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Esmeralda's potential at Goldlane according to RRQ Xinnn Games

RRQ Xin, one of the veterans of RRQ Hoshi, shares his knowledge about Esmeralda’s potential while still in goldlane

You must be familiar with Hero Esmeralda, right? This hero has often been included in the META list since it was first released by Moonton.

The reason Esmeralda is considered strong and can survive the laning phase. It is not uncommon for professional players to choose this hero over other fighters or heroes.

Esmeralda is not only used in EXP Lane as a strong hero with high durability. according to him he can also be used for the position of a damage-producing hero in the gold lane

According to Xinnn, Esmeralda Goldlane is Good!

Xin explained that Esmeralda can be used in any lane. Via live broadcast

on YouTube, he reveals his strategy for using Esmeralda on Gold Lane

“For goldlane users, Esme goldlane is good, I’ll let you know. But your middle hero must be the one who can guarantee being strong until the late game, for example the mage like Cecilion or not playing mid marksman like that. Just use junglers who can reach the late game, if you want to play Esmeralda goldlane.” Xin said

He suggested prioritizing scaling heroes up to the late game. According to him, early heroes will find it difficult to mix and match with Esmeralda in the gold lane.

But overall, Xin likes gold lane players who take advantage of this hero. This shows that there is potential for this one hero to not only be stuck on the EXP Lane.

What do you think about RRQ Xinnn’s opinion? Do you all agree?

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