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5 Tips to Become an Assassin in Mobile Legends Games

Assassin is one of the most favorite roles in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

This is because hero assassins have great damage and fast and agile movement

So that the role of the assassin is usually the core or the main core in the team or jungler because of his fast farming skills.

But with that much power, Assassin also has a weakness, namely low durability.

No wonder, if played wrong, this type of role will be very easy to pick off by the enemy.

Here are 5 tips to play an effective assassin.

  1. Understand the Hero

The first and most important thing in using an assassin is knowing the ins and outs of the hero that you will use.

Understand all skills, passives, and appropriate itemization in advance, so that they can be used effectively.

So it’s very important to try Hero Assassin in AI or Training mode first before entering ranked mode.

  1. Farming and rotation

After knowing about the micro and macro hero assassins used, of course the next point is about the main task, namely farming.

Make sure you farm according to the hero’s needs, for example the assassin hero used is Ling, so Bluff is the main thing so you don’t run out of Mana.

It is important for the assassin to know the farming rotation, spawn time, jungle monsters, and bush control.

  1. Fast hand movement

One of the most important things for an Assassin is the fast hand skill.

These skills come from playing experience and constant practice.

Don’t forget to pay attention to some important things, such as the location of the itemization until the use of hand powder doesn’t sweat.

  1. Don’t start Team Fight

The most common mistake that novice Assassin users make is often getting involved or starting a Team Fight.

Of course this is dangerous because most assassin heroes have low durability or HP and are prone to death when starting a team fight.

Starting a teamfight is of course the task of a tank roamer who already has a lot of calculations.

  1. Enter at the end of the team fight

Due to its low durability, it is recommended that the Assassin hero enter last in the teamfight.

This is intended to provide maximum final damage to opponents whose HP has been eroded by their previous partners.

The task of the Assassin is to act as an executor so that he can quickly reach the fleeing enemy hero

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