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Cool, This is Mathilda's Most Powerful Build in Mobile Legends

When most hero released in server original, Mathilda actually present in server trial to be tested first. This test is carried out to determine the ability hero including bugs that accompanies it before it will be released on server original Mobile Legends game.

Get to know Mathilda

build mathilda assassin

Has the physical appearance of a beautiful woman typical of the Aboriginal Tribe, hero It has two roles, namely as assassin and support. It is said that he comes from a tribe that has been guarding a sacred mountain since the time of their ancestors. His father, Thasgard, was a brave, honest and responsible tribal leader.

The tribe’s life was peaceful for years until they helped a group of sand hunters who almost died from hunting giants. Instead of being grateful, the group leaked the position of the tribe that Thasgard led to Waldo Kane.

Together with a gang of criminals, Kane attacks the tribe to seize their natural wealth. Under the leadership of Thasgard, this Aboriginal Tribe fought to the death. Until finally Thasgard fell and the tribesmen began to lose their way.

One by one they left the village to escape the attacks of the criminals. As the son of the tribal chief, of course he tried to restrain them. But this girl’s efforts were in vain until she finally decided to leave the village.

Armed with a sense of disappointment and a desire for justice. Hero this wanders and fights every villain he encounters until he meets Clint. Together with Clint, the tough girl fights to regain her ancestral land.

This effort finally paid off. The criminals can be expelled and hero This beauty received an inheritance in the form of a mysterious power. Even though the village is free, the tough girl decides to go with Clint because she believes, there are still many people out there who need help.

How to Play Using Hero Mathilda

how to play mathilda

There are several tips that can be done when playing using hero these, including:

  1. Use skills 1 second lane phase. Attack the enemy by doing poke cleaning at the same time minion.
  2. often roaming to lane other because hero it can do roaming very quickly.
  3. Skills 1 can also be used to attack enemies inside bush. Take advantage skills this is to check bush so players don’t have to do face check.

Mathilda Mobile Legends Items

build mathilda support

Choice items Mathilda Mobile Legends quite diverse according to the needs when fighting. Items the first is Arcane Boots with the ability to give 15 Magic Penetration and 40 movement speed.

In phase early game, hero this requires items which can give Mana regeneration ability quite well. Items suitable for this phase is the Enchanted Talisman with 250 HP, 50 Magic Power, and 20% reduced duration cooldown. Items It also has a Mana Spring passive ability which has the ability to quickly replenish Mana every 10 seconds.

While in phase late gameplayers can buy items Burst Damage. How to play Mathilda this is quite effective to maximize the role hero as support. Especially when we use support items such as Necklace of Durance with an additional 60 Magic Damage, 10% Magic Lifesteal, and 5% Cooldown Reduction.

Skill Mathilda Mobile Legends

mathilda mobile legends items

Skills 1 is known as Soul Bloom to summon Wisp who will help attack nearby enemies. Damage Wisp is quite large, especially if it is used to repay the blood of opponents who are trying to get close. So don’t hesitate to use skills Mathilda this.

Despite acting as assassin, hero this is still one support. This makes the female character of this tribe have a fairly weak defense. So the players have to be good at keeping their distance to be able to protect team members. In order to be able to dodge nimbly, use skills 2 is Guiding Wind.

Meanwhile, when going to finish off the opponent, take advantage of ultimate skills called the Circling Eagle. Skills this includes having damage large enough. When skillsis running out, this hero will come to the opponent and give Knockback and Stun effects. This is quite profitable for hero this and his team members.

Build Mathilda Mobile Legends

mathilda skills

As skills and items-his, hero it has quite a lot build which can be used when fighting either when being support or assassin. Here’s a review of build Mathilda support and build Mathilda assassin which can be selected.

1. Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes is not the only one items owned shoes. But among others, Demon Shoes are among those with the most capable abilities with additional attributes of +40 Movement Speed ​​and +30 Mana Regen.

2. Glowing Wand

Build the second one is called Glowing Wand, items this can add +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, and +5% Movement Speed. Glowing Wand can add unique passives and effects burn to enemy targets for 3 seconds and deals 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic Damage per second.

3. Genius Wand

Build The Genius Wand is equipped with the attributes of +75 Magic Power and +5% Movement Speed, as well as a unique passive +15 Magical PEN. The passive effect gives damage which can reduce the opponent’s Magic Defense 3-10 for about 2 seconds.

4. Ice Queen Wand

Build items Next up is the Ice Queen Wand. Ice Queen Wand has a passive ability called Ice Bound and can give the effect of reducing the opponent’s Movement Speed ​​by 15%. This effect will activate if an attack skills hits the target, lasts for 3 seconds and stacks up for 2 uses.

5. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystals are usually used on late games. Build items it has +90 Magic Power attribute and unique passive +25% Magic Power. Holy Crystal has a passive ability called Exterminate which can add 15% Magic Power.

6. Blood Wings

Build items The last one that can be used is Blood Wings and can add +150 Magic Power and +500 HP. Blood Wings can also increase 1.5 HP for every 1 Magic Power increase.

Well, that’s the review about build items hero beautiful from the Aboriginal Tribe. Buildit really focuses on items Magic to be able to support skillsher as assassin at a time support. For a more exciting gaming experience, make sure you have diamonds which can be purchased through UniPin. Happy fighting.

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