamonds very diverse here. Not only that, the transaction method is also not difficult because there are many choices of payment methods. So, are you ready to win? magic chess Mobile Legends with commander Remy?

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