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Clever Tricks to Play Capsa Online to Win

For those of you who like to get together with friends, of course you are no stranger to the capsa card game. This game is indeed perfect for increasing intimacy together, while eating snacks, and making the weekend feel exciting.

Unfortunately, since the pandemic broke out, you were forced to stop this fun activity. Like it or not, playing together has moved to online games, one of which is playing capsa online. So, you can start by downloading the capsa game for cellphones.

Currently, there are several types of capsa games that you can download on the PlayStore. Which one is the most popular? Check out the following review.

About Capsa Online

download capsa game for cellphone

Investigate a calibaration, capsa card games have been popular since the 1980s. In fact, capsa is very famous in China to the point of giving rise to two types of games, namely capsa banting and capsa stacking. You can play both games for fun, without risking real money of course.

However, you need to know what the difference between these two types of capsa games is. At first glance the two look similar, at least in terms of the arrangement of the cards. However, the way to play capsa banting is different from capsa stacking.

On capsa online In the slam version, you must issue a card according to the card pattern shown by the first player in each round. You and other players can show cards one by one or simultaneously alias simultaneously. All cards are shown by slamming them. Plus, every round you can issue cards freely.

Meanwhile, in capsa stacking, cards are issued simultaneously or simultaneously. So, no cards are shown one by one. Therefore, in capsa stacking you have to arrange cards first as a tactic to win the game.

Advantages of Online Capsa Games

capsa stacking online game

Playing together with friends is now easier thanks to the rapid development of the industry mobile games. Just download the capsa online game at smartphones, you are ready to play. This practicality shows some of the game’s advantages capsa online, among others:

You can play from anywhere

The name is just an online game, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can play from anywhere at any time. Even though you can’t play live, you can still play together at home.

Adding friends from various regions

Yes, you can not only invite known friends, but you can meet new friends from various regions. In fact, fellow players from other countries. You can also spend fun time with friends and family through challenging and addictive games.

User interface familiar and easy to use

Even if you are a beginner in online games, user interface games capsa online fairly familiar. It doesn’t take long for beginners to be able to recognize and master the various menus offered. Plus, the displayed menu can also be set in Indonesian. Easy to understand ok!

Have fun interacting with other players

Like other online games, you can use the features of sending messages or emojis while waiting for your turn. There are various funny and expressive emojis that can represent how you feel while playing, such as happy, sad, or disappointed expressions.

Challenging daily missions

To pump up the spirit of playing, you can complete daily missions that offer attractive prizes. For example, complete daily missions to earn chips or gold which can increase your betting capital in the next game session.

Clever Tricks to Play Capsa Online

capsa online game

How to play capsa online, both capsa banting and capsa stacking, almost the same. There is a difference in how to issue and arrange cards only.

In general, this game involves two to four players. The number of cards used is also standard, which is 52 cards. Each player will get 13 cards. Your task is to set the right strategy to defeat your opponent in the game.

The player who first gets a turn usually has the card with the smallest value. So, the card must be issued at the beginning of the game, either in the form of a combination or just one card. Then, the player gets a turn clockwise.

Some clever tricks that you must know in order to win the game capsa online among others:

Always fight with higher value cards

In order to win, make sure you issue a card with a higher unit value. For example, card 3 is against A. Likewise with card pairs, must also be fought with a similar card. Example, card three of a kind will head-to-head with similar cards.

Can “skip” if there is no right card

Instead of losing because you don’t have a card that can match the previous player’s card, you can take the “skip” or “pass“. You can issue another card after a new card is issued by your opponent.

Bring out the best combination

When you are able to show the best combination of cards continuously and no player can fight, you can automatically issue another combination card. Do that until all the cards run out so you are declared the winner.

Pay attention to the order of the highest cards

The order of the highest cards in capsa banting and capsa stacking is the same how come. The highest cards are 2 and 3 (as well as the smallest cards), followed by cards 4, 5, 6, and so on until the ace. Meanwhile, spades have the highest value, followed by hearts, curls, and the smallest diamonds.

Best Top Up Place

capsa game online hp

Well, the next thing you need to pay attention to is making sure your account capsa online yours is already filled chips or gems. This will be your playing capital later, especially to start betting.

so that supply chips or gem safe, make sure you rely on UniPin as the best top up place. Try doing the following easy steps.

  1. Access the UniPin website for Capsa City, Mango Capsa Banting, or Mango Capsa Susun.
  2. Write the account ID, select the desired nominal.
  3. Find which payment channel is the easiest and most practical for you. Just say it, e-wallet, cut credit, bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and minimarket outlets.
  4. Once the payment is complete, the coins in your account will automatically increase.

After reading the reviews above, surely you can’t wait to play capsa online with friends right? Don’t forget to fill in game coins on UniPin, okay! Happy good luck!

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