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Complete 3D Bleach Mobile Guide, Here are Tips and How to Top Up

Are you looking for an interesting game to play? Try lyrics Bleach Mobile 3D okay. This game is quite popular because it is inspired by the manga and anime entitled Bleach which is definitely no stranger to Japanese comics lovers.

Answering your curiosity, come on, watch first Bleach Mobile 3D guide the following.

What is Bleach Mobile 3D?

bleach mobile 3d guide

Manga and anime lovers Bleach I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed when you find out that Tite Kubo’s work is here mobile games. Developed by KLabGames in collaboration with Siamgame Mobile in 2022, you will be taken on an adventure following the journey of game characters.

Uniquely, this game does not come in the format Royal Playing Game (RPG) as games adapted from other manga or anime. Bleach Mobile was actually developed as an MMOPRG genre game, aka Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

In accordance with the characteristics of MMORPG, this game will position you as an explorer of the story or narrative that is raised. You have to live quest from para non-playable characters those games. While undergoing quest later usually you will meet other players. However, Bleach Mobile 3D offers something different from similar games.

When you play other mobile MMORPGs, usually you will fight with enemies in the same location as the location quests. In this game, you will not find a similar incident. The reason is, when you have to fight with the enemy, you will be brought in to stage specifically where your character and enemies face off against each other. So, you can focus on fighting without being distracted by the presence of other players.

The next question, what is the storyline of this game like?

If you are a loyal anime viewer Bleach, get ready to reminisce through this game. Broadly speaking, the story that is raised in this version of the game is relatively the same. The game begins with the story of Ichigo and Rukia’s first meeting. In fact, KLabGames intentionally inserts cut scene which features some of the same scenes and voice actors as the anime version. Fun, yes!

The support of mature characters and narration makes KLabGames seriously develop the graphic quality of this game. art style Bleach Mobile 3D was designed as closely as possible to the anime. You could say the movement of the character is fairly smooth, both when doing attack nor skills.

The player control system doesn’t even play around you know. All control systems are designed as neatly as possible to make it easier for you as a player to control the movement of the character. Button part attacks, knob skills, and analog is positioned precisely. In fact, the size of the button fits the size of your thumb.

All of these elements emphasize how this game is too dear to pass up. For fans of both MMORPG and anime genre games, it feels obligatory to try playing this game!

Tips for Playing Bleach Mobile 3D

3d mobile bleach tips

One of the challenges of playing games with mode quest is that you have to be patient to go through each adventure before you can level up. I have to admit, sometimes I get excited too, so I want to quickly level up so that progress Your game is clear.

To get around this, try to see first Bleach Mobile 3D tips the following.

Take advantage task and challenge mode for leveling

Every time you get play tasks, you have to finish it first. From play tasks here, the character you use will pocket gears, Silver, EXP, and items that will be important capital when playing the game.

When you can’t finish play tasks since your position is below the level requirement, you can try subtask. Just tap task what you will do on the left side of the screen, to be precise on the side task tabs. Automatically the game will do task the. After successfully going through play tasks you can just unlock other game features.

Oh yeah, try to finish every stage with three stars. This will help treasure chest collection and pocketing special rewards so that your character can get permanent stat boost. Plus, this will unlock the ‘Sweep’ feature so you can use this ticket to finish quickly stages.

Make sure all daily gameplay mode resolved

Want to improve power your character? Just make sure everything daily gameplay mode can be completed every day. That way you will get EXP, Silver, and gear more qualified, here are other items that are useful for living quest next.

As for some daily gameplay mode what you can do include:

  • Endless Trial, you can complete stage in accordance power currently owned.
  • Menos Grande Hunt, team up with 14 other players in a team to defeat boss events.
  • Mod Plan, you can work together with four players in a team to defeat the enemy and get as much EXP as possible.
  • The Seireitei Contest, a battle with other players to move up the standings, can be done up to ten times per day.
  • Soul Reaper Agent, complete ten daily quests to earn EXP items and Treasure Map.
  • Soul Reaper Brawl, you can access it for free according to events pvp, rewards given according to the ranking of the players.

Try strengthen and refine whole gear

As long as you have a sufficient amount of Silver, you can use it to increase the whole gear for the sake of pocketing additional attributes. Strengthen the level also increases if you change gear long with gear new. However, you can only maximize this level to a maximum of twice your current level.

For players who have gear rare or of high value, you canrefine to increase the value stats. Use stone Refine to process it by tapping Orge Reforger on one of the gears. It will appear later stat new and made refine level increased by one time. For information, you can buy this stone from black market, past Endless Trials, or buy Crystals direct.

How to Top Up Bleach Mobile 3D

download bleach mobile 3d

Of course you are wondering, where the hell the right place to buy Crystals direct?

Well, you can rely on UniPin as a place top up Bleach Mobile 3D. Here, you can top up Crystals quickly at low prices. The method is also simple how come.

  1. Open the website UniPin on page Bleach Mobile 3D.
  2. Fill in the ID and select the desired nominal, ranging from 30 Crystals to 9,000 Crystals.
  3. Then make payment. At UniPin, there are various payment methods to choose from, ranging from credit cards, e-wallet, bank transfer, until payment at the nearest minimarket.
  4. As soon as the payment is complete, the Crystals will be credited directly to your account.

That’s a complete guide about Bleach Mobile 3D, The following are tips for playing and how to top up practically with UniPin. Hopefully this information is useful for you. Have a nice play!

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