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Easy Ways to Play Domino Boyaa Online

Miss playing dominoes with friends while hanging out?

Due to the pandemic, gatherings like this are impossible. Even if you can meet friends, you still can’t chat for a long time. In fact, before the pandemic you could gather for hours and play various simple but fun games, such as playing cards and dominoes.

Fortunately, game developers know exactly what users need, including those of you who like to play card games. Yes, if you are familiar with domino qiuqiu, you will definitely like the game Domino Boya. Try downloading Domino Boyaa Qiuqiu on your cellphone, you can play card games online with friends from anywhere.

To relieve your curiosity, come on, see the following full review.

About Domino Boyaa

boya domino qiu qiu

Boyaa Interactive released Domino Boy after the success of the mobile Poker game titled Poker Texas Boyaa which is in demand among game lovers. This online game has gameplay unique because it adapts traditional games that have been legendary among people across generations.

Why how come is it a traditional game? Yes, just so you know, the domino qiu qiu game is a popular card game in Indonesia. Also called 99 domino poker, now you can also play this game on smartphone Android by downloading it via Google PlayStore.

In short, the game is played by pairing cards, the pips on each pair are added up, and the last unit digit is taken into account. For example, a total of 23 pips makes 3 or 19 makes 9. The highest possible pair is only 9 or qiu. That’s where the term qiuqiu comes from.

The advantages of the Domino Boy game

download boyaa domino qiuqiu

Armed with the development of digital technology and industry mobile gaming, everyone can play domino qiuqiu game on smartphone by online. Then, what are the advantages of the game? Domino Boy on this Android platform?

Can be played from anywhere

Because it’s an online game, you can still play together good luck with friends from anywhere. Even though you can’t meet face to face, you can enjoy the sensation of playing together. Not bad for filling spare time while at home.

Free play

Everyone likes something free, and this game is no exception. You can download this game made by Boyaa Interactive for free directly on the PlayStore. Because it’s free, anyone can enjoy the fun of the game Domino Boy like a normal domino card game.

Events interesting with cool prizes

Another fun that will make you feel at home playing for a long time is the presence of various events exciting with cool prizes that take place every day. You can follow events and get various prizes. One of the most sought after for sure chips free as capital for the next game.

Appearance user interface easy to use

Like other games made by Boyaa Interactive, this game also comes with user interface which is easy to use. Even if it’s your first time playing dominoes, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be confused when opening the application. Plus, instructions and information can be arranged in Indonesian.

Free to interact with other players

To make it even more fun happy, you can take advantage of the sticker sharing feature with other players while waiting for your turn. In fact, the embedded stickers are also local themed, such as Punakawan stickers which are thick with funny expressions. Can here You use it to show an expression of victory or even an annoyed expression if your opponent continues to win.

How to play

boyaa domino qiuqiu apk

Now let’s discuss how to play Domino Boy Qiuqiu online version come on. As revealed above, with user interface simple, you can understand easily this game. However, keep in mind you can’t play alone so you have to invite friends to play together.

Similar to Poker, this game system also uses bets or bets bets. Take it easy, the bet in question only uses chips, not real money. So, Dominoes really prioritizes the elements of fun, have fun, and togetherness yes. You can start playing with the following steps.

Enter the Lobby

In the game Lobby, you will be asked to choose one of several rooms with a number of chips that you want to play. Each has a different level of difficulty, for both beginners and pros. If you want to play right away, just click the option Jump Start.

Random distribution of cards

After entering the game, you will get three cards that are dealt randomly. You will get a fourth card after each player decides to participate (bet chips) or back (no bet).

When do you get qiuqiu?

Now, from the four cards, for every two cards you will add up the numbers listed. If you get 9 and 9, you automatically get qiuqiu. Also check other special card combinations by clicking the down arrow button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Can set a combination of three starting cards

You can you know adjust the combination of the three initial cards you hold in order to get the highest and best possible number. However, you cannot guess how many numbers you receive on the fourth card.

Domino Boy Instead, it tests your instincts and your courage to bet with the cards you already hold. Then, you can also estimate your opponent’s movements by how much bet they place or don’t even place any bets.

Best Top Up Place

qiu qiu domino game

In general, there really isn’t a specific goal that you have to pursue in the game Domino Boya. In fact, you will not encounter the system Achievements or the like in this game. However, you can take advantage of various events organized by Boyaa Interactive every day.

The prize is no joke you know, starting from chips free certain nominal, vouchers or pulses, up to gadgets. So, are you curious to continue playing? However, don’t forget to be diligent in top up coins so that the event good luck you are going well.

The best top up place you can go is UniPin. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the UniPin webpage here.
  2. Fill in your account ID, select the required nominal. Available from 260M coins to 106.6B coins.
  3. Choose your version of the easiest payment channel—from credit cards, e-wallet, cut pulses, minimarket outlets, to bank transfers.
  4. After the payment is complete, your coins will automatically increase. It’s easy, right?

Now you know how to play Domino Boy with friends online. Before playing, make sure to buy Domino Qiuqiu coins on UniPin. Coin full, the online miss meeting while playing dominoes is guaranteed to run smoothly! Have a nice play!

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