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Tips and Tricks to Play with Hero Beatrix

Last January 2022, Moontoon as developer Mobile Legends game released several hero new with skills new and different characters. One of them is character marksman range with firearms as a source damage named Beatrix.

About Hero Beatrix

combo beatrix mlbb

This character has the nickname “Dawnbreak Soldier” and is equipped with skills unique that is considered terrible for most Mobile Legends fans. Hero released after the Paquito character first appeared along with the update games ML version

At the time of releasing this cool character, Moontoon also presented a mode arcade the newest one is called “Survival Nexus.” In this mode, the game comes with carrying mechanics battle royale with 100 players divided into 50 teams (2 people each).

The 100 players will fight to the death to survive in a region. As battle royale another, where players are required to go to an area called the Safe Zone to survive. As a challenge, over time the area of ​​the Safe Zone is getting smaller.

This of course triggers a battle between the surviving teams. They will attack each other to stay afloat in the Safety Zone. In Survival Nexus, each player will take on the role of Si Dawn Break Soldier. So don’t be surprised if we are free to choose weapons when playing.

To strengthen the character, players can eradicate some monsters (minion) scattered all over folder. As previously mentioned, this character is equipped with several skills terrible to fight and win every battle.

Beatrix Mobile Legends Skills

skill beatrix mlbb

Utilise skills when playing Mobile Legends is one of the surefire strategies in winning the battle, as well as when we use skills Beatrix MLBB. There are at least some stages skills taken when playing with hero this.

Skills the first is coordination. When doing skills This time, The Dawn Break Soldier changed his main weapon to a secondary weapon on his back and got a new way of attacking. As for skills second or also called tactical repositionplayers do dash in the specified direction.

After that the character will do reload weapons and attack with different effects. Second skills before, was passive skills or called Mecha genius.

On ultimate skillshe will hold Renner (his weapon) calmly and shoot in the targeted direction to produce physical damage to every enemy in the line of fire. This is why ultimate It is also known as Renner’s Apathy.

For ultimate Next, players can use Bennett and bombard a certain area 5 times. Each shot has an effect that makes the target move slowly and physically damages the enemy. Because the effect is so powerful, skill ultimate it was named Bennett Rage.

Next, he performs a death dance then shoots a gun named Wesker in all directions. Every shot will result physical damage to the affected enemy. Ultimate This is also known as Wesker’s Elation.

Beatrix’s Weapon

beatrix build items

The Dawn Break Soldier is one of the most talented characters in games Mobile Legends. How come, hero This cool girl is equipped with 4 different firearms that can be used on skills passive or ultimate. Each weapon, of course, has a different ability.

When fighting using hero In this case, the player can use the weapon and determine which is the main and which is the backup. There is no stipulation which one will be primary weapon or secondary weapons. But in each category, players can only choose two weapons.

The first weapon was known as the Renner, the bullets fired from this weapon were known to cause damage large enough. The second weapon is called Bennett which when fired in a certain direction will have an effect slow at a time damage at a certain distance.

The third weapon is the Wesker with the ability to fire multiple rounds continuously. Due to this ability, Wesker was able to hit the same target in multiple times. The last weapon is known as the Nibiru which is able to shoot 5 bullets quickly in a small area and can lock on to the target.

Tips and Tricks to Play with Beatrix

how to play beatrix mlbb

After knowing skills and weapons The Dawnbreak Soldier, then let’s discuss how to play Beatrix MLBB sharp.

1. Don’t Hesitate to Use Ultimate

Most players hesitate when it comes to using ultimate skills because damagewas considered too terrible. In fact, this is not a problem because every ultimate own short cooldown but it has a pretty big impact on the game.

2. Know All the Weapons

In order to utilize weapons, we must also know each other’s abilities and damage resulting from. As previously reviewed, each weapon or build items Beatrix have different functions from each other. In addition to function, the physical appearance is also different.

Wesker shaped shotgun effective for close combat. While Renner is a rifle which can be fired from a distance. Bennett shaped grenade with AoE to destroy the enemy, while Nibiru is a weapon multipurpose.

3. Memorize Icons of Each Weapon

Knowing and understanding the function of each weapon is meaningless if we don’t memorize the icon. To differentiate, each weapon has 4 color icons. Wesker is purple, Renner is red, Bennett is yellow, and Nibiru is blue.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Change Weapons when Fighting

Most players would think they only needed one weapon during a battle. In fact, we can exchange weapons in the middle of a battle to maximize the outcome of the battle. Therefore, feel free to exchange primary weapon with secondary weapon when fighting.

5. Know the Best Weapon Combos for Every Situation

There are some combo Beatrix MLBB What we should know, some of the recommended ones are, a combination of Nibiru and Renner for all situations. Combination of Wesker and Nibiru to eradicate minion and monsters quickly or start a battle. Finally, a combination of Renner and Bennett to eradicate hordes of enemies with ease.

That’s the review about hero cool Beatrix as well as tips and tricks when playing with The Dawnbreak Soldier. To make playing Mobile Legends easier, make sure you have enough diamonds, yes. For buy diamonds practical and easy, you can visit UniPin.

Happy fighting.

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