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Looking for Hero Fighters? This is the reason for choosing Chou Mobile Legends

Chou is known as a Fighter with the ability to lock opponents at once crowd control. However, compared to other Fighters, damageis fairly small. You can use Chou emblem to give him bonuses in some aspects of skill.

Custom Assassin will give additional Chou physical attack (+15 points) and physical penetration (+13.5). At level 60, Chou will also get a time reduction cooldown up to 5 percent and an increase in movement speed of up to 2 percent.

Want to play Chou as a Tank? Use the Custom Tank emblem, perfect for destroying the opposing team’s formation. At level 60, Chou will get extra armor, magic resistance, and time reduction cooldown by 2 percent. Chou will also get extra HP plus abilities regen MOBILE PHONE.

Chou .’s Choice of Superior Spells

Chou's Emblem

Flicker is spell Chou’s best when playing in a team. Flicker helps him switch places in an instant to dribble or kick enemies at your friends who can finish him off. Chou can also use Flicker to push opponents to turret or run away when beaten.

If you play Chou Mobile Legends as a Tank, the Aegis is the ideal choice. Chou will get extra shield absorbent damage active for three seconds. If Chou is near a teammate, the fighter with the least HP will splash 70 percent of the effect shield the.

Combo Skill Chou to excel

Chou's best spell

Chou’s uniqueness is skills inspired by Bruce Lee. Before choosing combo the right one, first identify the four skills Chou.

1. Passive Skill: Only Fast

Only Fast gives extra damage to basic attack Chou, but only after he had walked 8 yards. Only Fast also makes Chou’s opponent experience a speed drop of up to 80 percent for some time.

2. Skill 1: Ancient Jeet Do

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s punching speed and the self-defense he created, Jeet Kuno Do is a rapid succession of punches that sends physical damage big to the opponent.

3. Skill 2: Shunpo

When Shunpo is active, Chou will dash forward (dash) and release effects crowd control. Shunpo also gave Chou pass protection shield which absorbs the effects of enemy attacks for 2 seconds.

4. Ultimate Skill: The Way of Dragon

Like Bruce Lee’s hard and fast kick, The Way of Dragon allows Chou to send a powerful kick with physical damage up to 400 (200 percent physical attacks). If Chou does it a second time, his kick can throw an opponent into the air before activating a similar effect.

There are several ways to use skill combos Chou. You can use Skill 1 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 to ambush the opponent and make him bounce. After that, continue with the Ultimate Skill as the last move. If you want to quickly escape after a fight, use Skill 2 right after Ulti.

Beware of Counter Hero Chou!

Counter Hero Chou

Chou Mobile Legends have some counter hero that can cut skills and even killed him. Beware of counter hero Chou this when fighting.

1. Gusion

Gusion is a Hero Assassin with a speed that can overwhelm Chou. His knife throwing attacks can kill Chou quickly, especially when players use skill combos added ultimate skill to throw the knife many times before escaping.

2. Nana

As counter hero Mage type, Nana has skills which could slow down Chou’s movement. His ability to turn opponents into puppets will hinder Chou as well as secure his own team.

3. Uranus

As one of the uniquely capable Hero Tanks, Uranus not only has shield and damage big, but also ability regen. This makes it difficult for Chou to kill and can even turn against Chou. Uranus can also protect his teammates from Chou’s attacks.

4. Johnson

Johnson is a Hero Tank with abilities crowd control and strong shields. He can slow Chou’s movement, make it difficult for him in battle, and protect his teammates from Chou’s attacks. Johnson is also strong enough to push Chou while fighting in lane.

5. Kaja

Kaja, the Fighter with the sword and magic damage, effective enough to destroy skills Chou special. He was able to make use of skills crowd control as well as stun to stop Chou’s attack. A pro player who can do skill combos with Kaja will be able to defeat Chou.

Tips for Chou to excel

Combo Skill Chou

Chou is a Hero with a medium difficulty level, but you can win easily if you follow the strategy below.

1. Focus on Attacking Opponent Fighters

Chou has the speed and skill to “kidnap” and ambush opponents, especially small ones. You can focus on hiding in the bushes when you run into a small opponent or supporting heroes. However, avoid Tank-type opponents because they are difficult to beat with this method.

2. Focus on Farming on the Right Lane

When you’re just starting out, you should choose Exp Lane, ideal choice for this type of Fighter. Focus on activities farming, add skills, level up, as well as destroy turret. Avoid rushing into the fight. If your team war near Chou, choose the right moment to help and avoid too many face-to-face encounters.

3. Focus on Blocking the Right Opponent

When Chou is strong enough to join war, Choose an opponent that is easy to lock and beat. Chou’s attack type is suitable for eliminating opponents with low stamina, for example those of the Assassin, Marksman, or Mage type. As much as possible avoid Tank-type heroes.

4. Kidnap Opponents from the Side

One of the small but fatal mistakes that Chou players sometimes make is kidnapping opponents from the front. This can lead to failure because the opponent can take steps to dodge or attack back. You have to ambush from the side and make sure your opponent doesn’t see you until the time comes.

Chou Mobile Legends not only unique in terms of design, but also characteristic of its capabilities. Make sure to follow this strategy so you can GG use Chou and make your team successful.

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