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5 Combo Skill Paquito in MLBB

New to games Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), Paquito belonging to a fighter with cooldown skills short. Has the appearance of a tough boxer. Hero this agile is known to have skill combos capable which is quite varied and can be used when dealing with enemies.

New Hero Paquito

skill paquito mlbb

Boxer view hero This cool is the result of the Moonton collaboration, developer MLBB, and Manny Pacquiao or Pacman, a legendary boxer from the Philippines. Since it was first released on January 12, 2022, hero this was enough to make many people interested and earned the nickname “The Heavenly Fist.”

That is, the fist attack from hero can send his opponent to heaven or die. The presence of The Heavenly Fist seems to be adding an alternative choice offlaner heroes. This is certainly not without reason, extraordinary mobility and passive hero skills it can also increase damage.

Thanks to this ability, he can take advantage of various skill combos to defeat the opponent either in one-on-one combat or team fight. In addition as fighter heroes, This character has a level durability quite high thanks base defense as well as HP that is large and able to withstand damage.

This is why The Heavenly Fist is very suitable to use defensive items. Even so, the level offense hero this turned out to be quite low for a fighter. To cover this weakness, the percentage effect skills The Heavenly Fist is quite high because damage produced is very large.

Sadly, hero This tough includes difficult to control. To be able to play it, we need to practice and understand each skills. Because when you know how how to play Paquito right, you will easily win the battle either in a duel or team fight.

MLBB Paquito Skills

build paquito mobile legends

On early gameThe Heavenly Fist will collect Stack when fighting hero fight by using basic attack. When Stack reaches 4, it uses a Champ Stance which is passive skills and can strengthen skills next.

After skills strengthened, The Heavenly Fist will increase movement speed by 60% in 2.5 seconds. At this time, skills 1 starts to be used to deal Physical Damage to the opponent. Skills 1 is known as Heavy Punch which can increase the number of shield up to 110%.

Blessing shield, hero it can withstand the opponent’s attack. Shield it will last for 2.5 seconds and can be strengthened with a Stack. When using skills 2 or The Jab, The Heavenly Fist has skills passive is stronger with quite capable Physical damage.

Skills it will only stop when it hits hero or creepsand pass through minion. Even Jab actually won’t give damage to the target in the player’s path. To take down your opponent, hero fighter this will use Knockout Strike or ultimate skills-his.

Strengthened by Elbow Strike, attacks on all enemies in front are launched to inflict Physical Damage that pushes them to their destination. To increase damageThe Heavenly Fist will swing the Haymaker quickly so that the effect occurs slow by 75% for 1 second until the target moves backwards.

Once the opponent gets to the desired location, he will issue a hook attack with Physical Damage that changes the effect slow Becomes airborne. Use skills and it was this technique that made playing The Heavenly Fist not easy. But with frequent practice and mastery skills, musing The Heavenly Fist will make us win the battle to the fullest.

5 Variations Combo Skill Paquito

paquito recommended items

Previously, it was mentioned that this hero has skill combos which is quite varied. Even in some battles, skill combos quite effective against hero certain in a lane. Then, anything skill combos this MLBB version of Pacman, here’s the review.

1. Combo Shield

Use combination skills this is when you want to get shield thick one. But first, make sure the Stack of passive skills full enough to launch an attack. Formula combo shield is,

Heavy Left Punch (1) > Heavy Left Punch (1) > Jab (2) > Knockout Strike (U) >
Jab (2) > Heavy Left Punch (1)

2. Burst Combo

Like a combination skills first, to launch an attack make sure the Stack on the Champ Stance is full to generate damage big enough because actually combo can be done without a Stack, it’s just that the result will be different from a full Stack. The formula for the Burst Combo is,

Knockout Strike (U) > Jab (2) > Basic Attack > Heavy Left Punch (1) >
Knockout Strike (U)

3. Damage Combo

For those who don’t have passive skills, use Combo Damage to do multiple attacks. But make sure to use basic attack every time skill combos successfully done to fill Stack order skills The Heavely Fist can be strengthened. Formula skill combos this is,

Jab (2) > Basic Attack > Knockout Strike (U) > Basic Attack > Jab (2) >
Heavy Left Punch (1)

4. Combo Finishing

Although relatively short, damage combination skills this is huge. In order to be maximum, at least the contents of the Stack reach 2. Because damageit’s quite big, don’t be surprised if it’s a combination skills this is called finishing, here’s the formula,

Jab (2) > Knockout Strike (U) > Knockout Strike (U) > Jab (2)

5. Combo Finishing 2

Almost similar to the combination skills fourth, on skill combos In this case you must issue Knockout Strike 2 times to inflict damage big. The formula is,

Knockout Strike (U) > Knockout Strike (U) > Jab (2)


Dominate skills not the only thing you can learn when you want to use fighter heroes this. Knowledge of build Paquito Mobile Legends to make the game more fun. Every build items have their respective advantages and can be used when we issue skills or skill combos.

If you want to win, items Paquito’s recommendation one to choose is Swift Boots with extra attack speed 15%, Golden Staff 30%, Endless Battle, Immortality, Queen’s Wing and Blade of Despair. Sixth items this can help us to collect Stack so that the result skill combos even more maximal.

How’s the review about skill combos on? For information, make sure diamonds Your MLBB is always available, yes, so that the game can always be fun. If you run out, be sure to buy it on UniPin. Good luck.

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